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: Circle

drums in the backyard Synopses

Logline Guys go in a train deep into Russia on festival. On the way they get acquainted with girls whom flirt with them and carry them away in the world of magic and riddles. Medium Synopsis Guys search of adventures; they go in a musical festival "Empty hills" into deep of Russia. They sing songs, listen to music of different musicians, and get acquainted with girls. Music, the nature and creativity entice guys in the world of illusion, the fairy tale and magic. Long Synopsis How to continue the fairy tale when already grew? Whether there can be a magic in reality? What occurs at the Russian musical festivals? Where illusion and reality side? Whether it is possible to create magic? It is possible to answer all these questions yes, if round you Children of the Sun with joyful persons and an eternal positive. Protagonists found the fairy tale, magic, and beautiful reality in hippie festivals. Director Statement Anna Troyanskaya, the Russian actress, since 2010 shoots the author's movies and is engaged in producing, the short movie "Circle drums in the back yard" is an experiment and attempt to transfer to a movie the impression about events occurring on musical festivals "Empty hills". It is her first fiction-documentary film. Production Notes The film enters the viewer in actual and curious for many people the atmosphere of festivals camping, and also sets thinking on illusions and unreality occurring in the world in a consequence of psychological excitement or euphoria of happiness. Programming Descriptors FORMS: Experimental, Fiction, Feature, Short. GENRES: Surreal, Psychedelic, Mystery.

Submission Contact Anna Troyanskaya Mobile phone Address E-mails Web site Citizenship Gender Date of Birth

: +79104762375 : Tverskaya 15-49 Moscow 125009 Russia : : : Russian : Female : 06 March 1982

Producer Director Cinematographer Sound Mixer Art Director Editor Composer Cast

: Anna Troyanskaya : Anna Troyanskaya : Petr Devayterenko : Alexandre Bekin : Viktorya Shturihina : Anastasya Hvette : Alexandre Soloviev, Arnika Alury, Alexandre Shubert : Vlad Kuzmenko, Arnika Alury, Alexandre Soloviev, Konstantin : Kuznetsov, Anna Osipova, Natasha Him and others.

Qualifiers Exact Runtime Completion Date Production Country Language Subtitles

: 00:23:56 : May 2012 : Russia : Russian : English

Screenings Shooting Format Preview Format Exhibition Formats Print Details Sound Ratios

: HD cam : MOV, WMV, MPG, AVI, UVF : DVD, DCP : Color Film : Stereo Aspect : 1.78 (16x9 VIDEO)

Press kit # 3 for circle drums in the back yard  
Press kit # 3 for circle drums in the back yard  

This film has been screen in Cannes film festival and soon in Columbia international film festival