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Illustrated Dictionary of Unexisting Common Notions

Gdoszhż /gdɔ:dʒhʃ/ the pain after hitting the little toe.

Fardasy /fa:rda:s/ creases on skin that I get after sleeping in bedding, usually on my face.

Nestanato saying something out loud while sleeping.

Małbuamiño /mʌaʊbu:ʌmini:ɔ:/ feeling of suppression, being away from reality.

Antala - Tsu instant lightning on tram traction while the tram is passing.

Destroviz /destrɔ:vi:z/ abrupt feeling when my own or somebody’s face seems totally strange.

Fernetto the smell of hair in the sun.

Zaoczowanie /zɑ:ɔ:tʃɔ:vɑ:ni:e/ the feeling of being observed.

Ririszka /ri:ri:ʃkʌ/ when something funny comes to my mind and I can’t help laughing although I am sitting alone.

Qsza /kĘŠĘƒa/ a nanosecond after turning off the light and just before the spectacle in theatre begins.

Odruszenie /É”:dru:Ęƒeni:e/ a strange feeling when the vehicle I’m sitting in seems to move but in fact the tram behind the window is the one.

Mimimunja /mɪmɪmuni:ɑ:/ extreme pleasure when exhausted I can finally lie in warm bed.

Phu Phu water steam into which my breath changes when it’s cold.

Cholmelia /hÉ”:lmeli:ĘŒ/ the smell of unsmoked cigarette.


/r É‘: tskni:gÉ”:f/

imposibility of recalling something very well known.

PensÊesvolant when I can’t focus on text, I read the same line on and on.

Bandakałazy /bʌndʌkaʊʌzy/ anger, reluctance, sorrow causing overwhelming desire to destroy something.

Anna Skoczeń 2016

Illustrated Dictionary of Unexisting Notions  

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