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Welcome to the Memphis JCC! Dear JCC Members and Friends, We want to wish you all happy holidays and a healthy new year. 2013 is almost here and it promises to be a very exciting year at the MJCC as we embark on many changes. The MJCC has been honored to have Barrie at the helm for over 30 years. He has served our entire community with heartfelt dedication and commitment for every one of those 10,950 days. He eats, breathes, and sleeps the MJCC, its goals, its success and its mission. Personally, Barrie has been a dear friend, a mentor, and a true partner in my service as Presdient of the MJCC. I hope you will all join me in wishing Barrie a happy retirement. In January, we will welcome Larry Skolnick to the MJCC family. Learn more about him on page 3. Please stop by and introduce yourself to him and as always, feel free to contact me with any questions. Hope to See You Soon!


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Letter from Larry Skolnick, Incoming Executive Director Shalom Fellow Memphians! After over 5 months of anticipation, I am so excited that in just a few short weeks, I will finally have those three words roll off my tongue. My daughter Sophie and I will be arriving in Memphis in mid-December and I am very anxious to begin my role as your new Executive Director after the first of the year. As Jews, we are obligated and commanded to be a part of a Kehila—community— in so many aspects of our lives. We play together and pray together, rejoice together and mourn together. We learn together and live together while carrying out the commandments of tzedakah and tikkun olam. How truly excited and privileged I am to become a member of this Kehila, the Memphis Jewish community. I am equally honored and humbled that you have entrusted me with such an incredible leadership role. As we have been preparing for our move to Memphis, my 10 year old daughter, Sophie, has been asked many times how she feels about the move. Her standard response has been “part of me is excited and happy, part of me is nervous and part of me is sad.” I think Sophie’s sentiments probably mirror the feelings that many of you might have. With such an incredible and rich history, the Memphis Jewish Community Center is a vital cornerstone of Jewish life in Memphis. The change that we are embarking on is in part exciting, as we come together to build for the future and to continue to create, enhance and sustain a dynamic and vital core for Jewish life in Memphis. The change is also a bit nerve-wracking, which we all know is the nature of change! And finally, the change is in part sad, as the community says goodbye to Barrie’s long-time leadership. Though I have only known him a short time, I have grown to respect him greatly. He has left me a large and quality pair of shoes to fill—which will be no easy feat! The key to successfully navigating change and evolving so that excitement and happiness are the primary feelings is to do what the Memphis Jewish Community has always done... To come together; to roll up our sleeves; to dream, imagine, create and inspire; and to strengthen, enhance and perpetuate a strong and vibrant Kehila. As we do this, I look forward to working with each of you. For those of you already involved, I look forward to your ongoing commitment. For those of you not yet involved, I look forward to welcoming you as you become engaged and inspired by your Memphis JCC. My door is always open—your suggestions, ideas and thoughts are always appreciated. I believe that while one person can achieve good things, collectively we can achieve amazing things! Though we have not yet arrived in Memphis, the outpouring of hospitality has been incredible. I want to thank those of you who have already reached out to me and my daughter, Sophie. We look forward to strengthening those relationships that have already begun and are very excited about all of the friendships yet to come. And now, I want to end where I began, talking about community. Thank you once again for entrusting me with the leadership of such a vital component of your community. I am anxious to begin working with you in partnership and collaboration. I look forward to playing, praying, rejoicing, learning and living with each of you as a proud new Memphian! As I embark on this new chapter in my life, the words of the Shechecheyanu are fervently on my mind as I am so genuinely thankful to have reached this very joyous time. B’Shalom, Larry Larry comes to Memphis after eight years as the executive vice president and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton, OH, the Dayton JCC and Dayton Area Jewish Senior Service Agency. Prior to that, he was the associate executive director of the Jewish Community Center of the Greater Palm Beaches. Larry has an extensive background of serving the JCC movement and is dedicated to the Jewish community and its ability to thrive.

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The situation is grim, if not alarming: John Ruskay, the executive vice president and CEO of Jerusalem is increasingly on the UJA-Federation of New York, says the issue “requires urgent focus.” defensive diplomatically, with the “We as a community need to renew Zionist education, an Palestinian delegation at the United issue we’ve neglected, and we are seeing some of the results Nations, and a range of outside efforts with younger people now,” he recently told The Jewish Week. aimed at undermining the legitimacy of “We are not well served by conflating Israel advocacy and the Jewish State, from boycotts to flotillas. Israel education. Since 1948 we’ve asked people to rally for What’s more, there is concern that the Israel, and they did. But we didn’t provide the educational circle-the-wagon response in Jerusalem frameworks that would allow them to grapple with the Gary Rosenblatt to these threats can lead to more challenge of developing their Our children learn own vision of what Israel can and problems; witness the passage of anti-boycott resolution in about Maccabees but should be, and working through the Knesset that has been widely criticized as undemocratic, couldn’t tell you much tough issues. For ultimately, even among mainstream Jewish organizations. True, Israel advocacy groups are proliferating, offering about Ben-Gurion, such a process strengthens programs, websites and curriculum, many of them first-rate in Jabotinsky, Begin connection and commitment. presenting Jerusalem’s case and countering critics. But at the “Too many in our community,” and Dayan. same time the number of Americans who care about the he added, “young and old, are Jewish State in a more than superficial way is decreasing. intellectually naked when it comes to the complexity of Polls continue to indicate that Americans favor Israel contemporary Zionist education, and these include many over the Palestinians by wide margins. But the findings also of our future professional and lay leaders.” suggest that most Americans would not be willing to have the The results of the current focus on advocacy rather than U.S. involved with either side in the event of a Mideast war. education is that mainstream American Jewry is left Other surveys find increasing indifference on the topic. uninformed and often uninterested when it comes to the There is a growing complex and troublesome issue of Israel vs. much of the The number of recognition among some world. And young people who receive an advocacy pitch Americans who care American Jewish leaders that without a solid grounding in Israel education are particularly about the Jewish Israel advocacy is not enough prone to having their beliefs challenged and shaken. As evidence, a study by the Melton Center for Jewish State in a more than because it provides answers to superficial way is questions that most people aren’t Education at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, first asking. We need a fresh and reported in February 2011, found that presenting day school decreasing creative approach. students with information on both sides of the Israel issue and First, let me be clear. I am a believer in Israel advocacy letting them draw their own conclusions is more effective than and have seen its positive impact, particularly through Write shielding them from criticism or being perceived as forcing on On For Israel, the program sponsored by The Jewish Week them the “correct” response. with funding from the Avi Chai Foundation. Now in its ninth year, it continues to provide a select group of high school “Too many in our community juniors and seniors with the Mideast facts and moral are intellectually naked to the confidence to be effective supporters of Israel on campus. complexity of contemporary The program has a proven track record of success as our graduates have taken on leadership roles as freshmen and Zionist education.” sophomores at colleges around the country. John Ruskay But the foundation for effective advocacy is education, and there is far too little Modern Israel education in our community. Even top day schools spend far more time focusing Most students were vague and uncomfortable when on ancient Jewish history than on the complex Mideast events asked to define “Zionism,” and were reluctant to describe of the 20th century that frame the current conflict. themselves as Zionists. Could it be that because of our long history as a people, Rabbi Donniel Hartman, president of the Shalom Hartman the curriculum never quite makes it to modern times? Institute in Jerusalem, asserts that Israel advocacy programs Our children learn about the ancient Maccabees but couldn’t “often fail to achieve their end. tell you much, if anything, about key Zionist leaders like “When the case for Israel is grounded only on a factual Ben-Gurion, Jabotinsky, Begin and Dayan. Even an authentic, narrative,” he wrote in an essay entitled “Engaging Israel: living hero of the Jewish people like Natan Sharansky is little Beyond Advocacy,” “it is often unconvincing to those who hold known, and the gap in our educational efforts is taking its toll. a counter factual perception. In general, positions are rarely


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On Thursday evening, January 24, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. Professor Jack Kugelmass, Ph.D. will deliver the Allan E. Cohen 2013 Lecture in the Belz Social Hall. Admission is free. Jack Kugelmass

What follows is an excerpt from Let There Be Laughter: The Erasure of Jewishness by Jack Kugelmass and Esther Romeyn. By the 1930s, American film studios had changed from privately owned firms to large corporations, marketing products for national, rather than regional audiences. Jewish comedy stars were forced to downplay their Jewishness. At the same time, even more vociferously than before, Jewish groups demanded the removal of damaging stereotypes from stage and screen. In response to such campaigns, the projected title for a George Jessel movie, Schlemiel (1927) was changed to Mamma’s Boy. The 1934 Hays code, designed Hollywood moguls to protect religious groups against discouraged the ridicule, dealt a further blow to the production of films stage tradition of the comic Jew. And the rise of anti-Semitism completed with overtly the erasure of Jewishness from Jewish themes. American popular culture. Hollywood moguls were determined to avoid provoking any suspicion of Hollywood as dominated by Jews and Jewish interests, and they discouraged the production of films with overtly Jewish themes. By 1935, most of the conspicuously Jewish comedians had disappeared from the screen. Veteran actors such as George Sidney (the star of The Cohens and Kellys) were unable to find work; and the dialect comedian Lou Holtz was forced off the air after listeners complained he was anti-Semitic. Stars who looked “too Jewish” were either made over to look more mainstream or banished from the screen altogether; movie scripts were purged of traces of Jewish life; and characters originally scripted as Jews reemerged in film versions as whitebread Americans, or Irishmen! In an ambivalent tribute to the vaudeville tradition of ethnic impersonation, Charlie Chaplin, in his movie The Great Dictator (1940)

assumes the double role of a Jewish ghetto barber and dictator Adenoid Hynkel of Tomania, a parody of Hitler. Despite the film’s importance as an early Hollywood attempt to address the plight of European Jewry, the movie stands as a testament to the erasure of Jewishness: in The Great Dictator, Jews are represented as an underclass, without any markers to signify a unique culture other than suffering and enclosure inside the ghetto. This Jewish disappearance is evident, too, in the career of Danny Kaye. After his first screen test at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Samuel Goldwyn recognized Kaye’s talent but insisted that his nose was too large. Kaye refused to have it “fixed” but did agree to a compromise: he bleached his hair. Since then, his clownish persona remained devoid of any allusions to his ethnic background. He did, Danny Kaye however, capitalize on the schlemiel persona and parodies of foreign languages, acts he developed during his years as a Catskills entertainer. Kaye’s humor marked a trend in Jewish humor which was to predominate during the 1940s and ‘50s, a period characterized by what the critic Henry Popkin described as the “de-Semitization” of American culture.

“When I want your opinion, I will give it to you.” Samuel Goldwyn

Writers and comedians continued to perform comic codes of Jewishness – codes that go back to the early days of immigration. But Jewish humor became a secret language, a silent wink to fellow Jews, Any Jew who communicated through personae, strengthens gestures, and allusions in speech misconceptions which went largely unnoticed by the against his own non-Jewish public. As bold pronouncements of this lingering, is neither a good underground Jewish presence on the good Jew nor a screen, Yiddish phrases and Jewish responsible inflections would occasionally prop up human being. in the performances of Eddie Cantor, Groucho Marx, Danny Kaye, the cartoon character Betty Boop, and in the late 1950s and early 1960s in the film comedies of Billy Wilder (most notably Some Like it Hot and The Apartment). ... Continued on Page 6


Israel Education ... Continued from Page 4 formed purely around facts, but rather by ideological, moral and psychological propensities which then construct factual narratives to reinforce the preexisting commitment.” Rabbi Hartman argues that the majority of committed American Jews, and especially younger ones, “lack a language to understand or articulate their feelings about Israel” as well as a framework to combat delegitimization campaigns. He maintains that’s because the standard arguments for supporting Israel – a safe haven in event of another Donniel Hartman Holocaust; the Jewish State is in danger; and Israel is a key ally in the war against evil empires – are irrelevant and no longer apply. According to Rabbi Hartman (the son of the institute’s founder, Rabbi David Hartman), American Jews feel safe in the U.S., perceive Israel as more Goliath than David, and are not engaged by the notion of America going to war, again. He has developed a curriculum for his institute offering a “new Israel engagement narrative” that is not crisis-centered but based mostly on “Jewish values” and the notion that Israel is “a work in progress,” one welcoming Jews around the world to help shape.

It’s a thoughtful, sophisticated approach and recognizes that talk about Israel must maintain standards of pluralism, tolerance and morality held dear by American Jews. It’s good to know that, in addition, other educational institutions are exploring their own ideas about how to present, teach and engage with Israel in ways that reflect the new realities, including a generation of American Jews less emotionally attached to Jerusalem than their parents and grandparents. There is a recognition taking hold The majority of that people’s views on Israel are not just American Jews about policies, like settlements, but about lack a language people and values and connecting on a to understand personal level. There’s no one magic or articulate approach that works for everyone, but it’s their feelings clear that advocacy is best when it is grounded in education, and we need a lot about Israel. more of it. This idea of thinking of Israel in a new and meaningful way that brings us closer to understanding, appreciating and making real the Zionist dream is not a simple task. But it’s critically important, now – for Israel and for us. Reprinted from The NY Jewish Week. To subscribe, call (212) 921-7822 or visit

Laughter ... Continued from Page 5 With the disappearance of the comic Jew, Jews lost their single most important public venue for self-representation, and they increasingly appeared in the popular media solely in the guise of victims. This irony was perceived by some even as it occurred. In 1944, the Hollywood producer Ben Hecht noted: He is safe now, the little Jew. No baggy pants, no oversized derby jammed over his ears, Ben Hecht no mispronunciations or waving of hands. The caricature has been wiped out. With it has gone the open-heartedness, the quick sentimentality, the eagerness for fun; most of all this genius for fun – the half-mad capering of irony and jest that is the oldest of all the Jewish tradition... And with the vanishing of the caricature, the original himself has become invisible... A generation has grown up without having seen or heard of a Jew – except as a massacre victim or a world menace. No greater kidnapping has ever been witnessed. Perhaps most poignantly, Jewish humor became the tenuous status of the comic a secret language, Jew in post-World War II America a silent wink to is evident in the career of Sam fellow Jews Levenson, who started as a dialect comedian. One favorite routine, “Basic Yiddish Lesson,” consisted of a parodic Berlitz-like course in Yiddish terms and expressions. In the 1950s, however, Levenson


vehemently disavowed the self-denigrating aspects of what he termed stories about the “Little Jew,” including his own dialect humor. Responding to Henry Popkin’s lament about the “de-Semitization” of American culture, Levenson wrote: Mr. Popkin feels that by rejecting dialect we are “shasha-ing,” Aryanizing, that we are dishonestly eliminating a section of Jewish humor Sam Levenson that should be given free play... I admit that in my own work I have deliberately expurgated dialect stories. I’ll tell you why, too. I was in the audience of a night club while a famous “dialectician” was regaling a predominantly Gentile audience with stories of shrewd businessmen, of fat and uncultured Jewish women in mink coats, stories of how Jews outwit Gentiles – the audience howled. The laughter frightened me. The entire scene recalled the Nazi beer hall where comedians with derby hats and beards told the same type of story to those who were later to become the executioners of our people. This may sound extreme, but it is my belief that any Jew who, in humor or otherwise, strengthens the misconceptions and the prejudices against his own people is neither a good Jew nor a responsible human being. There are such things as “inside jokes,”... which a people tolerates within its own ranks. These inside-isms are very common in Yiddish parlance, yet I would not use them in English before a Gentile audience...

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How to Be a

Jewish Son

Thursday, December 6th in the Belz Theater of the MJCC at 7:00 p.m.

The David Susskind Show was televised for 28 years, and “How to Be a Jewish Son” was its most famous, and most requested, installment. And now it’s here...

The guests fielding questions from Susskind included actor George Segal, who had just come out with the movie Where’s Poppa?; writer Dan Greenburg, author of the then-recent best-seller How to Be a Jewish Mother; and Jewish entrepreneurs from the fashion and fast-food industries. But the breakaway stars who ended up running away with the show and taking it over almost completely, were David Steinberg and Mel Brooks. Steinberg had just played an unintentional part in the firing of the Smothers Brothers on CBS, and Mel Brooks had mounted the original movie version of The Producers. No matter the topic, these two were hot, When one of them was asked a question by Susskind, the other was just as likely to respond. And the responses, in 1970, are almost shockingly candid.

“...simply hilarious then and after all these years, it still holds true!” L. A. Leporati

“ became quickly apparent that the inmates were running the asylum!” Amazon

David Susskind

Mel Brooks

David Steinberg

George Segal


Thomashefskys Music and Memories of a Life in the Yiddish Theater

Thursday, December 13th in the Belz Theater of the MJCC at 7:00 p.m. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome! Tonight we’re here to tell you a story. It’s the story of Boris and Bessie Thomashefsky, two kids from little shtetls in the middle of the Ukrainian nowhere who came to America and became the founders and pioneers of the American Yiddish Theater... they also happened to be my grandparents.” So begins “The Thomashefskys: Music & Memories of a Life in the Yiddish Theater,” written, hosted and conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas, artistic director of the New World Symphony. Recorded in April 2011, the performance stars Judy Blazer as Bessie Thomashefsky and Shuler Hensley as Boris Thomashefsky.

“...musicianship sparked with theatrical flair... close in sound and style to the originals as you are likely to hear.” New York Times

Michael Tilson Thomas

Judy Blazer

Shuler Hensley

Eugene Brancoveanu

Ronit Widmann-Levy



Cinderella Russian National Ballet Theatre Sunday, January 6, 3 PM

An enchanting fairy tale of everlasting love, Cinderella intertwines comedy and drama with color and grace in this rags-to-riches story proving the power of dreams. Set to the lyrical and jubilant score by Prokofiev, this time-honored ballet will delight audiences of all ages with its magic, beauty and romance. Family Series Sponsor:

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Delores Kinsolving

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JOHN TOSI, d.d.s.

Savion Glover’s SoLe Sanctuary A Hoofer’s Meditation on the Art of Tap Friday, January 25, 8 PM

The epitome of a living legend, Tony Award-winning tap dancer Savion Glover shuffles his way into the GPAC spotlight in his critically acclaimed production SoLe Sanctuary. Revolutionizing the art of tap with his riveting rhythms and boundless energy, Glover’s credits range from the Broadway smash Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in ‘Da Funk to the Academy Award-winning film Happy Feet. Hotel Sponsor: Show Sponsor:

The Black Watch & the Band of the Scots Guards Sunday, February 10, 3 PM

Taking to the stage in ceremonial uniforms, The Pipes and Drums of The Black Watch and the Band of the Scots Guards bring to life the magnificent grandeur of British military tradition through the music of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Filling the hall with stirring anthems, the precision of regimental marching, the distinct sound of bagpipes and the thrill of Celtic dancing, this program promises a spectacular evening of pageantry and excitement for the entire family. Family Series Sponsor:

Famiy Series Hotel Sponsor:

Delores Kinsolving

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Winston Wolfe

Jane Monheit with special guest Mark O’Connor Sunday, February 17, 7 PM

With her intoxicating interpretations, perfect pitch and warm, supple voice, Jane Monheit has become a favorite in both the jazz and cabaret worlds, garnering numerous accolades over the past decade. The fearless honesty with which this sultry songstress imparts her musical truth lends great maturity and sincerity to her work as she joins forces with string virtuoso Mark O’Connor for an evening of quintessential jazz. Jazz Series Hotel Sponsor:



Milton Schaeffer

Scheidt Family Foundation

early childhood center Chanukah Celebration and Bagel Brunch Join us for a fun-filled family event for children of all ages! We will enjoy: a yummy brunch of bagels, latkes, jelly donuts, and more! Plus, chanukah crafts, cookie decorating, a sing-a-long, a Treasure Hunt, and much more! Sun 11:30-1:30pm | 12/9 | $15/Family | 11012230 New!Combo Class: Toddler Sports and Story Stretchers

Drop-Off Class A great hour-long class that focuses on enhancing your child’s gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Toddler Sports will introduce your child to basic soccer, basketball, football and baseball skills as well as fun, interactive games. Story Stretchers will extend your child’s enthusiasm for books through art, dramatic play, music and movement, and manipulatives. The class also encourages positive social skills by teaching children to wait patiently and take turns. Ages 2-3. Must be 2 years old by 12/31/12. Tue 9:15-10:15am | 1/8-2/26 | $96m/$128 nm | 11103108

Toddler Sports & Games Toddler and Transitional Nursery Your child will be introduced to basic soccer, basketball, football, and baseball skills as well as fun, interactive games during this stimulating class. In a group setting, your child will practice gross motor skills such as kicking, catching, and throwing as well as fine motor skills such as grasping and hand-eye coordination. Positive social skills are encouraged by teaching children to wait patiently and take turns. Ages 2-3. Must be 2 years old by 12/31/12. MonWed 3:15-3:45pm | 1/7-2/27 | $135m | 11103103 No class 1/21 TueThurs 3:15-3:45pm | 1/8-2/28 | $144m | 11103109

World of Characters Toddler and Transitional Nursery Read it again! is the plea parents and teachers want to hear when a child connects with a story. World of Characters is a class that will extend that enthusiasm and better connect your child with books and stories through art, dramatic play, music & movement, manipulatives, and more. Ages 2-3. Must be 2 by 12/31/12. Thur 3:15-3:45pm | 1/10-2/28 | $92m | 11103113

Volunteers needed for the Heidi Kulbersh Chanukah Experience! Come help the ECC celebrate Chanukah on Wednesday, December 12th 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. New!Explorers, A Me & You Class

Enjoy special time with your baby or grandbaby as you play, learn, and grow together. Meet other parents and discover creative ways to enhance your baby’s social, emotional, and intellectual development through music and movement, learning games, story time, art, and sensory play. Each theme-based session will include a parenting discussion and activity/parenting handouts. For adults with a 4 – 12 month old.

Sun 10:15-11:00am | 1/6-2/24 | $64m/$96nm | 11103101 New!Adventurers, A Me & You Class

Enjoy fun-filled time playing with your toddler while also discovering creative ways to enhance fine and gross motor, social, emotional, language, and intellectual development. Each theme-based session will include music and movement, learning games, story time, art, sensory play, and a parenting discussion. Activity handouts will be presented at each session. For adults with a 12 – 24 month old.

Sun 9:15-10:00am | 1/6-2/24 | $64m/$96nm | 11103102

Winter Camp Transitional Nursery, Nursery, Pre-k and Kindergarten The weather in Memphis is so silly! It can be hot enough to wear shorts in the wintertime and chilly enough for a jacket in the summer. Do you know why this happens? Are you interested in learning what a meteorologist does on TV? Do you want to learn what makes the wind blow? If you are 3 years of age through Kindergarten (and POTTY TRAINED) then come to Winter Camp in the ECC and enjoy lots of weather-related activities. Space is limited so register early. Please note: We will close at 4:00 on Thursday, December 31. Ages 3-6. Must be 3 years old by 1/31/13. WedThurFriMon 7:00am-6:00pm | 12/26-12/31 | $184m | 11032202 Wed 7:00am-6:00pm | 12/26 | $52m | 11032203 Thurs 7:00am-6:00pm | 12/27 | $52m | 11032204 Fri 7:00am-6:00pm | 12/28 | $52m | 11032205 Mon 7:00am-4:00pm | 12/31 | $52m | 11032206 Close at 4:00pm 12/31

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early childhood center New!Terrific Tuesdays Nursery, Pre-k and Kindergarten Must be 3 years old by 9/30/12.

Lego Legends Calling all engineers and architects! Children will have the opportunity to put their cognitive skills to the test. They will learn how to design stable structures and then have the opportunity to build their own structure. Photographs of each structure will be taken so that the children can always remember how planning and hard work can produce great things. Tue 3:15-4:00pm | 1/8 | $15m | 11103106

Airport Travel There’s more to airplane travel than being a passenger. During this session children will play the different roles involved in air travel. As pilots, passengers, ground crew, and flight attendants they will discover all the work that goes into a successful flight. Tue 3:15-4:00pm | 1/15 | $15m | 11103116

Big Chickens Little actors and actresses will have the opportunity to explore and act out Big Chickens. Three big chickens and a host of other animals come to life in this hilarious story by Lelie Helakowski. Role playing a story not only enhances reading and listening comprehension but also allows us to exercise our imaginations and practice self expression. Tue 3:15-4:00pm | 1/22 | $15m | 11103118

The Mitten How many animals can fit into a mitten? We’re excited about winter and ready to explore and act out the book, The Mitten by Jan Brett. Role playing a story not only enhances reading and listening comprehension but also allows us to exercise our imaginations and practice self expression. Tue 3:15-4:00pm | 1/29 | $15m | 11103120

3, 2, 1 Blast Off Scientists and astronauts prepare for take-off! During this session children, will investigate the solar system and discover the differences between life on Earth and outer space. Young scientists and astronauts will get to create their own solar system project. Tue 3:15-4:00pm | 2/5 | $15m | 11103122

Happy Purim It’s time to celebrate Purim! Children will discover the meaning behind Purim and the traditions associated with the holiday. They will get the design and produce simple, original costumes and masks. The session will culminate with a real Purim celebration. Tue 3:15-4:00pm | 2/12 | $15m | 11103124

Camp Out Are you ready for a camp out? Bring your imagination for this entertaining and informative session. Children will discover and practice the art of storytelling, tent building, and wilderness safety during this pretend camp out. Tue 3:15-4:00pm | 2/19 | $15m | 11103126

Penguins & Polar Bears During this session children will learn all about our arctic friends: penguins and polar bears. Children will discover what these arctic animals eat, where they live and how they survive. Children will then create an arctic craft to carry home. Tue 3:15-4:00pm | 2/26 | $15m | 11103128

Register online at


early childhood center New!Fun Fridays Nursery, Pre-k and Kindergarten Must be 3 years old by 9/30/12. Grocery Shopping Nothing is better than active learning! Children will have the opportunity to practice economics and enhance their social skills during this fun-filled role play. We will examine all aspects of the grocery store from choosing healthy food to handling money. Fri 3:15-4:00pm | 1/11 | $15m | 11103115

Good Night Gorilla Calling all performers! We all love the zoo and are ready to use our talents and creativity to act out Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann. Role playing a story not only enhances reading and listening comprehension but also allows us to exercise our imaginations and practice self expression. Fri 3:15-4:00pm | 2/15 | $15m | 11103125

Making Puppets Let’s get in touch with our silly side. Children will design and create puppets. They will continue exploring their imaginations by creating silly skits and personas for their puppets. Fri 3:15-4:00pm | 1/18 | $15m | 11103117

Princesses & Pirates Argh and curtsy! During this session, children will learn what it takes to be a princess and/or a pirate. They will create costumes and put their cleverness to the test while pretending to be princesses & pirates. Fri 3:15-4:00pm | 2/22 | $15m | 11103127

Bear Snores On Are there any actors or actresses in our midst? We’re excited about winter and ready to explore and act out the book, Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson. Role playing a story not only enhances reading and listening comprehension but also allows us to exercise our imaginations and practice self expression. Fri 3:15-4:00pm | 1/25 | $15m | 11103119

Exploring Simple Machines Understanding physics begins with exploring simple machines. Children will become architects, scientists, and engineers as they explore simple machinges and experiment with physics. Then they will have the opportunity to create and test their own simple machine. Fri 3:15-4:00pm | 3/1 | $15m | 11103129

Dining Out Let’s pretend! Children will actively engage in the different roles of restaurant staff and patrons. We will not only discover the importance and responsibilities of each individual involved in dining out but we will also practice restaurant etiquette. Fri 3:15-4:00pm | 2/1 | $15m | 11103121

Taking Care of the Earth We love our Mother Earth! During this session, children will discuss the importance of our Earth and how we can take better care of it. Children will learn the ins and outs of recycling and create a special recycling project. Fri 3:15-4:00pm | 2/8 | $15m | 11103123

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early childhood center Spring Camp Transitional Nursery, Nursery, Pre-k and Kindergarten Do you know that carnations can change their color? Do you know how trees and flowers eat so that they can grow big and strong like you? Come to Spring Camp in the ECC and get your hands dirty while you learn about gardening. What is a garden? What grows in a garden? Are there any animals that live in a garden? Bring your own questions and we’ll answer them together. If you are 3 years of age through Kindergarten (and POTTY TRAINED) then come to Spring Camp in the ECC and enjoy science projects, arts and crafts, games, and lots more! Space is limited so register early. Ages 3-6. Must be 3 years old by 1/31/13.

Yoga for Kids Through fun games and exciting stories that focus on animals and nature your child will learn about yoga and all it has to offer: breathing techniques to increase energy and decrease tension; exercise to increase flexibility through practice of physical poses; meditation & positive thinking to develop focus, gain self-control, & cultivate inner peace; and relaxation to calm emotions and the nervous system, and give their little bodies a chance to recharge. Must be 3 by 1/31/13.

ThurFri 7:00am-6:00pm | 3/28 & 3/29 | $92m | 11033101 Thurs 7:00am-6:00pm | 3/28 | $52m | 11033102 Fri 7:00am-6:00pm | 3/29 | $52m | 11033103

Pre-k and Kindergarten

New!Board Games & More

Nursery and Pre-k Games with rules provide children with an opportunity to hone cognitive, social and emotional skills. Children will work cooperatively playing board games, dominoes, puzzles and similar activities as they practice turn-taking, cognitive skills, reasoning and good sportsmanship. Must be 3 years old by 9/30/12. Tue 2:15-2:45pm | 1/8-2/26 | $92m | 11103107 New!Take A Bow

Pre-k and Kindergarten Participating in drama helps children develop oral language skills, self-expression, creativity, confidence, and social skills. Activities in this fun class include acting, role play, singing, theater games, movement and storytelling. There will be a presentation for friends and family at the end of the session. Ages 4-6. Must be 4 years old by 9/30/12. Wed 3:15-4:00pm | 1/9-2/27 | $110m | 11103111

Math Mania Nursery & Pre-k Preschoolers will enjoy learning early math skills through hands-on activities, fun and educational games, and art projects. Children will explore concepts such as numbers, shapes, patterns, sorting, graphing, comparing, and measuring. Ages 3-5. Must be 3 years old by 9/30/12. Mon 2:15-2:45pm | 1/7-2/25 | $80m | 11103104 No class 1/21

Register online at


Transitional Nursery and Nursery

Ages 2-4: Fri 2:45-3:15pm | 1/11-3/1 | $92m | 11103114 Must be 3 by 1/31/13 Ages 4-6: Fri 3:15-3:45pm | 1/11-3/1 | $92m | 11103130 Must be 4 by 9/30/12

Master Chefs Nursery and Pre-k Cooking is a lifelong skill that can be artistic, creative and sometimes surprising! By incorporating recipes, age-appropriate culinary skills, basic nutrition, literacy, and cooperation, your child will love being in the kitchen! Ages 3-5. Must be 3 years old by 9/30/12. Thur 2:15-2:45pm | 1/10-2/28 | $92m | 11103112

Young Scientists Nursery and Pre-k Children are naturally curious about the world around them and this class will answer their questions through various games, simple experiments, and art projects. Your child will explore different themes such as weather, colors, nature, stars and planets, lights, magnets and mirrors. Scientific discovery has never been more exciting or educational. Ages 3-5. Must be 3 years old by 9/30/12. Wed 2:15-2:45pm | 1/9-2/27 | $92m | 11103110

Hola Amigos Nursery, Pre-k and Kindergarten Your child will learn Spanish through songs, rhymes, finger plays, games, stories, puppets, role playing, movement, and hands-on vocabulary building using an assortment of props and other engaging activities. Ages 3-6. Must be 3 years old by 9/30/12. Mon 3:15-3:45pm | 1/7-2/25 | $80m | 11103105 No class 1/21 New! Stepping Stones Sports see page 23

Come Play With Us! The MJCC Introduces Two “Me and You” Classes! Parent Discussions



4-12 months old Meet other paren ts and discover new an d ways to enhance creative your baby’s social, emotiona l, inte and motor develo llectual pment. Sun 10:15-11:00

am | 1/6-3/1 | $64m/$96nm | 11 103101

Sensory Play Adventurers

ld 12-24 months o

ve ways to Discover creati ’s fine and hild enhance your c ls, social, il gross motor sk ge and ua emotional, lang pment elo intellectual dev playtime. lled through a fun-fi am | 1/6-3/1 | Sun 9:15-10:00 11103102 $64m/$96nm |


Music Storytime Movement

Memphis Jewish Community Center 6560 Poplar Avenue | Memphis, TN 38138 | 901.761.0810 |

A heartfelt thank you to Barrie Weiser for 30


years of dedication and devotion to the MJCC


art house The Art House is a community art space that provides the opportunity for process-based artistic exploration and creative indulgence through classes, workshops, private lessons and an open studio. Open Studio The Art House at the MJCC offers an open art studio for children and adults daily. Explore your creative side with a wide variety of artistic mediums appropriate for aspiring artists. Each session is purchased at an hourly rate. $8m/$10nm per hour ____________________________________________________ Pay Your Age Sundays Looking for something fun to do on Sundays? Well look no further! The Art House is now offering a pay your own age art time. If your child is 3, it is $3 per hour to work with Amy and have “free reign” of the Art House. Whether you want to paint, draw, sculpt, weave or any other form of art you can imagine, this is the time and place to do it. All ages welcome! Under 8: Pay your age 8 & older: $8m/$10nm per hour ____________________________________________________ Mommy and Me Mommies and little ones will enjoy this fun and creative time working together to make some of their first masterpieces while exploring a variety of supplies. Ages 1-4. Mon 9:30-10:15am | 1/7-2/25 | $40m/$64nm | 17493101 Tue 9:30-10:15am | 1/8-2/26 | $40m/$64nm | 17493107 Wed 10:15-11:00am | 1/9-2/27 | $40m/$64nm | 17493110

____________________________________________________ Early Care Art Club Get the little one’s creative juices flowing first thing in the morning with this playful exploration of color, shape and fun. Ages 3-6. Mon 8:00-8:45am | 1/7-2/25 | $80m | 17493104 Tue 8:00-8:45am | 1/8-2/26 | $80m | 17493106 Wed 8:00-8:45am | 1/9-2/27 | $80m | 17493109

____________________________________________________ Early Development Art Preschool students will begin to develop their problem solving and motors skill through creative artistic exploration. Using tools such as color mixing, mark making and shape building, young artists will start the creative journey into evolving confidence and imagination. Ages 3-4: Mon 2:15-3:15pm | 1/7-2/25 | $160m/$200nm | 17493102 Wed 2:15-3:15pm | 1/9-2/27 | $160m/$200nm | 17493111 Ages 5-6: Mon 3:15-4:15pm | 1/7-2/25 | $160m/$200nm | 1743103 Wed 3:15-4:15pm | 1/9-2/27 | $160m/$200nm | 17493112


Register online at


Drawing What You See Students will learn and play with the concepts of drawing from life. Looking at their surroundings and drawing what they see how they see it. They will also learn how to build and draw from their own still life. Ages 7-9: Tue 4:30-5:30pm | 1/7-2/25 | $160m/$200nm | 17493105 Ages 10-13: Thur 4:30-5:30pm | 1/9-2/27 | $160m/$200nm | 17493113

____________________________________________________ Fun With Color Students will create several colorful creations while learning the basics of color theory and mess making. Ages 7-9: Tue 4:30-5:30pm | 1/8-2/26 | $160m/$200nm | 17493108 Ages 10-13: Thur 4:30-5:30pm | 1/10-2/28 | $160m/$200nm | 17493114

____________________________________________________ New! The Class YOU want, when YOU want it!

INTRODUCING: “Create Your Own Class” option at the MJCC Art House. If you are interested in taking one of our amazing classes at the MJCC Art House but the time listed does not fit your schedule, you can follow these simple steps and a class will be created JUST FOR YOU! Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5:

Pick a topic from the classes listed on this page Find two friends who also want to take the same class Pick a one hour time slot that works for all of you Contact Amy Hutcheson at 901.409.7515, with the class and time you are interested in. Start the class!!!!!

It truly is as simple as that! If you have any questions, please contact Amy Hutcheson at 901.409.7515 and get started today.

markell school of dance Academy Formerly Academy I w/prep for point. Intermediate Ballet level with more challenging work. Including Jazz and Lyrical classes. Point preparation work. Ages 9-17. Mon 6:45-7:45pm TueThur 4:45-6:45pm | 1/7-5/2 | $740m/$770nm | 17603109

____________________________________________________ Apprentices Formerly Academy II with the addition of Pointe, Jazz and Lyrical classes. Previous training is required. Ages 11-17. Tue 5:45-7:45pm Wed 4:45-6:45pm Thur 5:45-7:45pm | 1/75/2 | $770m/$800nm | 17603110

____________________________________________________ Discover Dance: Ballet & Tap Children learn their first steps of ballet and tap by combining imagination and creativity along with the basic fundementals of dance every little ballet princess or broadway baby needs to succeed. Ages 3-4. MonTue 3:45-4:45pm | 1/7-4/30 | $490m/$530nm | 17603101 Mon 3:45-4:45pm | 1/7-4/29 | $290m/$320nm | 17603102 Tue 3:45-4:45pm | 1/8-4/30 | $290m/$320nm | 17603103

____________________________________________________ Discover Dance II: Ballet & Tap Children learn their first steps of ballet and tap by combining imagination and creativity along with the basic fundementals of dance every little ballet princess or broadway baby needs to succeed. Ages 5-6. Mon 4:45-5:45pm Wed 3:45-4:45 pm | 1/7-5/1 | $490m/$530nm | 17603104 Mon 4:45-5:45pm | 1/7-4/29 | $290m/$320nm | 17603105 Wed 3:45-4:45pm | 1/9-5/1 | $290m/$320nm | 17603106

____________________________________________________ Stage I Formerly Ballet II & III. Stage I breaks into more traditional ballet class. Ages 6-12. TueThur 4:45-5:45pm | 1/8-5/2 | $540m/$570nm | 17603107 ____________________________________________________

Stage II Formerly Ballet IV. More challenging barre and more complicated center. Previous training is required. Ages 6-12. Mon 5:45-6:45pm Wed 4:45-5:45pm | 1/7-5/1 | $540m/$570nm | 17603108


Junior Company Ballet Dancers will learn different dances from the world, works from classical ballets and original choreopgraphy. Open only for graduates of the Academy and Apprectice programs. Call Markell School for placement. Ages 12-18. Sun 11:00am-2:00pm Mon 6:45-8:45pm Tue 7:459:45pm Wed 5:45-7:45pm Thur 6:45-8:45pm | 1/7-5/2 | $1,200m/$1,230nm | 17603111

____________________________________________________ Senior Company Ballet Dancers will learn Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary. There will be choreography and performance rehearsals as well as building on Junior Company. Ages 13-18. Sun 11:00am-2:00pm MonTue 7:45-9:45pm Wed 6:458:45pm Thur 7:45-9:45pm | 1/7-5-5 | $1,415m/$1,445nm | 17603112

____________________________________________________ Junior Jazz Learn the basic fundamentals of Jazz dance for students who are ready to start expanding their dance education. It will introduce non classical music, progressions across the floor, and energetic combinations at the end of class. Must have taken Discover Dance: Ballet & Tap as a prerequisite. Ages 6-8. Mon 5:45-6:45 pm | 1/7-4/29 | $280m/$310nm | 17603113

____________________________________________________ Teen/Adult Jazz/Contemporary Any level of experience allowed. Come learn fun dance routines and exercise at the same time. Ages 13-18. Thur 5:45-6:45pm | 1/10-5/2 | $280m/$310nm | 17603114

____________________________________________________ If you are interested in signing up for an individual class in a path, please call the Markell School of Dance at 901.761.0810 to see if your child is eligible.

Follow us on facebook at


markell school of dance Hip Hop I This hip hop class is open to those without any prior dance experience. It provides a structured method of learning various hip-hop movements in a fun-filled and vibrant class environment. Ages 5-12. Sun 2:00-3:00pm | 1/13-5/5 | $280m/$310nm | 17603115 ____________________________________________________

Hip Hop II This class is open to those without prior dance knowledge or those promoted from Hip-Hop I. It provides a structured method of learning various hip-hop movements in a funfilled and vibrant class environment. Ages 12-18. Sun 3:00-4:00pm | 1/13-5/5 | $280m/$310nm | 17603116

____________________________________________________ Beginners Tap Dancers explore rhythm and coordinated movement through tap exercises. Ages 5-8. Sun 2:00-3:00pm | 1/13-5/5 | $280m/$310nm | 17603117

____________________________________________________ Intermediate Tap Those dancers with prior experience should be confident in their knowledge of steps and comfortable traveling across the floor. Ages 9-13. Sun 4:00-5:00pm | 1/13-5/5 | $280m/$310nm | 17603118

____________________________________________________ Advanced Tap This class is for those with 2-3 years of tap experience. More advanced combos will be taught. New students call for placement. Ages 11 and older. Sun 3:00-4:00pm | 1/13-5/5 | $280m/$310nm | 17603119

__________________________________________________ Baton Twirling at the MJCC see page 29 ____________________________________________________

Markell School of Dance Class Schedule Sunday 11:00am-2:00pm 11:00am-2:00pm 2:00-3:00pm 2:00-3:00pm 3:00-4:00pm 3:00-4:00pm 4:00-5:00pm Monday 3:45-4:45pm 4:45-5:45pm 5:45-6:45pm 5:45-6:45pm 6:45-7:45pm 6:45-8:45pm 7:45-9:45pm Tuesday


Discover Dance Discover Dance II Stage II Jr. Jazz Academy Jr. Company Sr. Company

3:45-4:45pm 4:45-5:45pm 4:45-6:45pm 5:45-7:45pm 7:45-9:45pm 7:45-9:45pm Wednesday

Discover Dance Stage I Academy Apprentices Jr. Compmany Sr. Company

4:45-5:45pm 4:45-5:45pm 4:45-6:45pm 5:45-7:45pm 6:45-8:45pm Thursday

Discover Dance II Stage II Apprentices Jr. Company Sr. Company

4:45-5:45pm 4:45-6:45pm 5:45-7:45pm 5:45-6:45pm 6:45-8:45pm 7:45-9:45pm

Register online at

Jr. Company Sr. Company Hip Hop 1 Beg. Tap Hip Hop II Adv. Tap Int. Tap

Stage I Academy Apprentices Teen/Adult Jazz/Contemporary Jr. Company Sr. Company

senior adults Senior Lunch Bunch

Lunch is served at 11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday and programs will begin at 12:15 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. Meal reservations: Call 761-0810 by preceding morning before noon or sign up on the list outside the Gift Shop. Note: Reservations for lunch on Mondays must be made BEFORE noon on preceding Friday. No names will be added after 12:00 noon.

Tuesdays Dec 4..............Speaker: Rabbi Katie Bauman of Temple Israel. Topic: Hanukkah Dec 11............Speaker on Stress Dec 18............Speaker: Dory Lerner from Lichterman Nature Center. Topic: Nocturnal Animals - Whooo’s Out at Night? Dec 25............BINGO! .25/card Jan 1..............MJCC Closed New Year’s Day Jan 8..............Trip to Temple Israel to see “The Mikvah Project” photography exhibit Jan 15............Trip to Dixon Art Gallery to see “18th Century Porcelain Exhibit.” Pay what you can day at the gallery. Jan 22............Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Shamrock Volunteer Project Jan 29............Trip to Pink Palace Museum to see “Weavers of the Earth, Great American Baskets Exhibit” Feb 5..............Trip to Dollar Tree Feb 12............Speaker: Veteran & Surviving Spouse Benefits Feb 19............Trip to Oak Court Mall Feb 26............BINGO!! Thursdays Dec 6..............Speaker: Type 2 Diabetes Dec 13............Speaker David Wade from Memphis Bar Association Topic: The importance of the American Legal System Dec 20............MJCC ECC Kindergartners visit the Lunch Bunch! Dec 27............Driving Tour of Memphis. Advance Reservations Required with Jennifer. Jan 3..............Speaker: Tax Tips from H&R Block Jan 10............Speaker: AAA Traffic Safety senior road trips Jan 17............Speaker: Cantor Aryeh Samberg: ASBEE Trip to Israel Jan 24............Speaker: Rabbi Cantor David Julian of Or Chadash: Tu B’Shevat Jan 31............Trip to SteinMart and Fresh Market Feb 7..............Speaker: New MJCC Executive Director Larry Skolnick Feb 14............Movie: TBA Feb 21............Trip to Target Feb 28............MJCC ECC visits!

Sundays Dec 2..............Trip to Sam’s Town Casino. $20 includes transportation, lunch & $5 slot play. Please prepay at JCC Front Desk. Jan 27............Trip to Tunica River Park Museum. $9.00 admission fee. For details please call Jennifer. Feb 24............Trip to Germantown Community Theatre to see “Quilters- The Musical” 2:30 pm matinee; $13.00/ticket pre paid to MJCC Front Desk. Mar 3..............SAVE THE DATE: Crohn’s Disease Seminar Effective January 2013

Due to the rising cost of fuel, daily roundtrip bus fare to and from the MJCC lunch bunch will be $2.00. Please

contact Jennifer Roberts at 761-0810 x 106 for details.

Hadassah Book Club It’s time to renew!! Register at the MJCC front desk for the upcoming year. The Hadassah Book Club meets the second Tuesday of each month at 1:30 PM at the JCC. Check for updates. December 11 Ronald Balson Once We Were Brothers

January 8 Stacey Battat Thin Threads

February 12 Daniel Silva Fallen Angel

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senior adults Adult Club Monthly Luncheons

12:00 p.m. in the Belz Social Hall $5.00 per lunch reservation. Reservations are required by Wednesday before the luncheon date. If you are not called by the Telephone Committee, call Sylvia Walter at 754-1986. If you cannot attend after making a reservation please call Sylvia to cancel. Musical entertainment provided by Creative Aging.

December 26 LaDon Jones Vocals Include Classics and Top 40 Hits

Hank and Nora

Wednesday, December 5 at 12:30 p.m.

Admission: 2 canned goods to be donated to the Food Bank

The duo sing 1940s Frank Sinatra and Texas swing, classic country such as Hank Williams and Patsy Cline, Beatles and songs of the 1960s, and Memphis music including Elvis and Johnny Cash. Hank and Nora will also take requests from the audience. Come join us!

• •

January 23 Kevin Carson Guitar and Vocals

• • • • •

February 27 Joe Oser Guitar, Banjo, Dobro and Vocals

• • • •

Did You Know?

Sidney Lehman, a volunteer with the Council on Aging, assisted 34 Seniors at the MJCC in October with their Medicare Part D decision for 2013? Hot kosher meals are served Mondays thru Fridays for Seniors at the MJCC thru the generosity of the Scheidt-Hohenberg Harrah's Hot Meal Program in conjunction with MIFA? Hot kosher meals are available for seniors in our community who are homebound? Once a month the MJCC Seniors have a luncheon featuring a wonderful musical artist sponsored by Creative Aging? There is transportation to the MJCC for Seniors on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays so seniors can eat together and participate in activities? There are onsite and offsite activities planned for seniors every Tuesday and Thursday after lunch? One Sunday per month the MJCC seniors have outings to plays, the casino, a Memphis tourist attraction, etc.? The MJCC/Hadassah book club meets once monthly to discuss the latest books? Seniors meet at the MJCC to play Mah Jongg? The Senior Fitness class meets Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:10-11:00? The MJCC Seniors have activities with the MJCC kindergartners at least six times/school year? Arthritis Aquatics is available at the MJCC?

If you'd like to know more about the MJCC Senior program, please call Jennifer Roberts at 761-0810.

Arthritis Aquatics Exercise see page 27

Register online at


athletics Basketball Camp w/Coach D

2013 Adult Basketball

Winter Basketball Camp w/Coach D Ages 7-16.

Please note: The 30+ Men’s league will move to Monday nights during the summer season.

Coach D’s FUNdamentally SOUND basketball camp is for children 7-16 years old. The camp is structured to teach the fundamentals of the game of basketball. Players will learn the individual skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense. They will also use those fundamentals and apply them to game situations. Academics, team work and life skills will be stressed throughout the week.

Wed-Fri 9:00am-3:30pm | 12/26-12/28 | $100m/$130nm | 14442205


If you sign up and pay for all three seasons of a single basketball league (Winter, Summer, Fall) by the start of the winter season your cost will be $195. This will cover your participation in the league for the entire year of 2013. The discount will only be good until January 7 and may not be split between the 18+ and 30+ leagues. Budget Buster purchase will only be refundable in the event of a catastrophic injury or a move out of the Mid-South region.

Women’s - Year of Basketball Ages 18 and older. 1/1-12/31 | $195m | 14253103

Spring Break Basketball Camp w/Coach D Ages 7-16.


ThurFri 9:00am-3:30pm | 3/28-3/29 | $85m/$100nm | 14443102

30+ Men’s - Year of Basketball Ages 30 and older.

Early Childhood Stepping Stone Sports Indoor Tennis & Basketball Stepping Stones is the next step after Toddler Sports & Games. Using modified games and activities, we spend a period of time focusing on one sport in order to teach the kinesthetic skills needed to grow and play in the field of sports. It is our goal that participation in Stepping Stones Sports becomes the stepping stone to participation in one of the many MJCC Youth Sports programs. Ages 3-6.

1/1-12/31 | $195m | 14253102

TueThur 2:45-3:30pm | 1/8-2/28 | $180m | 14373102

Mon 6:30-9:30pm | 1/17-4/25 | $75m/ $90nm | 14253106

____________________________________________________ Go Girls Go Go Girls Go participants will receive professional instruction in a highlighted sport each week. Our professional coaches will seek fun and creative ways to teach the fundamentals of the sport, proper ways to react to situations, and enhancing overall skills. The focus will be on fun while moving and developing a life-long joy of movement. The class will feature guest speakers (male and female), sports quizzes, weekly prizes. Ages 6-10. Thur 3:45-4:45pm | 1/10-2/28 | $180m | 14443103 Drop In Fee: $25m per class

____________________________________________________ Youth Fitness see page 29 ____________________________________________________ Swim Lessons see page 27 ____________________________________________________

____________________________________________________ 18+ Men’s - Year of Basketball Ages 18 and older. 1/1-12/31 | $195m | 14253101

Winter Adult Basketball

Women’s League Draft: 6:00pm on Monday, January 7. Ages 18 and older. No games Monday, January 21

____________________________________________________ 30+ Men’s League Draft: 7:00pm on Monday, January 7. Ages 30 and older. Sun 9:30am-12:00pm | 1/17-4/25 | $75m/ $90nm | 14253105 ____________________________________________________

18+ Men’s League Draft: 8:00pm on Monday, January 7. Ages 18 and older. Thur 6:30-9:30pm | 1/17-4/25 | $75m/ $90nm | 14253104 No games Thursday, February 14


2013 Adult Basketball Jersey New MJCC Adult Basketball League jerseys are available for purchase at the MJCC Front desk. $35 per jersey

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athletics Youth Tennis

All winter youth tennis classes will be run inside unless weather permits* hosting the class outside. (*weather permits is 55°F and above and clear) Mini Champs “Quick Start” Introduce your child to tennis! Taught by our world class tennis coaches, your little one will learn the fundamentals of tennis. Ages 4-6. MonWed 3:00-4:00pm | 1/7-2/27 | $180m | 14323101

____________________________________________________ Super Servers “Quick Start” Introduce your child to tennis! Taught by our world class tennis coaches, your little one will learn the fundamentals of tennis. Ages 6-8. MonWed 4:00-5:00pm | 1/7-2/27 | $180m | 14323102

Private Taekwondo Lessons and Self Defense Classes Private lessons are available for those of you who are interested in taking your martial arts skill to the next level. $15 per hour For more info or to schedule an appointment contact Austin Carr, Athletics Director at

Fall Taekwondo

Beginner Taekwondo This class focuses on basic Taekwondo stances, blocks and strikes.  Some semester goals include testing for a new rank and improving self control, balance, coordination, memory and strength. Ages 4-5.

No class Monday, January 21

TueThur 2:15-3:00pm | 1/8-2/28 | $180m | 14363101

Next Level “Quick Start” Take tennis to the next level with this class. Children will perfect the skills that they need to become tennis stars. Ages 9-11.

Green Belts & Up, 5-8 years This class will incorporate high rank skills (sparring & board breaking) as well as continuing to focus on improving self control, balance, coordination and strength. Ages 5-8.

TueThur 4:00-5:00pm | 1/8-2/28 | $195m | 14323103

TueThur 3:15-4:00pm | 1/8-2/28 | $180m | 14363102


No class Monday, January 21

Adult Tennis Sunday Men’s Clinic *There will be an additional cost for indoor facility rental which has yet to be determined. The instructor will communicate the additional cost with all class participants once a rental agreement has been set. Ages 18 and older. Sun 9:00-10:30am | 1/6-2/24 | $100m/$135nm | 14323104

Other Winter Adult Tennis classes are available. For more information please contact Kevin Boldt at 901.833.1801. ___________________________________________________

Private Tennis Lessons at the MJCC $60 per hour $30 per half hour

For more info or to schedule a private tennis lesson contact Austin Carr, Athletics Director at


____________________________________________________ All Ranks, 6-12 years In this class, the entire group works together on basic drills, partnership exercises and strength training.  There is a continued emphasis on improving self control, balance, coordination, memory and strength. This class will also separate into groups to work on rank appropriate material (sparring, board breaking etc.). Ages 6-12. TueThur 4:00-4:45pm | 1/8-2/28 | $180m | 14363103

____________________________________________________ Green Belts & Up, 6-12 years This class will incorporate high rank skills (sparring & board breaking) as well as continuing to focus on improving self control, balance, coordination and strength. Ages 6-12. TueThur 4:45-5:30pm | 1/8-2/28 | $180m | 14363104 ____________________________________________________

All Ranks, 12 years and older In this class, the entire group works together on basic drills, partnership exercises and strength training. There is a continued emphasis on improving self control, balance, coordination, memory and strength. This class will also separate into groups to work on rank appropriate material (sparring, board breaking etc.). Ages 12 and older. TueThur 5:45-6:30pm | 1/8-2/28 | $180m | 14363105


Register online at


jcc maccabi games & artsfest 2013

Join us for the 2013 JCC Maccabi Games®

Austin, TX: July 28-August 2

Orange County, CA: August 4-9

7/28-8/2 | $250 | 14693101 | Due by 3/10

8/4-8/9 | $250 | 14693103 | Due by 3/10

Austin, TX final payment Ages 13-16.

Orange County, CA final payment Ages 13-16.

7/28-8/2 | $1,150 | 14693102 | Due by 5/1

8/4-8/9 | $1,650 | 14693104 | Due by 5/1

Austin, TX deposit Ages 13-16.

Orange County, CA deposit Ages 13-16.



2013 JCC Maccabi Games Dates to remember Jan 13............Kickoff Event (Teens Only) Jan 27............Fundraising Meeting (Parents Only) Feb 3..............1st JCC Maccabi Games evaluations Feb 10............2nd JCC Maccabi Games evaluations Feb 13............3rd JCC Maccabi Games evaluations Feb 17............4th JCC Maccabi Games evaluations Mar 3..............Teams and Rosters Announcement Mar 3..............Parent and Participant Meeting Mar 10............Deposit payment due Mar 10............JCC Maccabi Teams practices begins Apr 15............Austin, TX-Spring DH meeting Apr 22............Orange County, CA-Spring DH meeting Apr 28............Confirmation Kit materials due May 1.............Final payment due May 26...........Uniforms ordered Jul 14.............JCC Maccabi Games uniform party Jul 27.............Team Memphis leaves for Austin, TX (after Shabbat) Aug 4.............Team Memphis leaves for Orange County, CA


____________________________________________________ Calling all coaches! MJCC’s Team Memphis Delegation will need many new coaches to participate in the 2013 JCC Maccabi Games® in Austin, TX and Orange County, CA. Coaches not only coach their team during the week of the Games, but serve as leaders and role models throughout the year. Team practices and delegation events are held in the spring and summer months prior to the event. Coaching positions are available on a volunteer basis. We are currently seeking coaches for the following sports: dance, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, swimming, golf, track and field, bowling, and table tennis. If you are interested in being a part of the Memphis delegation, please contact Austin Carr, Athletics Director at

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wellness Start 2013 Off Right with Personal Training

Personal Training Benefits Get faster results Reach your fitness goals

faster and achieve the results you want while spending fewer hours in the gym.

Look and feel better Our Personal Trainers

will give you the tools and the motivation to look and feel your best.

Customized workouts Your workouts are

custom built according to your unique body and individual fitness goals.

The Memphis Jewish Community Center (MJCC) is proud to offer more than 15 nationally certified personal trainers to help you meet your goals! Every client receives a free assessment before starting a training program. This assessment is designed with your goals in mind, so assessments will vary client by client but could include:

Prices Individual Session Fees Express 1 on 1 Half Hour Session......................$35 45 Minute Session.....................$42

Private 1 on 1 One Hour Session.....................$50 Pro Package 5 - 1 hour sessions....................$240 Power Package 10 - 1 hour sessions..................$460 Pump it Up Package 20 - 1 hour sessions..................$900 Buddy Session Fees (1 Hour Only) 1 Hour $35 per person for 2 People 1 Hour $30 per person for 3-4 People

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• • • • • • •

Strength and cardiovascular tests % body fat analysis Blood pressure Flexibility test Target heart rate Exercise plan Realistic and attainable goal setting

The data gathered from this initial assessment will then be used as a baseline for future assessments (performed every 6-8 weeks). These assessments provide a tool for you and your trainer to measure progress and modify your workout routine accordingly so you reach your goals quickly and effectively!

January 2013 Group Exercise Schedule will be available online December 1, 2012

aquatics Beginning Swim This class is for children who are just starting out and cannot put their face in the water on their own. Ages 3 and older. MonWed 2:15-2:45pm | 1/7-2/27 | $155m | 14533101 MonWed 4:00-4:45pm | 1/7-2/27 | $155m | 14533102 TueThur 2:15-2:45pm | 1/8-2/28 | $165m | 14533103 TueThur 3:15-3:45pm | 1/8-2/28 | $165m | 14533104 TueThur 5:30-6:00pm | 1/8-2/28 | $165m | 14533105 No class 1/21

Arthritis Aquatics Exercise This class is designed by the Arthritis foundation to work on the flexibility and range of motion of the joints in a warm environment. MonWedFri 8:30-9:20am | 1/2-1/30 | $17m/$30nm | 14573101 MonWedFri 8:30-9:20am | 2/1-2/27 | $17m/$30nm | 14573102 MonWedFri 8:30-9:20am | 3/1-3/29 | $17m/$30nm | 14573103

Advanced Beginning Swim Students learn the fundamentals of front and back crawl, turning over while floating, and water safety. Ages 4 and older. MonWed 2:15-2:45pm | 1/7-2/27 | $155m | 14533106 MonWed 5:30-6:00pm | 1/7-2/27 | $155m | 14533107 TueThur 2:15-2:45pm | 1/8-2/28 | $165m | 14533108 TueThur 4:00-4:30pm | 1/8-2/28 | $165m | 14533109 No class 1/21

Triathlon and Masters Swim Training A great structured swim workout. There is a swim coach on deck who will work with your stroke if needed. MonWedFri 5:45-6:45pm | 1/2-12/30 | $120m/$240nm | 14563101 MonWedFri 5:45-6:45pm | 1/2-1/30 | $15m/$30nm | 14563102 MonWedFri 5:45-6:45pm | 2/1-2/27 | $15m/$30nm | 14563103


Jr. Blue Dolphins This class is for young swimmers ready to go longer distances. They will discover breaststroke, butterfly, racing dives and more. Ages 4 and older. MonWed 3:15-3:45pm | 1/7-2/27 | $155m | 14533110 No class 1/21

Blue Dolphin Swim Team The Blue Dolphin Swim Team is an entry level competitive swim team. We swim with the Mid-south swimming conference. Ages 4 - 17. Sun-Thurs 4:30-5:30pm | 1/7-4/26 | $225/m $180/Sibling | 14553101 No class 1/21

Aqua Zumba An on-going aquatic exercise class with a Latin sizzle. Purchase a 10-session card at the front desk.

One Mile Swim (33 laps) Sunday March 3, 2013 For Masters Swimmers, Fitness Swimmers, Age Group Swimmers and Triathletes Heats will be seeded CO-ED by time but scored separately. There will be two swimmers per lane. Swimmers will swim side by side. No circle swimming. After your swim you are required to stay and count for the next heat. This event is limited to the first 100 entrants. Any age group with 10 or more swimmers will be split into 5 year increments. There is a Raffle for every Heat. Results will be posted on the JCC website at To be seeded with the correct time entries must be in by Wednesday Feb. 27, 2013 at 6:00 p.m.

MonFri 10:00-11:00am | $55m/card | $65nm/card

Aqua-Fit A fun on-going non-weight bearing aquatic exercise class which covers most of the major muscle groups and lightly challenges your cardio. Purchase a 10-session card at the front desk.

$18 JCC members $20 Non-Members

Wed 10:00-11:00am | $55m/card | $65nm/card

Sun 8:00am | 3/3 | $18m/$20nm | 14563100

Sign up and fill out the registration form online at or at the Front Desk.

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Lifeguard Training Classes Prerequisites:  Must be 15 years of age.  Candidates must be of mature and dependable character.  Candidates must swim 300 yards continuously, using freestyle & breaststroke.  Starting in the water, candidates must swim 20 yards using the freestyle or breaststroke, surface dive 7-10 feet, retrieve a 10-lb object, return to the surface, swim 20 yards back to the starting point while maintaining two hands on the object and exit the water without using a ladder or steps, within 1 minute, 40 seconds.  Tread water for 2 minutes with legs only.  Lifeguard candidates must attend every session at the times listed. Attendance in the course does not guarantee Lifeguard certification. Candidates must pass written and practical exams. Cost: Members $190 / Non-members $220 Includes - Lifeguard Training, CPR for the professional rescuer, First Aid and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Certification is good for 2 years. (Re-certify every 2 years in one short session) Winter Break Class: Course # 14542202 Wednesday, December 26 9:00-5:00pm Thursday, December 27 9:00-5:00pm Friday, December 28 9:00-3:30pm February Class: All Classes meet from 5:00-9:30pm Course # 14543101 Tuesday, Feb. 5 Tuesday, Feb 12 Tuesday, Feb. 19 Thursday, Feb. 21 Tuesday, Feb. 26 Thursday, Feb. 28 March Class: Tues/Thurs classes meet from 5:00-9:30pm; Sun 12:00-5:00pm Course # 14543102 Tuesday, March 5 Thursday, March 7 Tuesday, March 19 Thursday, March 21 Sunday, March 24 from 12:00-5:00pm Thursday, March 28


Spring Break Class: All classes meet from 9:00am-5:00pm Course # 14543103 Tuesday, March 12 Wednesday, March 13 Thursday, March 14

youth Youth Fitness Program Beginning October 15 We know that you want your child to grow up to be big, strong, healthy and smart and we also know that you’re busy and it is tough to find time to take your children to exercise, make them healthy snacks or give them the necessary time outdoors that each child craves. Luckily for you, the JCC has something that might help! Each Monday, drop your children off at the JCC and allow our talented staff to engage your children in activities ranging from proper exercising, crazy cardio games, making, and of course eating, healthy snacks, as well as tough mental brain teasers, outdoor/field games and more. Each week, there will be a different theme. Ages 5-10. Mon 4:30-5:15pm | 10/15-12/17 | $30m/card | $45nm/card Drop In Fee: $7m/$10nm per class

____________________________________________________ Baton Twirling at the MJCC Join us for an exciting 12 week BATON TWIRLING CLASS beginning January 11th. The sport of baton twirling develops poise, confidence, physical fitness, coordination, improvement in memorization skills and artistic expression. Baton twirling also inspires competitive spirit and improves self image along with offering great recreational fun! Classes will be hosted by the Tennessee Twirlers, Inc. Many of our students go on to twirl in college and receive scholarships! The Beginner class includes a personalized baton for your child. We will also offer an Intermediate/Advanced class for students who have taken classes in the past. Ages 5-12. If you have any questions please contact Aaron Tevlowitz at or 901.761.0810 ext. 108. Beginner: Thur 5:30-6:15pm | 1/10-3/28 | $140m/$150nm | 17503101 Intermediate/Advanced: Thur 6:15-7:00pm | 1/10-3/28 | $115m/$125nm | 17503102

____________________________________________________ Pay Your Age Sundays at the Art House Looking for something fun to do on Sundays? Well look no further! The Art House is now offering a pay your own age art time. If your child is 3, it is $3 per hour to work with Amy and have “free reign” of the Art House. Whether you want to paint, draw, sculpt, weave or any other form of art you can imagine, this is the time and place to do it. All ages welcome! Under 8: Pay your age 8 and older: $8m/$10nm per hour


New! The Class YOU want, when YOU want it! INTRODUCING: “Create Your Own Class” option at the MJCC Art House.

If you are interested in taking one of our amazing classes at the MJCC Art House but the time listed does not fit your schedule, you can follow these simple steps and a class will be created JUST FOR YOU! Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5:

Pick a topic from the classes listed on page XX Find two more friends who also want to take the same class Pick a one hour time slot that works for all of you Contact Amy Hutcheson at 901.409.7515, with the class and time you are interested in. Start the class!!!!!

It truly is as simple as that! If you have any questions please contact Amy Hutcheson at 901.409.7515 and get started today. Study Shack Every parent wants to pick up their child from an afterschool program with all of their homework completed. With qualified teen staff, an amazing game room and the return of the Youth Yoga component (every Friday), this is the perfect environment for your child to improve his/her health and report card. Is your child enrolled in another amazing JCC activity? If so don’t worry, our staff will make sure they change clothes and escort them to and from the activity. Ages 5-12. Purchase a Study Shack card at the MJCC front desk. Get 20 sessions for $200 and use the sessions as needed. One day drop-in is $12. Attention Riverdale Parents: Every day, the MJCC will send a bus to Riverdale to pick up the children that have signed up for study shack and bring them to the JCC! Get 20 sessions complete with transportation for only $300. If you have any questions please contact Aaron Tevlowitz at or 901.761.0810 ext. 108. Without Transportation: Mon-Fri 3:00-6:00pm | $200m/ card | Drop In Fee: $12m per day With Transportation (Riverdale only): Mon-Fri 3:00-6:00pm | $300m/card | Drop In Fee: $18m per day Parents must contact Aaron Tevlowitz in order to schedule transportation and drop in per day.


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youth School Is Out JCC Is In

Martin Luther King Day January 21 Stay at home and watch TV or hanging out with friends while swimming, making unforgettable art projects and plaing the sports your children love? Hmmmm, which sounds better to you? If you think your child will enjoy option 2 better, then School Is Out JCC Is In is the place for you! Drop them off at the JCC and they will enjoy a day of swimming, sports, art, camp games and much much more! Drop off begins at 7am and lasts until 6pm for only $50! Drop your child(ren) off with a bathing suit, towel and lunch and let us take care of the rest. Ages 5-12. Mon 7:00am-6:00pm | 1/21 | $50m/$65nm | 17513101

____________________________________________________ President’s Day February 18 No school for kids usually means a vacation day for a parent. What if that weren’t your only option? Luckily for you, it isn’t! While your kids are off of school, only worry about drop off, pick up and what they want for lunch... just leave the rest to us. With a lunch, bathing suit and towel, you can ensure your son/daughter has an amazing day filled with art, swim, sports and more! Drop off begins at 7am and the day doesn’t stop until 6pm. Ages 5-12.

Kids Night Out Saturday, February 16 The Game Unit, a unique and innovate mobile video game theater is coming to the JCC. That’s right, almost every conceivable game system with current games with give your children (and they can bring friends!) the ultimate video game experience! If your children aren’t “gamers” there is no need to worry. The Game Unit also comes with a “rock stage” in which your future rock star can take center stage rocking out to the latest Top 40 Hits. Up to 20 players can simultaneously participate in the Game Unit so there is plenty of room for everyone to game and we will ensure everyone receives their fair share of time. We will also be serving dinner prior to the start of the Game Unit experience. Now that you have their night planned it is time to plan your night! Plan an enjoyable evening for yourself and we will make sure your children have the same! Ages 5-10. So lets recap: Fun night out? Dinner for the kids? A night of unforgettable fun for your child? Everything at the MJCC?

Mon 7:00am-6:00pm | 2/18 | $50m/$65nm | 17513102


Youth Theater

The Wizard Of Oz Spring has arrived, which means it is time for another amazing Youth Theater production at the JCC. After the job the actors/actresses have done in both “The Little Mermaid” and “101 Dalmatians” we have set the bar very high! That is why after careful consideration we are excited to announce that we will be tackling “The Wizard Of Oz”. Ages 6-12. Auditions: Sunday, January 27th at 2:00pm Rehearsals: Tuesdays from 4:30 – 6:00pm and Sundays from 2:30 – 3:30pm Show Dates: March 28th at 6:30pm and March 31st at 2:30pm Sun 2:30-3:30pm TueThur 4:30-6:00pm | 1/27-3/31 | $175m | 17433101

___________________________________________________ JCC Maccabi Games and Artsfest see page 25 ____________________________________________________ Youth Tennis see page 24 ____________________________________________________

If you have any questions please contact Aaron Tevlowitz at or 901.761.0810 ext. 108. Sat 6:00-9:00pm | 2/16 | $30m/$40nm | 17503103


Register online at


staff highlight Amy Belk Hagar

Assistant Membership & Marketing Director The MJCC is proud to announce a new addition to our staff; Amy Belk Hagar. She recently assumed the role of Assistant Membership and Marketing Director and will be working closely with all of our members. Amy comes to the MJCC with an extensive background in sales and marketing with an emphasis on event and entertainment marketing as well as membership retention and growth. She has experience in the hospitality industry and is excited to bring her expertise here to the MJCC. She and her 7 year old twin sons, Austin and Gavin moved to Memphis just over two years ago from Marion, Arkansas. They have also been members of the MJCC for two years. “I selected the MJCC for myself and the boys as it provides a safe and warm environment for the boys. They absolutely love participating in all of the activities,” stated Amy. “It also was a place for me to bring them to see great role models in action”. Amy and her sons experienced a significant loss with the passing of her husband, the boys’ father three years ago and states, “The MJCC has provided a great foundation for us to regroup, catch our breaths and enjoy ourselves again. The MJCC is very much a part of our world.” If you haven’t already met Amy or don’t know her, come see her in the Membership office and say hello. She would love to meet you!

MJCC Staff Directory Barrie Weiser

Executive Director

Dave McConnico

Chief Financial Officer

Betzy Weinblatt-Lynch

Assistant Executive Director

Aaron Tevlowitz

Day Camp & Group Services Director

Amy Belk Hagar

Assistant Membership & Marketing Director

Anna Shabtay

Membership & Marketing Director

Austin Carr

Athletics Director

Christen Skinner

Assistant Wellness Director

Danny Fadgen

Aquatics Director

Jason Redd

Assistant Athletics Director

Jennifer Roberts

Senior Adult Coordinator

Kristin Bihler

Markell School of Dance Artistic Director

Lauren Carr

Wellness Director

Lindsey Olswanger

Assistant Early Childhood Director

Michelle Gross

Early Chidhood Director

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Memphis JCC 6560 Poplar Avenue Memphis, TN 38138


The Mariette and Herbert Shainberg Endowment Fund receives all gifts and requests not specifically designated for other purposes. Other special tribute funds available are the Building Fund, the Dorothy and Nathan Shainberg Scholarship Fund, Morris and Mollye Fogelman Ellis Island Fund, Stanley Zellner Memorial Fund and Day Camp Scholarship Fund.

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