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start-up costs travel rent macs printer salary laminator tablets ink insurance accountant food stationery utilities


monthly expenses loan

travel rent salary utilities insurance ink accountant



hourly rate annual expenses / annual working hours + tax + egg-tras £168,449/9400 = £17.92 + 20% = £21.5 + £18.5


first year profit turnover - costs - corporate tax £225,600 - £168,449.70 = £57,150.30 - 20%


terms & conditions

25% deposit

terms & conditions

signing a contract

terms & conditions

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terms & conditions


testimonials “œuf are one of the up and coming design agencies in the industry at the moment, each of the briefs they take on is approached in a creative way to produce something truly unique” “Throughout the œuf design studio there is a sense of fun which is reflected in the creative designs which they have produced” “The friendly atmosphere at the œufdesign studio makes working with the team, communicating and working through our ideas so easy” “We had the pleasure of working with the team at œuf for a re-brand of our business – throughout this time the team were always professional, friendly and full of creative ideas”

Oeuf Presentation  
Oeuf Presentation