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Industry News Butler Group Turns Night into Day

Thermal imaging technology is the most sophisticated surveillance equipment in the marketplace and the leading provider of thermal imaging in Ireland, is the Maynooth-based Butler Group. Unlike some other distributors, the Butler Group is a supplier of cameras, not systems and they adhere to a strict policy of never competing with their customers. For those who wish to add thermal imaging to their product offering, the Butler Group distributes and supports the widest range of FLIR thermal imaging cameras in Ireland, from the eye in the sky, to the eye on the ground. David Doyle, FLIR expert with the Butler Group, and the only ITC Thermography and Security Qualified Engineer in Ireland, believes: “thermal imaging cameras are rapidly being recognised as the most effective way of protecting premises from intruders. Thermal imaging doesn’t require light, endusers save substantially on the cost of power, as it eliminates the nuisance of lighting large areas and reduces the inconvenience for residents living close to the perimeter”, argues Doyle. “Most traditional security systems use “Infrared” cameras which have infrared

illuminators and cannot see outside the beam. This limitation means thieves can identify blind spots circumventing the system. Thermal cameras however, need no illuminators and instead identify the heat emitting from a body and it is for this reason Thermal Imaging cameras can “see” even in light mist, fog and snow. While movement detection in bushes can be very difficult to determine, with thermal imaging you see people easily, even if they are camouflaged!”

Doyle added, “Once a thermal camera locks on to a criminal there is no getting away. They can follow cars or people and guide police officers on the ground to them. From great distance, the camera can lock onto cars or people and see exactly where they are going, day or night.” “We have been approached by many manufacturing plants and vital infrastructure such as airports and

“... with thermal imaging you see people easily, even if they are camouflaged!”

“Due to cost, there was a time when FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras were only available to the military, but now they are available to businesses and even home users at much more reasonable prices. FLIR is the market leader in these cameras, which have become an essential asset for every police force worldwide and FLIR is the brand we specialise in at the Butler Group”.

ports that are looking for top of the range perimeter security as provided by Thermal Imaging Cameras,” said Doyle. The Butler Group is a well established Irish company that continues to grow at a steady pace. Founded in 1997 to provide test and measurement systems and components to the telecoms and electronic sectors, it has grown to support a number of markets including, pharmaceutical, bio-medical, energy, environmental, security and surveillance, with a strong local and internationally supported range of products and services. The Butler Group currently comprises Butler Technologies and Transtest Equipment Ltd. and Kinesense Ltd. Video Analytics. It supplies, supports and assists integrators with the widest range of Flir Thermal Imaging Cameras.

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