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AIRM April 2011 Seminar Risk Manager

Occupational Hygiene

Paul Foran, former Health and Safety Authority Inspector and Managing Director of OHSS, headlined our April seminar. The seminar dealt with the specialist

chemical exceeds the Occupational

play in assisting the risk manager in

the results are credible and accurate, the

role that Occupational Hygienist’s

Exposure Level Value (OELV)*. To ensure

determining a worker’s exposure to

Occupational Hygienist utilises various

hazardous chemicals and the efficacy of

industry accepted standards such as

existing risk control measures.

the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). This

The seminar discussed the criteria

entails the affected worker wearing a

for determining hazardous chemicals

specifically configured personal sampling

(such as carcinogens), addressed their

device used to detect the chemical,

physical and chemical characteristics and

positioned within the worker’s breathing

underlined what legislative requirements

zone (within 15cm of his mouth). To

manufacturers, distributors and end

obtain an accurate and credible result

users must comply

it is also imperative that the services of a laboratory accredited to ISO/IEC with. Paul highlighted the need for end users to consider not only the active

ingredients used in the manufacturing process but also consider the

handling, storage, usage, disposal of intermediate, finished goods and waste products.

Attendees were also given a

17025: “General requirements for the

competence of testing and calibration laboratories” by the Irish National

Accreditation Board (INAB) are employed to conduct the analysis.

Members can download the presentation from the website at downloads

unique insight into how an

Occupational Hygienist works in the field when the speaker described the intricacies of

using a personal sampling air

monitoring programme to aid the risk assessment process.

An air monitoring programme

determines whether the level of exposure to a hazardous


* OEL is defined as the concentration of a substance in air below which it is believed the majority of workers may be exposed for eight hours each day without suffering adverse health effects.

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