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ACTpro 3200 from ACT

The ACTpro 3200 from ACT is a 4 door controller housed inside a metal cabinet, complete with a 3 amp monitored power supply and a cable management system. This 4 door controller is expandable to up to 16 doors using ACTpro door stations and it has all the features of the ACTpro 3000 two door controller combined with the ACTpro 200 two door station. The ACTpro 3200 is suitable for large installations, when space is limited or when the preference is for a built-in power supply and metal housing with tamper monitoring.

Samsung launch 4 channel network-friendly H.264 DVR with built-in LCD monitor The latest addition to the Samsung DVR range, the SVR-470, which utilises “network-friendly” H.264 compression to minimise storage and bandwidth requirements, is able to simultaneously record video in real time across all its four channels. Equipped with a built-in 3.5” LCD screen, the competitively priced SVR-470 is likely to prove popular with end-users who require a CCTV system with only a small number of cameras.

Dallmeier present the DDF4010HDV and DDZ4010 DOMERA® the world’s first full HDTV cameras that support the ONVIF standard

Following the integration of the ONVIF specifications with all Dallmeier network cameras, the High Definition cameras are now to follow suit. This includes the fixed dome camera DDF4010HDV as well as the high definition PTZ series DOMERA® DDZ4010. The DDF4010HDV and DDZ4010 are the world’s first full HDTV cameras (1080p) that comply with ONVIF. The full HDTV cameras by Dallmeier use a native HD sensor with a true resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. At a 16:9 format they offer a five times higher resolution than the best conventional SD cameras.

The SVR-470 has a 1TB on-board storage capacity with a USB terminal to facilitate the transfer of video evidence. Supplied with Samsung’s license free CMS (Centralised Management Software), the SVR-470 offers a long list of other user-friendly features including a fourteen language on screen display menu, 10/100 base-T network interface capability and ATM-POS text saving options.

The PT-Series

With their precision pan/tilt mechanism which allows the user to rotate the camera 360° and tilt +90° to -90°, the new PT-Series network-ready, multi-sensor cameras give accurate directional control whilst providing fully programmable scan patterns and slew-to-alarm functionality. Various options mean they can be integrated into an existing CCTV infrastructure and can be configured for stand alone use, as part of a TCP/IP network or in a hybrid configuration with local and network based control. Digital Detail Enhancement ensures clear, fully contrasted thermal images in all weather conditions. The PT-Series can be connected to a radar system. When the radar detects an object, the camera will automatically turn in its direction, giving a visual image instantly showing what the blip on the radar screen really means. 22

Alarm Manager software from Mercury Software

Mercury Software have just re-launched their Alarm Manager software system. First developed in 1998, Alarm Manager has now been re-developed as a full Windows application, which allows an Alarm Installer to record customer information, maintenance contracts, and specifications and manage day-to-day business. All data regarding a customer installation is stored and easily retrieved. Service Calls & Installations can be logged, assigned to engineers and tracked until completion. A comprehensive list of reports allows access to a wide range of information including customers due for renewal, maintenance calls due, etc. Suitable for any Alarm Installer, Alarm Manager Version 3.0 is now available with no upfront purchase price and an annual fee from €495. For a demonstration and a free trial contact:

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