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concept & content My website will be a informal resource for up and coming businesses who require a promotional campaign for their company but perhaps can not afford to hire a professional. The site will be constantly updated with articles, instructions and the do’s and don’ts of promotion by constributing designers and professionals which can be used as a informational resource to aid up and coming businesses.

To begin the website will have four articles; How To Create A Successful Campaign, How To Create A Failed Campaign, How To Appeal To Different Target Audiences and How To Use Tone Of Voice In Campaigns. Each of these articles will include examples of the topics discussed in the form of imagery and videos of existing advertisments. The ‘How To Create A Successul / Failed Campaign’ articles will also include a list of ‘ingrediants’ to achieve this and case studies which will analyse existing advertisements in depth.

site navigation It is imperative that each of the pages of the site can be easily accessible and it is easy for the user to navigate through the website, therefore each of the links for the page will be in the left hand side navigation bar and will be present of every page of the site so every page is accessible from every page.

Final Website

website proposal

However, the website I would propose if I did not need to take these factors into consideration would have four tabs on the left hand side for each of the four articles which will form the navigation of the site. When selected, the tab will slide out revealing the content of the page and each of the four tabs will be accessible from every page.

app proposal In order to extend my website, outside of what the brief itself asks us to do, I also created a proposal of an app for the website which could be accessed by the target audience on the go on tablets and smart phones. I beleive the ‘interactive motion’ design I originally proposed for the website lends itself to be adapted for touch-screen devices which commonly use this in their designs.

Design for web design boards  
Design for web design boards