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Acid Reflux ​— Reasons and Cure

Acid Reflux— Reasons and Cure

Acid Reflux is a common disease and you can avoid it by taking some strong measures in your diet and daily routine.

If you ever felt burning in the chest it is Acid Reflux. Sometimes it happens regularly and sometimes it happens occasionally. It depends on your daily routine or are you suffering the disease or not.

If it happens occasionally then it could be due to any specific reason. If it is happening occasionally then you should treat it as a proper disease

. Sometimes some acid travel to throat from the stomach and it causes a sensation of burning in the chest. If it keeps happening, it is a disease named gastro-oesophageal reflux disease or Gord as discussed before.

Symptoms of Acid Reflux:

● Unpleasant sour taste.

● Burning sensation in the chest.

● Bad Breath.

● Hiccups

● Burning gets worse when laying down, after eating something and after bending.

Reasons of Acid Reflux:

● Overweight

● Pregnancy

● Medications.

● Certain foods.

● Certain Drinks

● Stress and anxiety

● Smoking

What to do?

● Eat smaller meals.

● Eat more frequently

● When laying, make sure your head is a bit above your chest. Put something under your head to keep it up.

● Buy bone broth, use it regularly and increase the amount of collagen and gelatin in your body to prevent Acid Reflux.

● Use foods that are nutritious. ● Loose weight.

Avoid doing these:

● Eating foods that increase burning sensations.

● Smoking.

● Drinking alcohol.

● Eating before bed.