Anna DeStefano Workshop: Going to Market

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Going to Market: Finding Your Publishing Home

Anna DeStefano Tanya Michaels

Everyone Wants a Great Deal Take the time to shop around before making decisions about your career.

Buyer Beware •

You're the consumer. Know your product.

Check out the trends, but know some of it will be in next season's bargain bin.

Trying it On •

Invest in what you know. Do a lot of window shopping before you buy.

Find where your voice fits, and where it doesn't.

Contests, conferences, and editor appointments. Oh my!

If the line you target first doesn't quite fit, keep looking.

Buyer's Remorse •

Does it matter if your first sale isn't really the kind of book you want to write?

What's the true cost of buying something just because it's on sale?

What Have You Got in the Back? •

Don't be in such a hurry. Sometimes you have to ask to see the good stuff.

Have a plan when you're shopping the market. Go for what you want.

Be able to articulate your needs when someone offers to help.

Impulse Buys •

The long road to selling makes it hard not to get distracted.

Always browse. Maybe fate will be kind. But don't buy unless you're sure.

When to Shop Elsewhere

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