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Anna Vasiunyk Graphic brand designer

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ART SCHOOL ARTEXPERTS+ Promotional Materials Design

The cards were designed for the launch of art lectures within the ART Experts+ design school. Main idea was to use an artistic typography for the word ‘art‘, which is also the part of the brand name, and to make a small visual arts’ vocabulary for each of the letters. In such way the card involves in actual learning process itself. The design for the typography was based on the marks from various art materials (ink and different paints) as each art piece always start from the mark. The postcards create an ART word and may serve as promotional material as well as a gift or souvenir. In the future it was suggested to expand the 3 designed letters into the whole vocabulary of the art terms using the same technique.

Anna Vasiunyk


Anna Vasiunyk


ART SCHOOL ARTEXPERTS+ Certificate and Invitation Design

The design for the ART Experts+ art courses in Dubai consisted of the certificate of completion and invitations for the special events. Artistic paint splashes were used to underline the direction of the courses adding an emotional impact to the brand and became the consistence part of it.

Anna Vasiunyk


VENEZIA CASHMERE CLOTHES Branding and Identity, Packaging

Anna Vasiunyk

The aim of the brief was to create a brand for the woman luxury clothes made in Venezia. The main competitors were top fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. As the result monogram was used as the form that represents expensive clothes brands. Little

detail in typography illustrates the cashmere thread as a distinguish part of the brand. Craft price tags were suggested to refer to the ecological philosophy of the brand and Venezia illustration was used to reinforce the Italian fashion tradition elegancy.


Anna Vasiunyk


Inspiring tattoo online store

Organic food

Organic Food

Exclusive Lingerie

Wedding agency

Jewelry brand ‘Zymphony boutique’


Collection of the logotypes made during the year for the clients from various industries including food, technology, fashion, jewelry and tattoo online shop.

Logotype design

Anna Vasiunyk


.JUNG COSMETICS BRAND Branding and Identity, Packaging

Branding and packaging design for the antiaging cosmetics brand. Idea for the logo comes from the slogan saying STOP ageing. start JUNG. Stop is expressed with the full stop followed by Jung, meaning new era for jung young skin. The font appeals to the luxury part of a brand with the sharp edges of the text and well contrasted arched and circus parts. Gradient colours were chosen to reflect the transition from ageing to ‘younging’, from ignoring to preventing. Also the blurred colourful background expresses the smoothness of the skin as well as the photoshop action that is used to even the wrinkles. This was done due to the fact that the target audience are millennials who are just starting to think of saving the flexibility of the skin aged 25-40.

Anna Vasiunyk



‘Failosophy’ is a set of books that contain

this idea by calling it ‘imperfect language

major project research and visualization

of imperfect world inhabited by imperfect

Layout Design and Visual Research

about success and failure and its perception

humans’. Apart from it, the project explores

by society along the history. The overall topic

the aesthetics of wrongness, mistakism,

can be described as ‘fallibility’, which is a

accidents and the idea of its implication

philosophical theory of inevitability of human

instead of hiding or deleting.

mistakes and errors. Barry Deck expresses

Anna Vasiunyk


Anna Vasiunyk



This visual research book was made of

Due to the concept words are printed on the

reflections from a 2-month team project

paper but at the same can be searched in

focused around the design fiction project

Google, translated, copied or shared on social

for Wolff Olins studio. The brief required

networks. Video or moving image can be

Layout Design and Visual Research

forecasting the development of technologies

watched directly from the paper that allows

in the future and the role of designer in it.

experiencing advantages of reading both

The book is designed to represent interactive

printed and online books. At the same time

book concept, which combines physical

the book challenges existing communicational

experience with the eBook using digital paper. mediums and the possibilities for design in it.

Anna Vasiunyk


Anna Vasiunyk


TASCHEN PUBLISHER Book Cover Design Concept

Design of the book covers for the ‘Be part of Art’ series, which represent art collections of the chosen artists from Tate Modern, London. Designs were inspired by the basic techniques of Jackson Pollock (action painting), Louise Bourgeois (line graphics) and Sigmar Polke (raster dots). They were recreated in a first letter of the artist’s name, which also points out an idea that their works comes first than the artist itself. Same pattern was used for a spine so that it is noticed on the bookshelves as an art edition. Back cover serves as collection of artists’ quotations, which describe their philosophy and attitude to art. They are used instead of traditional descriptions as the main aim was to make the book cover speak with the artists’ voice. All the visual elements as a concept of ‘Be part of art‘ series invites a reader to become closer to an art history, features, personalities and to be deeply involved with it.

Pollock Anna Vasiunyk


Bourgois 13

BRAND BOOK FOR THE BEST BEFORE BRAND FOR THINKERS Branding and Identity, Packaging, Visual Communication

Anna Vasiunyk

Dream#12 is an MA Thesis for the Graphic

dreams and potencial using time scarcity. The

Branding and Identity Course, researching

brand suggests a list of items that serve as

into the question: ‘What is the value of failure’.

a metaphor for a dream to a user. Each item

The project ended up with the brand being

destructs within 7 days period giving time to

created based on the theoretical findings and

make first steps towards the aspiration the

visual experiments made during the year.

user postponed for a while.

Best Before is a brand that motivates people

So what did you always wanted to do but

towards realising and realisation of their

never done yet? Why?


Anna Vasiunyk



Anna Vasiunyk

Self-initiated project was created to boost the

a part of visual art, which is a better form to

awareness of native literature by relocating it

incorporate into our everyday environment.

from the book pages into typographic posters.

It is also important to state that this poem

Modern design is used to provide higher interest

describes a period of 40’s and 50’s of XIX

and better visual contact with the reader. The

century, but it feels like it was written yesterday

words here are made to be not only beautiful by

mostly because similar dramatic events are

their meaning but also in the way they look.

happening right now during the war with

In such form the piece of word art becomes

Russian Federation. 16

Anna Vasiunyk Graphic brand designer

Anna Vasiunyk +44 0777 820 5057


Portfolio. Anna Vasiunyk  
Portfolio. Anna Vasiunyk