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the footage.

upgrades, and spare themselves

The system will also record the video


extra hassle and expense in the

footage from VIVOTEK IP CCTV cameras

the three


for verifying the card holder is the owner

elements of

of the card presented. In alarm conditions

a security

For security system installers,

the system also records pre and post

system into

integrated systems are also

alarm events. At the click of a mouse, the

one not only reduces the chances of crime but can assist law enforcement if a break-in does occur.

GSD’s system provides the benefits of a seamless integration without the headaches associated with achieving the desired results.

There is a wide range of access control technologies on the market, from PIN

more user friendly. Having one central

evidence required to identify and convict

codes and RFID cards (also known as

controller makes it easy to configure

the offender can be presented.

proximity access), to smartcards or

and to set policies, such as

biometrics such as fingerprints or iris

who has the rights to

scans. Customers should be able to

enter and leave a

choose whichever of these options suits

particular building

their needs and have all of the data

or room. Ongoing

the same networks,

fed back, ideally wire-free, to a central


allowing firms to save

controller where it can be managed by

is also easier

money and manage

the software application.

because it

time by combining two

We have seen the same trend in information technology, where phones and computers now run on

involves looking

into one. By the same

Integrated systems have levels of

after one system

logic, combining three

intelligence built into the management

rather than three

security systems into one

software that, for example, can tell when

discrete technologies.

the last person leaves the building,

From a practical

and automatically sets the alarm and

standpoint, it makes more

triggers CCTV monitoring. It removes the

sense to deal with one manufacturer for

be sure of enhanced security without

headache of having to remember to do



so manually, and the risk of the possible consequences by forgetting.

brings similar benefits. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts and businesses can

GSD’s system provides the benefits of a seamless integration without the

Deciding on an integrated system doesn’t mean companies are obliged to install all three elements at the same time. For cost reasons they may

headaches associated with achieving the desired results. For example, when an employee presents their card at the front door, GSD’s wireless access control system will

choose one or two

open the door to allow

out of the three, but

access to permitted areas

by putting some

and disarm the GSD

thought into the

intruder alarm system

security strategy

only in the areas where

and planning in

the user is allowed access,

advance, companies can prepare a roadmap for any

leaving the rest of the premises protected against unwanted intruders.

Peter O’Connor, Managing Director, Global Security Devices (GSD) 19

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Risk Manager Magazine Spring 2011  

risk manager magazine spring 2011

Risk Manager Magazine Spring 2011  

risk manager magazine spring 2011

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