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HKC Securewave from Northwood Technology

Arecont Vision AV5110

Northwood recently launched the new range of HKC Securewave Wireless Intruder Alarm Equipment with a number of Training Seminars held here in our Head Quarters in Glasnevin. Due to increased demand we have decided to host more of these events on a nationwide basis. Please call Elaine on 01 8601880 for details on time, venues and enrollment.

5 Megapixel JPEG IP MegaVideo® Camera: The AV5110 series network camera is part of Arecont Vision’s full line of MJPEG megapixel cameras. It delivers full motion progressive scan 2592 x 1944 video at 9fps featuring MegaVideo image processing and associated functions such as multiple zoom windows and motion detection in a compact package! Arecont offers the world's fastest multi-megapixel (10MP, 8MP, 5MP, 3MP, 2MP and 1.3MP) network cameras supporting full-motion video frame rates and are now all available from Osmosis Ireland.

Access Control Technology (ACT) Ltd. have launched ACTWin 2.7 with the much anticipated ACT Sitemaps. With ACT Sitemaps you can visually monitor events as they occur on your site.

The D-Series

As normal door events and alarms are generated by the access control system the status is updated live on the map of your site. The recent events panel lists all events that have occurred. To use Sitemaps simply import a visual map of your building into the program and allocate your access control points via a drag and drop facility. Doors can be linked to a related map which is useful when there are several different buildings on a site, the building has multiple floors or the operator does not know the building very well.

SW-1070: HKC’s new 2-way wireless control panel with wired zones

Easy to use install menu for wireless (RF) devices - Up to 70 wireless detectors (Contact/Inertia Sensors, QuadPIR’s & Fire Sensors) - Up to 2 wireless Internal Sirens and 2 wireless External Sirens - Up to 64 Key-fobs - Up to 2 Repeaters - Up to 8 blocks plus 1 common area - 4 ID buses -C  omprehensive RF device status menu (inc. signal strength & battery capacity) -P  lug-on dialler with SMS and Voice options

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The perfect alternative to day/ night dome cameras, the FLIR Systems D-Series thermal imaging cameras provide clear 24/7 imaging capability in an attractive, discrete dome-style enclosure which provides precision pan/tilt control, fully programmable scan patterns and slew-to-alarm functionality. Fully enabled for control and operation over IP and serial networks, D-Series systems deploy a 320 x 240 pixel thermal imager and a day/night 36 xzoom colour CCD camera. Different lens options are available - with a 35 mm lens, designed for mid-range security and surveillance, a man-sized target at a distance of over 790 metres can be detected. The high contrast imagery is optimized to get the most out of video analytics software. Digital Detail Enhancement ensures clear, fully contrasted thermal images in all weather conditions.

Range Tester: HKC’s new installation tool

The installation engineer can use the Range Tester, in conjunction with an RF-Interface unit, as a tool to estimate the best location for SecureWave wireless devices and panels before any fixing take place. They can walk around the premises emulating the different wireless devices (i.e. RF-PIR, RF-SABB etc.). The signal strength indicator on the Range Tester will show them what the radio path is like back to the proposed location of the panel. Additionally, they also have use of the on-board audio record and playback facility on the unit.

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