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“It won’t happen to

As someone who works in the security, fire and risk management industry, you have probably heard this phrase more than once so your experience tells you that this is rarely the case. At the recent launch of the new website, the co-founder Gerry Stewart stated “we believe that the reason people say this is simple. Nobody wants anything bad to happen to themselves or their business or their loved ones so really don‘t want to think about it“. Another thing we hear from individuals regularly is “how can I save money” or company directors saying “how can we reduce our costs”? For us, all these statements are related. Who isn’t looking for a lower cost way of protecting those things that are valuable to us? In the back of our mind’s we do think “it might happen to me and if it does, I want to be financially compensated”. If your property was burgled, you would want

the stolen property replaced; If your car was damaged, you would want it repaired; And it’s the same for personal injury, accident or even death. You or your family would like to know there was financial compensation. Our experience shows us that most people and companies shop around for their car or fleet cover, house or premises insurance and will move insurer to save a small amount of money. Yet people or companies rarely shop around to save money on their other financial outlays such as mortgage protection, life cover, Shareholder cover or health insurance. Is this due to a lack of understanding that “Yes, you can” shop around every year to save money? The strangest thing is that it is normally easier and quicker to shop around for financial protection than it is to shop around for car or house insurance as you don’t have to provide lots of information to get a quote. You simply sign a simple no obligation letter of authority (LOA) and then we do the rest. We go to all 8 life assurance companies operating in Ireland so that they can bid against each other for your business. This saves you time and money, hence our name Insure and Save. We are also delighted to announce that we have recently become a partner of www., the insurance channel for Credit Union members and we offer their customers a simple and quick way to save money on all their insurances.

OVERCHARGED by your Bank? Many of the people we have met were concerned that they bought a


financial product directly from a bank branch and have recently read about many of the Bank‘s overcharging their customers. They were not sure if they were overcharged and what they could do to check. There have been countless articles in all the national newspapers about Bank’s overcharging their customers for insurance products and banking services. The Financial Regulator website states “you DO NOT have to buy mortgage protection insurance from your lender” which means that you can change your mortgage protection or life cover from your lender anytime to save you money. If you have a mortgage and bought a mortgage protection life policy from your lender/Bank or any other protection product, then it is likely that you are paying too much. That is because the Banks normally have a relationship with only one provider so you are stuck with that providers rates. We can help you to get a no obligation comparison quote from all the providers and save you money. A saving of €10 per month on a mortgage protection or life policy over 25 years is €120 per year but it’s €3,000 over the remaining term of your mortgage/life policy. Would you change car insurer to save €120 every year?….I would. Everybody we meet wants to save money so that is our starting point and we can quickly demonstrate how much we can save using a very simple process.

To start saving money, simply click on or www. or phone our call centre on 1850 287233.

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