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Moms Korner Toddler Depression: Symptoms & Solutions Pg.2

May 13, 2014

Summer Fashion 2014 Must Haves!! Pg.3

Easy Recipes: When your in a hurry!

Educational Toys:

To Increase Brain Development


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5/30/2014 1:26:28 AM

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Toddler Depression: Symptoms & Solutions

3 Summer

Fashions 2014

Must Haves for Moms!!!!

4 BestToys:

For Brain Development

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5/30/2014 1:26:28 AM


Inexpensive Kids Party Ideas: How to throw a party

without breaking the bank

6 Battling Stress:

The 3 C’s that are helping Mom’sWin over Stress

recipes : 7Easy when your in a rush

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5/30/2014 1:26:28 AM

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Editorial Korner

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Welcome and thank you! I think we have a terriffic set of topics we are disscussing, which I think will be useful to you or someone you know.

From Toledo, Ohio,Susan Johnson emailed us and was impressed with January’s issue specifically “Must have Toys”, that she wanted more on that.

Every month my staff and I always have a monthly meeting in which we discuss what should go into our next issue. If you are a proud subscriber you know that we have a online site ( in which we welcome topic suggestions. We want to know what is important to the parents, grandparents, concerned teachers and so forth. From Toledo, Ohio,Susan Johnson emailed us and was impressed with January’s issue specifically “Must have Toys”, that she wanted more on that.

So in this months hot topic we will be sharing the newest facts on developmental tools that can be added to the growth of todays children. I hope that like every other issue we share that you will find of personal interest to you or someone you know. As always thank you for opening Moms Korner whether your first time or continuing subscriber! Senior Editor Ann Matau

5/30/2014 1:26:29 AM

Educational Toys


While sitting with my toddlers David and Davinah who are ages 3 and 4 I was told by another mother in the office that my kids were very well behaved and very smart. I was of course a proud mommy and felt like my hardwork had taken front row but not like at a show but as if my kids were displaying their sense of intellectual growth. Well the other mother asked me if their preschool was for advanced kids and told her that I taught them everything they knew before they entered school. She then asked me how? I told her by playing games.

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5/30/2014 1:26:29 AM

Increase Brain Development with playtime!

appreciated for its mathmatical influences on a childs problem skills. Another method I have found to be probably on the most gaining are flash Although I had to admit that my kids even though can be a cards. handful they are kids but most From learning their numbers, colors, of all speaking from a proud mother their motor and prob- shapes, letters, and so on this is a great lem solving skills are high. I had shared with her a few of way for their litmy must haves for learning and tle minds to grasp growth. these subjects effectively. I was so flattered because if she would have seen us this morning she might have caught a glimpse of the not so flattering things. such as the usual sibling rivaleries and messes.

Blocks are among the oldest toys for many of us but it is also under estimated as a “educational” toy. Also the unusual shapes with lots of room for imagination. It builds motor skils at such a young age and can even be

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What is even better is that you can find these at your local dollar store so it keeps learning with flash cards affordable for moms everywhere. Something as simple as a ball can help a child with eye hand coordination. So just playing a game of “roll the ball” or “find the ball” will give them the boost they need.

These have helped my children with the ability to remember and put away and pulling the information out when neccessary. The most important ingredient of all is spending as much quality time with your baby!

5/30/2014 1:26:30 AM


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