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I am Anna Skryabina



AI VP AIESEC eXPerience candidate BEHIND the scene

For sure author say ‘

thank you’ to all

people in her life, with whom she is


In 2004 our book was published in edition of St. Petersburg State University, on the Faculty of Sociology, department of Applied Mathematics and Information technologies. This combination of black and white, hard and soft was always in her life. It was a process of deep search, ideas between the lines, process of identifying a personality 2.0. of the main hero.

I am Anna Skryabina book started in a year 1987, in a windy and snowy

@ -chapter

I am an open book!

People are like books… They have authors, story inside, their cover can be hard, soft and even digital, they can be old and absolutely new, for some of them you need 1 day to read, some of them 1 month, some of them you will understand through years. People are like books…

Russia, in the one of the most beautiful cities in the world –Saint-Petersburg. The life gave her a possibility to move from city to city, from people to people, to leave and to gain different and diverse experiences. At some moment of life, music and arts, sports and languages, snowboarding and parachuting, yoga and design appeared in her life. She was not a calm child; but studying in Lyceum she had the highest grades and was all the time doing Olympiads, sports and musical competitions, which gave her competitive and result oriented spirit. Her parents were mostly friends for her with a difference in 18-19 years. And since the very beginning she needed to be an adult in her life.


She was living in small nuclear city and in cultural mega polis, she loved animals and nature and she was making constructions and industrial design. She was exploring her life in dialectic, putting on one side ‘yes’, on another ‘no’, but all the time searching for something more. This book has several chapters. But you never know where the beginning is…

In 2006, new chapter of our book started. Now it is called AIESEC experience, unwritten, half-virtual-half-real. She joined AIESEC in LC SPUEF, where, together with a team of bright individuals they achieved results and made their impact, in people, in society. Now she is exploring new and contributing in a growth of the development of AIESEC in Italy. A lot of life stories are in this chapter, nations, creations of human brains, relations, inspiration, analysis, ‘rabbit holes’, and drops of happiness. Words ‘

synergy’ and ‘teamwork’ may

characterize this international chapter.

writing ‘

her book’.

GRASS roots You are reading book and every time you understand something new. But some things are not changing and in this book they are:    

Here and now Live your own life As it is Expanding borders in your brain

You read about life experience in a book, you process it, you live your own experience and then you go through the experience of writing your own book, which will be read by other people…

“People are like books…”


2 @ -chapter  Here and now  Live your own life  As it is  Expanding borders in your brain This book has several chapters. But you never...

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