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Autumn 2018

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Intro One woman’s perspective on the details of life that affect us daily and how to look forward into the uncharted with bravery and excitement that comes from staying acquainted with the currents trends in music, fashion, selfcare, and more. Stay curious and spirited and open to life and the unfamiliar.

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what will you wear

Fall 2018

Looking forward means looking back on runways and editorials to understand how the trends will work their way down to the general consensus. Many designers are showing us similar Autumn silhouettes and styles that include long layers, monochromatic outfits, pajama-inspired silk or see-through garments, robes, and casual and comfortable professional athliesure. Muted pastels are prominent this season.

As above, so below As the universe, so the soul As without, so within

Self-Care Sundaze Take time for you. You will thank yourself later.

Crystal Therapy

Rose Quartz

Raw Emerald

Quartz Crystal



Fortify relationships and create a calm atmosphere

Promote focus, loyalty, and sensitivity

Pure and powerful, amplify positive energy and consciousness

Clarity to the mind and peace to the body

Fill up with warm and optimistic energy and dispel negativity

Positive Affirmations Get in Touch with Your Third Eye I accept my path. I see the truth in all situations. I trust my inner intuition.

Balance Your Consciousness I understand the impermanent nature of reality. I embrace the unity of all. I invite sacred transformation.

Heal Your Heart I am a being of compassion. I release all fear of giving and receiving love. I am one.

Nutrition Easy Healthy Grocery List

Fruit Apples, Bananas, Grapes, Clementines, Lemons

Breakfast Quick Oats, Egg Whites, Granola, Almond Butter, Gluten Free Bread

Snacks Mixed Nuts, Popcorn, Hummus, Chips and Salsa, Granola Bars

Veggies Carrots, Zucchini, Spinach, Broccoli, Cabbage, Peppers, Onions

Lunch and Dinner Quinoa, Brown Rice, Sweet Potatoes, Salmon or Tuna, Olive Oil

Extras Chia Seeds, Spices, Basil, Green Tea, Greek Yogurt, Honey

Fall 2018

Horoscopes Did you know that your zodiac is more than just your sun sign? You have a full birth chart that aligns you with the signs at your time and place of birth. The strongest impacts on our personality are the sun and moon, and what sign was ascending at the time of your birth. The sun position is the most commonly known and used in simple horoscope readings because your sun sign determines most of your individuality and overall nature.Your moon sign defines your deeper and emotional self, and your ascending sign influences how you are perceived.

Sun Position

Your sense of who you are and what you want firms up, integrating your new discoveries with the most alive parts of your past selves.

Change can be a pleasure if you pick out your new pot yourself and go at a comfortable pace. It’s okay to move slowly, so long as you are giving yourself plenty of opportunities for new growth.

Your flexibility radiates, allowing you the necessary distance to evaluate your fears from all possible perspectives. Walk into them wisely. Facing fears is not easy, but I promise it will be 0% boring.

You have graduated from the school of radical truth-telling and are ready to put those changes into practice. When you’re torn, ask yourself: “Am I still having fun?” Hang on to what brings you joy. Anything else wants to be free.

Your acquired skills are so very needed now. Take advantage of this temporary reprieve from self-doubt and ego by stepping in to fix, figure out, and heal what lies before you.

You won’t figure out which is which through analysis or a careful weighing of options. Instead, you’ll know a wrong action if it leads you smack into a brick wall. A right action might lead to a tall staircase, but it’ll be obviously climbable.

Jupiter, planet of luck and inspiration, entered Scorpio Oct. 2017 and will remain through Nov. 2018, bringing gifts of confidence, expanding your personal power and outing secrets.

The longer you spend debating and researching choices, the more of a toll stress will take on your nervous system.Your best bet is to leap feet-first into a new, fun experience.

You glimpse a light that others can’t. From Oct. 2017 through Nov. 2018, the universe calls on you to share that light with others through speaking, teaching, and publishing.

Solo retreats, especially those with a stack of books, help you let go of the need to be right in favor of alignment with truth. These rest periods revive your faith in human beings, bringing out your best self.

It’s easy to tell yourself there’s no point in “wallowing” in sadness, or that a midday cuddle session is irresponsible. In reality, though, you’ll find your big, serious Capricorn heart at the center of everything you’ve achieved that actually matters.

The magical thing about “no” is how it makes room for “yes.” Some dead structures need cleared out this year so that the tender shoots in your life can push to the surface and bloom.

Lavender Coconut Milk Coffee via Nyssa’s Kitchen

Fruit and Sparkling Water Picnics

Hang on to summer with these diet-conscious tasty treats that will leave you and your belly happy and healthy to start Fall with your energies high. Cheers.

Food &

Rosemary Grapefruit Sparkler via BlogLovin’

Vegan No-Bake Lemon Tart

& Drink

Superorganism Hinds Sunflower Bean RAYE Hippo Campus Ravyn Lenae Cautious Clay The Aces Aine Cahill Jessie Reyez Fenne Lily ALMA Anteros Demo Taped



Decor Galore What’s going on in the land of home and decoration? Light warm tones, light wood, and light flooding the room with ample windows. Millennial and Gen Z’s inability to afford large homes and apartments leads to the need to make small feel big. Home is a feeling not a place, so we make lemonade out of the lemons we are dealt by allowing light and open concepts rule the new direction of living space decor. Leafy plants and succulents have been a popular way to keep a space feeling fresh for a while now and will continue to be a very important part of room decoration because of the positive health effects and when combined with large windows, give the sense of bringing the outside, in. Make your living space breathable with lots of light and plants.


According to Travel and Leisure, the top places to travel in 2018 are: Mauritius, an island off of Africa; Marrakesh, Morocco; The Bahamas; New Orleans, Louisiana; Egypt; Fiji; Archipelago Sea, Finland; Greenland; and Ĺ olta, Croatia.




Dior Lip Scrub Glossier Super Glow

Milk Makeup Blur Stick

Violet Voss HG PRO Eyeshadow Palette


Scroll With me

These great accounts are on the precipice of trends both fashion and general lifestyle. Follow accounts that have good track records with staying ahead of the game, so you too can beat others to the punch. The people and accounts that are great inspirations understand the zeitgeist because of their involvement in notable crowds, events, and the festivities of life.

Sources Mood


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page 8 page 9 Simplified Horoscopes from Refinery 29’s article “Your 2018 Horoscope, Revealed!” by Luke Dani Blue

Summer, & Free People Canada

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page 12 “One’s to Watch 2018” along with my own suggestions page 13 Tyler the Creator’s album “Scum F*ck Flower Boy”


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ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO I bow to the creative wisdom I bow to the divine teacher within The mantra we use to ‘tune in’ to the divine flowing within each of us brings one into a meditative state which allows the universe to open up to you

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