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Creating a buzz about security “Social Media is a fundamental shift in the way we Managing Director communicate and do Business” ADSI David Courtney Today in Ireland, 96% of Internet users use Google, 18% of business owner-directors are on LinkedIn, and 1.6 million of the population are ”friends” on Facebook – and those numbers are growing every day. The benefits of social media platforms for business are vast: shared content, lively discussion, new customers, and loyalty deals. Local shops can go global, and multinationals can customize offerings.

customers can see firsthand for themselves how discreet and professional ADSI systems look once completed. An interactive display of CCTV technology will soon be ‘Live’, along with a showcase comparing imaging between analog and IP CCTV cameras.

Social networking is used across the business spectrum, from small local shops to the largest companies in the world. Social media and networking opportunities force business leaders to think differently. Learning and applying the right strategies and techniques for your market makes it possible to interact online with potential and repeat customers, offer businessto-business ideas, network with suppliers, and extend quick and cost effective promotions.

The ADSI monthly e-zine is a powerful platform to inform our existing and potential clients about advances in technology and company achievements. 8,000 subscribers receive monthly ADSI success stories with regards to averting incidents on site, company announcements, and special offers and competitions. Links to actual video footage is included to back up the service offering and to allow our customers to interact with us directly.

Advanced Digital Security Ireland (ADSI) has seen the return on social media marketing efforts. Technological information and content is shared via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & ADSI’s monthly e-zine. Compared to traditional media, it has been an easy route to provide existing and potential customers with the relevant information, and they have responded well, enjoying the freedom to review it at their own convenience. It is a great opportunity to share pictures of products and installations of systems. Potential

For those cautious about privacy, Facebook and Twitter account users often have more peace of mind seeing ADSI’s web presence as a reputable and welcoming company, happy to answer any questions. Privacy statements are outlined on all webpages to confirm ADSI’s commitment to confidentiality and the protection of your business and personal information.


ADSI Managing Director David Courtney is in no doubt to the benefits to his business, “Social Media is a fundamental shift in the way we communicate and do Business, now more than ever we need to maximize the opportunities to bring our Products and Service to the marketplace and social media has provided ADSI with the ideal platform in which to do this”.

LinkedIn is similar to Facebook, however it is targeted toward individuals who own their own business or Managers and Directors

of companies. Through LinkedIn, account holders can make connections and contacts with ease, share previous experience within the industry, and promote service offerings. ADSI has used this business networking site to make hundreds of vital contacts. For example, the company was in a position to enroll in a large tender which may not have been possible without LinkedIn. It is possible to share recommendations and comments on other service providers, current promotions, employment opportunities, groups and associations, discussion threads, events, and conventions. There is an option to show and display recent press releases – such as newspaper articles about ADSI – or related current events in the news, such as local area statistics or crime reports. This makes customers and potential customers aware of what is happening within their community and how ADSI could help. It provides ADSI the opportunity to offer free tips on how to stay safe, and attracts business by recommending upgrades, and regular service and maintenance suggestions. New customers can be attracted by cost effective solutions which are only a click away, and this is key for many consumers who are on the verge of making a switch. Links to all ADSI social media platforms are available from the ‘Media’ section of the website:

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