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CLIENT: The Body Shop, are a all natural and ethical brand which began in the UK have asked for me to create a new visual language for their brand communications. This must reflect the ethics and what the brand stand for aswell as the pioneering spirit within the beauty industry as a forward thinking British Brand.

BRIEF: Anchored through their window posters, the challenge is to expand from there to form a new visual communication style. The tone should be ‘quirky’ whilst encompassing product efficiency and premium beauty credibility.

PROPOSAL: The Body Shop has six main brand values which their social campaigns tend to fall into. Using their value of ‘Activate Self Esteem’ as an overall concept for my designs I want to link all of the mandatory requirements of the brief using this idea of ‘positivity’ which will be evidenced in the concepts, designs and language I will use.

MANDATORY REQUIREMNETS: 4 x A2 poster designs for four Body Shop products 1 x social campaign poster idea Explore at least one other communication channel

PRODUCT POSTER DESIGNS: Bearing in mind the concept of ‘positively’ I have chosen, for my product poster designs each of the posters will focus on the individual part of the body that the product effects stating the positives of each product.


I feel that raising awareness of ‘Cyber-Bullying’ would be appropriate for The Body Shop as it fits with their ‘Activate Self Esteem’ brand value. Cyber-Bullying primarily effects young adults which are potentially the next generation of Body Shop consumers. To demonstrate my concept and to create a sense of continuity between all of the mandatory requirements of the brief, the designs will have a similar layout to the design for the product posters only this time including a positive compliment you could get.

COMMUNICATION CHANNEL: As the social campaign I had chosen was on the subject of 'cyber-bullying' I decided that I would explore social media as a new communication channel - which is the main source of this issue - by making The Body Shop's social media a more relevant part of their campaign and launching a online campaign encouraging the audience to 'Do Something Positive' with social media. FACEBOOK:



The online campaign which I will propose will be centred around a event, on a given day which will ask users to use their social media sites for a positive cause. Doing something as simple as posting a compliment on a friends wall.

On the social media site, Facebook there is a variety of different ways in which users could take part in the event; by posting statuses and tagging their friends, posting a message on their wall or even posting a picture each time starting the message with a '+' symbol which is a symbol of the campaign.

On Instagram, I came up with the idea of replacing the '#' with the '+'. So users would post pictures of their friends and put a '+' for each of their positives.

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