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RF-SABB: wireless external sounder using HKC’s SecureWave 2-way technology - Two-way wireless communication - Ships with own batteries - Polycarbonate housing - Strobe lens available in blue & red - Horizontal & vertical mounting - Resin protected electronics - High intensity LED strobe - Illuminated terminal blocks - Alignment indicator - Rawl plug, screw & screwdriver holders - Available with individual company logos - Permanent 12V input available

The Next Generation in HD NVR’s (Network Video Recorders)

IC Realtime’s series of NVR‘s come in 4, 8 & 16 channel platforms.These systems combined together with IC Realtime IP cameras, offer one of the most modern comprehensive and ‘feature -rich’ security surveillance solutions available. The NVR’s provide a complete recording solution that can be connected directly to your network and that can be managed remotely through a local area network (LAN) or the over the Internet. The systems enable simultaneous recording and remote access to live images across the full range of 16 cameras. Scheduled and triggered recordings can be performed at a resolution of 720p (1280x720). These NVR’s provide ‘fall-back’ fault-tolerance by employing occupancy space for 4 internal SATA hard drives that incorporate a RAID redundancy technology feature.

Luminite 3020 Genesis PIR detector available from Osmosis Ireland: A new range in detection from Luminite Genesis


Avigilon, who design, manufacture and market award-winning high definition (HD) CCTV surveillance systems World Wide, have selected Northwood Technology to represent them in Ireland. A full range of Network Video Servers (NVR), Control Center Software, Megapixel Cameras, Encoders, License plate Recognition Cameras, Rapid Deployment Systems are available from Northwood Technology. For a live demo of Avigilon IP systems or to enroll on one of our workshops please call 01 8601880

The 3020 Genesis PIR detector provides coverage of 30 meters out by 20 meters across. This compliments the current range which are all designed to match common fixed camera lens views. New features include Dual pyro sensors with mirror and Fresnel optics. AND OR detection options and selectable gain settings for small, medium and large areas. A 3 axis inertia sensor detects reorientation and active infra red beams senses cloaking. The detector is housed in the same rugged 3mm Polycarbonate enclosure as the current range for harsh outdoor environments. The Luminite Genesis Range of Wireless PIR Detectors can also now be integrated with POS Live View on ALL GeoVision DVR's.

Pyronix introduces the new V2 GSM speech dialler with automation control The V2 GSM inputs can be connected to any alarm system outputs. After an activation the V2 GSM receives a signal to send voice or SMS messages to any telephone number. This informs the user of the activation, and each voice or SMS message can be programmed with customised messages. 46

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Risk Manager Magazine  

Spring 2010 edition of Risk Manager Magazine

Risk Manager Magazine  

Spring 2010 edition of Risk Manager Magazine

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