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IP Perspective



P Perspective Your guide to IP security trends in Ireland

ur guide to IP security trends in Ireland IP Perspective looks at IP technology trends and the IP industry in Ireland.

Gordon Smith is Managing Director of GVD | making IP easy. Specialist value added distributor of IP technology |


IP has reached tipping point for new installations

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In the past year, the market has already tipped to IP cameras in the most relevant and important metric to security installers and end users - new project deployments.

Typically, surveillance systems are used for many years once installed, it can be 5 years before a total replacement is done. The original system installed therefore shapes what is purchased for nearly 5 years. In analyzing trends, it is important to categorise surveillance camera sales into Extension sales i.e. adding to existing systems or replacing old/defunct equipment and New Project sales. Analog typically outsells IP for extension sales due to a lack of understanding of how IP systems can

utilize existing analogue cameras. In these cases, existing analog cameras can be encoded to an IP signal to attain the benefits of an IP system and retain investment in existing cameras. This typically happens in cases where an end user wants to take advantage of Megapixel cameras for some critical surveillance areas but isn’t ready to dispose of all of the existing analog cameras. 75% of all new projects are now going with IP. Once a surveillance technology dominates new project sales, the rest of

McDonald’s is lovin’ IP

McDonald’s recently opened a 24 hour drivethru restaurant in Liffey Valley, Dublin. Noted for their award winning high standards, McDonald’s wanted to put in a future proof system. The critical factors in deciding to go with IP were the clear quality images obtainable with megapixel cameras for both day and night time, ease of use of the Smart Client user interface and the ability to log on to the store remotely via their own Virtual Private Network. Having visited the National IP Experience Centre and seeing a full

working demonstration of the recommended cameras and Milestone XProtect system, the decision was made. The camera solution consists of 1.3MP and 2MP fully PoE internal mini-domes to cover the restaurant eating areas, the counter areas, the tills, the drive thru hatches and kitchens. For outside to monitor the drivethru a combination of 2MP Sentinel full body PoE cameras were mounted on poles and 720p vandal resistant domes were positioned to capture registration plates on exiting the drive-thru lanes. All of the cameras record to a Milestone server, which allows management to retrieve video easily and simply using sequence explorer and export video footage. Megapixel cameras are becoming more popular for use in retail and restaurant

2MP indoor IQInvision mini-dome -wide sharp clear image, recognise face and read signage


Smart client user interface He’s Lovin’ It!

the market is a foregone conclusion. Just like users with analog only DVRs spent years buying more analog cameras, today’s new projects deploying software only VMS systems will focus their extension purchases on IP cameras over the rest of this decade. With Video Management Software open platforms and megapixel cameras becoming more competitive, IP is more cost effective and attractive.

environments as owners realise the quality of images they can get from IP. With an IP network security solution each individual camera can be adjusted for best performance including frame rates, motion detection sensitivity and privacy masking. The security installer can remotely log on to each individual camera and adjust settings, never having to go on site. This eliminates call out charges and reduces annual maintenance costs to the end user. In the images below you can see how crisp the megapixel quality is for indoor and outdoor. See how neat the camera solutions are in situ also. The user interface is extremely powerful and easy to use, another reason why McDonalds Liffey Valley is lovin’ IP.

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