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Children books Oscar Wilde, illustrated by Evgeniya Chistotina

The Canterville Ghost Sir Simon de Canterville has been haunting the residents of Canterville Chase for 300 years — and then the Otis family moves in. No matter how hard he tries, they won’t be spooked, and soon the Otis family turns their attention to getting rid of him... Rights sold to: Slovenia

Illustrated by Alexander Krutik

Tales of the Knights These legendary tales of knights and fair ladies in ancient England and Scotland, rivetingly retold for today’s readers, remain as fresh and exciting as the day they were first written.

Rudolf Raspe, illustrated by Alexander Krutik

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen The legendary Baron Munchausen was famous for telling incredible stories about his astounding happenings and astonishing feats. The Baron’s escapades include a balloon expedition to the Moon, an encounter with the goddess Venus, a battle with the Turkish army, and an enormous sea creature who swallows him up in the South Seas. Rights sold to: Moldova, Romania, Latvia, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia

Catalogue - Fall 2017_updated  
Catalogue - Fall 2017_updated