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Anna Whittemore


Amsterdam, Netherlands


- Instagram- 276k - Facebook- 372,973 likes - Twitter- 23.3K

PRODUCT Mens, women’s and childrens collections, inspired by global and cultural diversity, crafted ethically in Amsterdam


Collectors and creators, Daydreamers and explorers, upper middle class, eclectic, & fashion forward

Statement: Scotch and soda is luxury fashion label Founded in the 1985 by Laurens Hompes. The design house is based out of Amsterdam. Scotch and Soda designs all of their garments in-house, and draws inspiration from the diversity, eclectic nature, and rich history of Amsterdam. Scotch and soda clothing is rich in quality with attention to detail in embellishment and finishing. The clothing is inspired by classic and vintage styles, “enriched with a wealth of inspiration from around the world�.

Mood Bord


Contributers MODELS: - Skyler Guidera - Roy Ebanks PHOTOGRAPHER: - Remy James LOCATION - Frank Spencer Boat launch ASSISTANTS: - Seirah Stanley & Leandra Lovejoy DATE OF SHOOT - Friday, February 2, 2018

Shoot Direction SHOT 1 : Models in butterfly chair by the overturned boat. Record player, old books and a suitcase. Skyler in the chair reading and Roy, on the ground, plays with the record player.

SHOT 2: Skyler and Roy on the boat launch. Playing with varying levels, props include the suitcase and a book (evoking themes of adventure and transience) The water and the wrecked sailboat in the background

SHOT 3: Skyler and Roy stand on the dilapidated dock, interacting with each-other, Skyler holds the suitcase and rests her head on Roy’s shoulder.

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Scotch and soda mock campaign  
Scotch and soda mock campaign