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evolving from Analogue to IP CCTV Sometimes as a customer or integrator you face an often confusing choice about the best way to bring CCTV systems into the 21st century computer age. Recognising this quandary, CBC has developed VSoIP, possibly the first truly software based hybrid video management solution. VSoIP’s main strength is that it doesn’t just allow you to connect to a multitude of IP cameras and video codecs – it also enables you to connect your existing analogue cameras, thereby achieving the best of both worlds. The Ganz VSoIP system has been designed to provide the integration and benefits of IP based products whilst offering advantages of using your existing analogue equipment. 14

Scalability gains

Open protocols

VSoIP is a true client server application

The open architecture of VSoIP supports

that will give you scalability, from just a

not just the Ganz and VSII range of

few cameras right up to a system with

IP cameras and video Codecs but also

hundreds of surveillance units spread

over 20 of the world’s most popular

over multiple sites and monitored by

IP video equipment, and providing

multiple operators. The system’s unique

multiple protocols for control of a vast

design enables existing analogue

array of PTZ devices. The VSoIP video

cameras to be monitored and managed

management system will give you total

just like an IP device.

control of your estate, whether on a single site or multiple locations. Your

This will allow you, as a system

operators can navigate their way around

manager, to view multiple analogue

simply and efficiently using VSoIP’s

cameras anywhere on your site/s as

server based HTML maps feature, which

individual cameras. Their pictures can be

offers an overview map of the site as

displayed either on the VSoIP video wall

well as multiple level maps to give the

displays or as images on your operators’

greatest detail, eg a single room or

screens. Analogue images can be mixed


and matched with images from your IP cameras and video Codecs to provide

A quick click on the camera icon will

complete control and management of

then provide the operator with instant

the system. This flexibility includes the

pictures of that area. For those where

ability to view live images and review

a map feature is not required the

recorded images from any site, any time,

operators can easily find the cameras


of choice by clicking on the relevant

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