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2010 incidents to date: Twenty-six vessels were boarded during the first quarter of 2010, with 18 ships fired upon, 12 suffering from attempted attacks, and 11 vessels hijacked. A total of 194 crew members were taken hostage, 12 of whom were injured. The following map shows all the piracy and armed robbery incidents reported to the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre during 2010. If exact coordinates are not provided, estimated positions are shown based on information provided.

Terrorism: (Globally)

Statistics on Terrorism: The table below shows the number of terrorist incidents recorded globally to date for 2010. These incidents are not specific to the shipping sector, but rather indicate the level of risk terrorism plays in modern society. Month

January February March April

Number of Incidents Recorded 38 39 43 93



Whilst crime does not specifically fall within the remit of the ISPS Code, it has huge implications on the risks associated with maritime security. There is no obligation under the code to record general crime statistics, however best practise indicates that being aware of crime trends and communicating between facilities, it helps to reduce the levels of crime through the effective implementation of security measures. Within Ireland, general crime statistics, classified as minor incidents (in relation to the code) are recorded. These types of incidents include but are not exclusive to burglary, thefts, trespassing and criminal damage.

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*note – statistic for May are correct as at the time the article was written

= Actual Attack

= Attempted Attack

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