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“Today’s opening is a milestone in providing the infrastructure to support our leading position in intruder alarm technology in Ireland.”

is received. In one way systems no such acknowledgement takes place and therefore there isan increased chance of missed messages from devices. Secondly two way radio allows for much improved battery life.

Specifying for RF systems The unique RF Wand (inset below) has given installers confidence when specifying installations. The wand is a device that measures RF signal strength in a premises prior to install, it can later be used as a maintenance tool. The RF Wand kit comes complete with a plug-in repeater that mimics the control panel. Simply locate this where the panel will be installed and carry out the survey (if there is no power a battery can be used). The Wand incorporates both voice recording & LED function for survey notes and signal strength and has individual buttons that can mimic radio transmissions for each type of device to be installed.

Life Safety Life safety has become an important part of the HKC product offering. In partnership with EI Electronics in Shannon, the Company has added three life safety devices to the SecureWave portfolio. Smoke, Heat and Carbon monoxide detectors have been enhanced to incorporate the SecureWave RF technology and have proven to be very popular devices.

Quantum 70 Earlier this month the much awaited Quantum 70 was launched. The Quantum (see inset above) is designed for the residential market and fills a gap in the HKC product portfolio. The 70 zone wireless panel comes complete with voice integrated keypad, DTV communicator, internal siren and on board DSL filter. The

detection and life safety devices work across both the SW 1070 and Quantum panels so there is no need for installers to carry two ranges of stock – a big advantage in today’s tough economy. Another key advantage is that all HKC devices carry the same battery so there is no need for installers to carry multiple batteries another cash flow advantage. The Quantum was launched in two packs – the Primary Pack 1 includes the Quantum 70 together with two RF Quad motion sensors, a Contact Sensor, Contact/Inertia Sensor, and a RF Keyfob. The Primary Pack 2 includes the contents of Pack 1 plus RF SABB Base. The Quantum also has the capability to take an external wired SABB (Sounder) and one ID zone which can take up to 10 wired detectors. The demand for the Quantum has proved to be spectacular in its first month of launch. When asked why it is so popular, installers have highlighted a number of features such as two way radio, voice, on board DTV & Filter as standard. In addition the fact that with the SW 1070 & Quantum 70 it allows them to deal with many differing installation sites without carrying two ranges of panels & detectors.

Soon to be added (Q4) to the SecureWave range are an RF Keypad, Plug on GSM, and RF Dual Push panic button. The RF Key Pad will be similar to the current keypad in looks. The low cost GSM will plug on to both the SW 1070 and the Quantum 70 and will also be capable of being wired to a remote location. The Dual Push panic button is an RF version of the current wired dual push button. All of the above devices should be available before the end of Q4 2011 and will complete the current build program for SecureWave. A final piece in the equation for this year was the acquisition of Astec in July. HKC plan to integrate the Astec sensor, widely perceived as the best in its class, into its inertia sensor range while the rest of the Astec range will be wound down over the coming months.

Next Phase HKC have no intention of stopping here, a new two year R & D plan is having the final touches phaze. While the plan has not been formally released yet, it will include an EN Grade 3 system and a number of additional devices. It will deliver a new communication platform to meet the growing needs of the installation community including IP. Twenty years on, Gerry Kelly is very pleased with how HKC has grown and matured over the years. At the official opening, he said “Today’s opening is a milestone in providing the infrastructure to support our leading position in intruder alarm technology in Ireland. It will also help to underpin our export growth plans. We are very proud of our dedicated staff and the product we have created for our markets and look forward to continued growth”.


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