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New Hard Drives & Storage range from Western Digital.

Good hard drives and solid state drives are fundamental for today’s IP security systems where megapixel cameras require robust archiving and storage solutions. Western Digital’s range of solid state drives offers a 5 year warranty with superior performance. Enterprise class 1TB, 2TB and 3TB drives for internal on board server storage offer fast, reliable and greener hard drives. The WD ShareSpace highspeed Gigabit Ethernet offers centralized storage with up to 8TB of capacity in RAID 5 configuration.

An Exploration in Wireless

Pyronix and Castle set the standard with a two-way wireless alarm system which provides the Installer with the easiest system in the world to install, use, maintain – both on site and remotely. The Enforcer is a wireless system which includes a control panel and a variety of wireless devices which all use the Pyronix proprietary two-way wireless technology. A menu which is intuitive and easy to use. It has a clear, full text programming menu which will allow for quick programming, even without a manual.The Instant Two-Way Device Control (ITDC) enables the instant wake up and instant sleep of each wireless device on the system allowing continuous polling between control panel and wireless devices whilst preserving battery power. Signal Strength Indicator (SSI) provides the installer (even before mounting) the ability to immediately recognise whether the chosen location is suitable.

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GSD Access Control Installer Training

Wireless security specialist GSD is pleased to announce its Monthly installer training courses on its standalone and networked security products, on the last Friday of every Month. The purpose of this course is to enable installers to gain the underpinning knowledge and practical skills required to design, install and commission Access Control Systems. The course is focused upon giving installers the confidence and ability to design an appropriate system, install the correct components, upgrade existing systems, and finally conduct a thorough survey of Access Control Systems. GSD Installer training is a one day hands on course focusing on standalone and network access control, both wired and

wireless, with a one hour overview on GSD’s wirefree intruder products. The training day concludes with an open book examination, successful installers will receive certification to install and commission GSD access control systems.

Head Office: Global Security Devices ltd., No 1 Turnpike Business Park, Ballymount, Dublin 22 Tel: +353 (1) 5242691 email:

GSD’s Intruder Alarm Installer Training will commence in November. GSD design, develop and manufacture stand-alone and networked wirefree access control solutions along with Grade 2 & 3 wirefree intruder alarm systems.


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