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One fine day‌ By Anna van der Voort

One fine day in an unknown location, there was a girl named Jessica, she was very lonely so was on a quest to find a friend.

She headed to a local farm where she stumbled across another girl called Bel.

Bel was very friendly and offered her a present. Jessica thought this was strange and was a little anxious of her new friend.

Bel invited Jessica back to her house on the hill where they meet Bel’s pal Kelsey.

Okay I will come back to your house with you Bel.

The house was very dark and scary! The girls heard a noise come from behind the house, they went out back to investigate! Hi, I’m Kelsey

Follow me around the back!

The back of Bel’s house turned out to be a an ice berg with a tap that flowed icy fresh cold water – what a treat!!

The girls spotted someone swimming in the water she said her name was Lambeth

The girls managed to drag Lambeth out of the water. There decided to go for a coffee in an old hut that they had spotted down the road.

There they ran into an old friend of Bel’s, her name was Sophie. She was a delight! The girls hit it off and were sure they would be friends for life… when suddenly…

Sophie had the brilliant idea that they would all go deer shooting together.


The girls hadn't realised, but Lambeth had been drinking most of the day. When it was her turn to shoot she accidently shot Jessica in the foot! Luckily they were joined by another friend called Kylie who had a car.

Kylie drove all the girls to the near by hospital! There they meet the doctor called Vidal who said it was too scary to preform Jessica’s leg amputation inside so she would do it outside near the noose hanging in the tree.

The girls were all very worried!

After the operation they all decided they needed a break so they went to the beach for a holiday .

Jessica wasn’t allowed to swim so she made friends with a stranger on the beach, she was a scuba diver and her name was Jamie.

After a very eventful couple of hours the girls headed home to tell their story to their mutual friend Anna .

She was happy that all her friends had a lovely day.. And they all lived happily ever after – except Jessica who had to adjust to life with only one leg.

One fine day  

a wild story that tells us how friendships are made

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