Page 1 Ability tot manage project, management skills, creativity are those things which are extremely important in business world today. Now I work in a company, which value personal development of people. Thanks to AIESEC I found my passion in human resources, talent management and people development

Leonardo Intriago, Ecuador Human Resources Department, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Italy I studied something different from Economy or Management, but through the diverse leadership roles I took in AIESEC, I discovered my passion for the human resources, people development and talent management. When I finished my career in AIESEC, I was convinced that my professional life would continue in the HR area. When you are in AIESEC you have the chance to put in practice skills and abilities to manage projects with specific timelines, tide deadlines, sometimes with little information and with no money to start with. This mean you need to use your creative, to get organised and be as much efficient as possible in order to deliver a final project with the most desirable result. All these aspects are always important for companies and therefore I'm convinced that AIESEC is a great learning school for the universities students who want to "touch" the real business world before leaving the university. I started to work in PWC, because I wanted to work for a company that takes care about its people and the environment and, a place where you can express your voice fearless. This is why I chose PWC as one of the potential companies I wanted to work with.

I feel a real Alumnus of AIESEC because I've been continuing supporting the organisation and because I still believe in the mission and goals that AIESEC strive for.

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I am an AIESEC alumnus  

I am an AIESEC alumnus