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camera or cameras display in a ‘Windows’ PC tree structure displayed on the left-hand side of the monitor screen. Alarm management The operators can also monitor and manage any alarms connected to the system. Once an alarm is activated a chain reaction of events can be triggered instantaneously –activating PTZ cameras, switching lighting, setting up automatic video connections, operating electronic doors, setting up different recording sequences and so on. VSoIP can even be set up so that multiple alarms have to be activated together before a sequence is triggered. Using Boolean logic to manage alarms and their reaction you have total control. No matter how an alarm event is handled, as soon as one alarm is activated it is flashed up on all your operators’

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screens so they have full knowledge of what is happening around your site/s. Conclusion In summary, the VSoIP video management system’s true client server application means that smaller installations


can be installed on a PC. For larger applications multiple VSoIP recorders and VSoIP clients can be used. With its maps feature, tailored rights for every operator, integration with third party equipment & multiplatform decoders, touch screen displays; almost endless configurations can be achieved – making VSoIP the ideal choice for any application. Putting you, the system manager back in control. Allows you to take control of: All your images All your alarms

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All your recoded footage All your PTZ cameras All your sites All your operators and much more

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Risk Manager Magazine  

Spring 2010 edition of Risk Manager Magazine

Risk Manager Magazine  

Spring 2010 edition of Risk Manager Magazine

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