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lookbook october 2016




This is OMGI Yoga's first ever yoga pant. Inspired by the Greek goddess, these pants symbolize Iris' role as a divine messenger of hope and honesty. With gorgeous wings inspired by the Colette Miller Angel Wings (Global Angel Wings Project) painted throughout Los Angeles, our artists brought them to life on fabric. A macro-exposure of an actual feather wing was overlaid as the pattern, giving the pants a beautiful and sleek look. 3


Painstakingly crafted, exaggerated oil strokes that make up these gorgeous leggings that feature the Northern Lights, shot from Ireland by one of our Dyeversity artists. The flow of space wraps around your legs while the aurora highlights your curves in a totally om-worthy way.


STARRY MOUNTAINS One of our favorite memories of testing our first pair of pants was taking them through hiking trails and into the mountains with friends. STARRY MOUNTAINS showcases a moon that shines over the mountains, creating a silhouette of everything in front of it. It's mysterious, and yet incredibly beautiful.



FIZZY POP! Rolled for texture, blasted with pops of color. Our artists took paint rollers and literally rolled paint onto walls. From there, color was added and we overlaid some 'pop' into the design for some added fun. No matter which color, it'll be fun to wear!



ENCLOUD They say dreams are what clouds are made of. Or marshmallows. These yoga pants certainly showcase those clouds. We took photos of clouds from the Los Angeles sky, drew them and then imposed photos of smoke to create ENCLOUD, part of our OMGI Yoga Essentials line. This unique print is free flowing, airy and come with multiple colors that fit your unique style.



MARBLE When old-world elegance meets new world design. The superimposed white Carrera-style white/grey marble has smooth, organic lines while the Marque brings a darker side to MARBLE with brushed black strokes that line with the textures of Carrera. Either one you choose has you dressed up in something purely beautiful.



Simplicity We took our inks, added a blast of speciality ink, known as "refractive ink" into the mix, and created simple colors that change under different lighting. It creates a pearl effect that is unique to our printing process, and brings life to neutral colored pants, even white ones. When you stretch, the grey tones shift into different shades, and even a hint of white. It's a look that's a bit risqué, but thanks to our 3D Stretch fabrics, you'll have solid coverage to confidently rock every pose (it's still not see through!). Basics don’t have to be plain and flat. The simplicity collection redefines basics, once and for all.




We took lines from sports cars and meshed them together into a beautiful, rainbow-flow to create LINEA. Our designers added a level of artistic pixilation, created from digitally expanded particles of brake dust from the brakes of the McClaren, to give the pants a unique texture, while enhancing the structure of the lines to hug you, inspired by how sports cars curve the road.



OCEANIA Our first chance at taking yoga pants underwater, we did it – during a swim off Catalina. We wanted to see how our pants would work in the ocean. While underwater, our artists captured lights from the surface of the ocean and with the way the waves rushed above us, they blurred, almost in harmony. We took one of those shots and and brought it to life WITH OCEANIA, a part of our OMGI Yoga Essentials line.


This design features 102 hearts - each representing every person killed or wounded in the Orlando incident. The scattered heart become more condensed as it gets closer to ONELOVE, written in the middle, because love pulls everyone together, and in a time of tragedy, it's that love that reaches to each and every soul, even the ones furthest away.



OMGI YOGA Lookbook - October 2016  

OMGI Yoga is a luxury athletic apparel company that is committed to create the most beautiful and coveted yoga wear in the industry. With ov...

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