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Ketogenic Diet — 3 Foods to Eat Recently, the Keto diet has become popular. More and more people are using a keto diet in their routine due to the many benefits that it is providing. Ketogenic-diet is high fat and low carb that is effective for many diseases such as epilepsy and diabetes. It is also very helpful in ​weight-loss​.

It is also beneficial for many major diseases that are difficult to cure such as Alzheimer’s disease and certain cancers. Using a ketogenic diet limits your carbs to ​20–50 grams​ per day. Here are some foods to eat when you are on a ketogenic diet:

1-​ ​Seafood: Salmon fish is rich in vitamin B, selenium, and potassium but carb-free. Shellfish are also very keto-friendly food. 50 gram serving of some shellfish contains carbs mentioned below: Clams: 2.5 grams Octopus 2 grams Mussels 3.5 grams Squid 1.5 grams 2-​ ​Low-carb chicken broth: If you want to enjoy the taste and a fan of chicken broth. You can use low-carb​ ​chicken broth​ in your diet. It is delicious and helps in weight loss. 3- Cheese: Delicious and nutritious, if you want both, cheese is the best option. Fortunately, every type of cheese is high in fat and low in carb. This is why it is good to use in a ketogenic diet.

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Ketogenic Diet — 3 Foods to Ea