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images on a camera’s internal SD memory card.

Cameras equipped with the W-5 chipset also feature eight motion detection zones, twelve privacy masking zones and a fourteen language on-screen display menu. A1 DSP Chipset As well as containing many of the features of the W-5 DSP chipset, the innovative functionality built into the A1 chipset adds VPS (Virtual Progressive Scan) which features a ’capture screen’ that can show the outline of a moving object as clearly as a still object. Other features include, Picture on Picture, RS485 control, Polygonal Privacy Zones and Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA). As is the case with all Samsung chipsets, the A1 DSP is utilised in a wide range of camera types including box and zoom lens cameras and fixed and varifocal domes. Vandal resistant varieties are also available as are fully functional speed dome cameras.

SV-5 As well as sharing all of the advanced features of the W-5 and A1 DSP chipsets, one of the striking additional features of the SV-5 chipset is its ability to capture reliable quality images at up to 650TVL colour which is further enhanced by a new powerful Super HAD (960H) CCD. The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology built into the SV-5 chipset compensates for backlight problems 160 times more effectively than standard BLC. One of the most impressive features of the SV-5 chipset is its Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA)

capability which includes optical tripwire and enter/exit direction detection whilst an Appear/Disappear function can detect the movement of objects. IVA also has a scene change tampering function which creates an alert if, for example, paint is sprayed on a camera lens or there is an unauthorised manual change of a camera angle.

WiseNet1 DSP Chipset WiseNet1 is a DSP chipset designed specifically to allow users to gain maximum benefit from Samsung’s new megapixel camera range. The introduction of Video over IP technology in particular, is having a significant impact on how surveillance systems are designed and implemented. The H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG and JPEG compression methods incorporated into the WiseNet1 DSP provides users with the ability to simultaneously transmit images to multiple locations at various frame rates and at different resolutions including 1.3megapixel (1280 x 1024), 16:9 HD (1280 x 720), QVGA (320 x 240), SVGA (800x 600) and VGA (640 x 480). With such a wide range of compression methods and resolutions to choose from, a number of different users, if authorised, will be able to simultaneously monitor live images at one location, record video evidence at another or view live and recorded images on a Smartphone. At the same time JPEG images of an incident can be attached to an alarm email notification with the additional facility of storing pre and post-alarm

The new WiseNet1 DSP equipped cameras and domes will incorporate Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) and a wide range of practical time and cost saving features including PoE (Power over Ethernet) and BNC as well as Ethernet outputs, so that video can be transmitted via coaxial cabling as well as over a network. Full duplex bi-directional audio provides the option of interactive communication between a camera’s location and a control room. All the new cameras and domes will have true day/night functionality with an IR cut filter and will also incorporate Samsung Super Noise Reduction (SSNRIII) technology. Other key features include Highlight Compensation (HLC) technology and Samsung Super Dynamic Range. Samsung can claim that its substantial investment in R&D has been more than justified by remarkable improvements in terms of image quality, lowlight performance and additional functionality. Just three years ago it could not perhaps be imagined that innovative technical features such as Digital Image Stabilisation, Highlight Compensation and Dynamic Backlight Compensation could be available in anything other than the most expensive of CCTV cameras. And yet they are all now readily available in commercial and competitively priced cameras.

If you would like further information on the comprehensive range of cameras and domes which benefit from the results of Samsung’s investment in DSP chipset technology, please email or telephone +44 (0)1932 455308.


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