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EQA Launch On-Line Certificates for Alarm Installers EQA (Ireland) are very pleased to announce the launch of our on-line certificates of conformance for certified Intruder Alarm Installation Companies. This is an exciting development for EQA which significantly reduces the need for paperwork. A certificate of conformance is required for every alarm installed by a licensed Intruder Alarm Installer. Copies of this certificate are required by the customer, the monitoring station (to apply for a unique reference number from An Gardai), the insurance company, the alarm installer (for their records) and the certification body (EQA or other PSA approved certification body). Up to now, certificates have been sold in books of 20 with each certificate having 4 carbon copies (total 5 copies). This system has worked well, however, the installation company needs to lean hard to ensure the print is transferred to all 4 copies, the certification body needs to contact clients regularly to ensure they keep up to date with the activities of the installers and the customers need to keep copies for the insurance companies.

EQA teamed up with MSC (Management Systems Certification Ltd.) and ITB (Institute of Technology Blanchardstown) to develop the software for the on-line certificates. The end result is a deceptively simple to use system. Installers log on to the secure website and create the certificates using an easy to follow menu system. Installers can login at any time to review certificates issued or to issue new certificates (rather than purchase books of certificates, In summary, the electronic installers purchase credits for issue of on-line certificates). By cooperating with certificates reduces MSC (another PSA approved certification paperwork, reduces cost, body), we were able to share knowledge and increases legibility and experience to ensure that a robust solution would be achieved. provides for an easy to access

permanent record of alarms installed for both the installer and the certification body.

With the introduction of electronic certificates, there is no need to send copies to the certification body and it is possible to print off multiple copies of the completed certificate (or e-mail the certificate in PDF format to the client and monitoring station). It is also possible to provide extra copies if the customer mislays the initial copy.

As part of the testing procedure, EQA made a demonstration version of the website available to all registered clients, this provided valuable feedback in advance of launching the live site. EQA (together with MSC) met with the NMCF (National Monitoring Centres Forum) to confirm that the electronic security certificates would be acceptable to the monitoring stations, we are pleased to report that the feedback was very positive and encouraging. In summary, the electronic certificates reduces paperwork, reduces cost, increases legibility and provides for an easy to access permanent record of alarms installed for both the installer and the certification body. EQA (Ireland) is a wholly Irish owned company which has been in operation since 1995. EQA entered the Intruder Alarm Certification market in 2006 and have since built up a sizeable market share by offering a value for money certification service with a focus on flexibility, innovation and customer satisfaction. Any alarm installer wishing to try out the online certification system for themselves can e-mail us ( to request a username and password to our demonstration site.


EQA are planning to launch a CCTV Installer certification scheme in the near future. We are looking for additional applicants with skills in the Alarm and CCTV sectors to act as inspectors in the Munster area. Please contact us at if you are interested in this role. 19/09/2011











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