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“The PSA now has the authority to recruit persons who are not staff of the PSA and appoint them as Inspectors.”

Surveillance beyond the visible

of applications to be extended to these beneficial owners. This will again bolster our investigations of a minority of companies. The licence renewal process is also amended and while most of these changes are for administrative purposes, one which will impact on licence holders is the issuing of renewal licences from the expiry date of the previously held licence.


The legislation introduces a new concept of a temporary licence for applicants who need to display competence by providing a security service in order to obtain the standards required for licensing. The temporary licence will replace the exemptions currently issued to installers of intruder alarms and will be extended to all installers of security equipment in due course. The temporary licence will be valid for 6 months with the option to extend by 3 months where there is a delay in obtaining the standards. This temporary licence will be launched later this year, when further details will be available. A technical amendment applying to our enforcement processes facilitates the recoupment of the Authority’s costs in prosecution cases. A further change allows the Authority to charge fees for services other than the licence fee. One area where this could be used would be to charge noncompliant licence holders the costs involved in inspections undertaken for compliance purposes. There are also a number of technical and administrative changes to the workings of the Private Security Appeals Board. These are designed to enhance the operation of the Appeal Board and again are based on the experiences of the Appeal Board since 2004.

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The C-Allview Range High Speed Rugged Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras Seeing 360° with no blind spots is one of the C-Allview’s many benefits that includes: • Powerful 18x or 36x optical camera for long range identification • Vandal Resistant • Thermal, Vehicle, IR & IP versions available

All these amendments will improve the Authority’s capabilities in a number of key areas. For compliant licencees the amendments will ensure the Authority’s processes are as efficient as possible. For non compliant providers, our enforcement processes have been strengthened and our inspection capacity increased. Our aim is to continue to put unscrupulous operators out of business while improving the service to compliant licence holders.

• Flexible site selectable mounting positions including upright, hanging or inclined

The full text of the Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act can be found on the website of the Oireachtas (www.

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• Mosaic privacy zones • Military specification breather to allow pressure equalization • Supplied with a power supply, a 4” PCD and a 10m umbilical cord.

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