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Workshop Outline

Anna DeStefano Beth Cornelison Michelle Grajkowski

So, you want to sign with an agent before you sell... A discussion of the unpublished author/agent dynamic. Come talk with two Golden Heart winners and agent Michelle Grajkowski from 3 Seas Literary Agency. 1.

Keep in mind, this is always a business... YOUR business. Why is finding an agent important for your career at this point? Can an agent get you published sooner at the house(s) you're targeting? How much of your business can you do on your own?


What do you bring to the table... Why would an agent be crazy not to want you? Rule number one in business: Put yourself in a position to be successful. Rule number two: Know your strengths AND your weakness. Rule number three: If you can't get what you need where you're looking, move on.

So you want to sign with an agent... (DeStefano/Cornelison/Grajkowski, July '04)


Research, research, research... And by the way, she's checking you out, too. Just how many ducks should you have in a row? Sell yourself like a pro, and expect her to put out, too. Until you sign a contract, you're the only agent you've got. Do your job.


Oh my gosh! She called.... Stop and take a deep breath. How much happy is too happy? When you don't feel good enough to win the agent over... Fake it! Ask all the questions you need to, but stay on top of your game.


Keep in mind, this is always a business... YOUR business. Now that you've signed with an agent, what's the next thing YOU can do for your business? How can you partner with your agent to reach your publishing goals? How much of your business should you still handle on your own?


Anna DeStefano Workshop: Sign With an Agent