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YESTERDAY... Showtime in Iecava © Māris Rutkis

After a day of captivating Teambuilding, KZRSers rejoiced in what was one of the most memorable committee presentations EYP Latvia’s regional scene has ever witnessed.

a great variety of hilarious characters and muddled situations with the audience howling in laughter. The consensus among the officals seems to be clear – the delegates of KZRS have found and embraced the EYP spirit at a record time. Expectations certainly are high as we prepare for Committee Work and the General Assembly.

From sexy pokemons, princess saviors and vicious teletubbie-belittling dictators to Darth Lukashenko, potato people and a Harry Potter fiasco, the performances offered 1

THE CLASH / For Asleep

© Laura Vizule Sleep is an essential part or our lives. We spend one third of our lifetime sleeping. But there is nothing to worry or be upset about. By sleeping we help our body to recover after a long and stressful day. In our dreams we usually deal with all the problems and information that were gathered over the day. It mostly works like that because of the visual and often illogical aspects of dreams. Some of these dreams we would like to

keep, but most of them we need to discard. If we do not clear out our minds regularly, we risk overloading our brain with too much useless data. In order to fully process this information, we need to „shut our brain down” and disconnect it entirely from the outside world. To accomplish that, we must fall asleep. To be honest, not sleeping for a longer time can cause some really serious and even dangerous side effects. One can start having hallucinations, paranoia, blurred vision, slurred speech, memory and concentration lapses. Sometimes one can actually not remember doing things.


You should be pretty convinced now, every person has to give their organism everything it deserves, especially sleep, because otherwise everyone would literally go crazy.



Against / THE CLASH Awake

Š Anna Trine Raudsepp

Imagine we could have 48 hours in a day. We could manage tons of hard work and yet be cheerful and full of energy. That would be Heaven on Earth, but there is no such place and there never will be. For this matter, maybe we should rethink how we use the 24 hours we have.

Think of EYPers. During a session we sleep less than usual yet we have energy to discuss, debate, have fun and party hard. When sleeping only three hours a day, we could have twenty one hours for living. Isn’t that magical? We could do all the important assignments, have time for ourselves, for our friends and for new activities.

It is believed that we all need an 8-hour-sleep to have a healthy and fulfilled life. I wonder whether it is possible to sleep only few hours during longer periods. Normally, the majority of youth have one and a half hour stretches of deep sleep. That means we snooze in cycles. If we could get that rhythm set, then there is no need of 8-hour-sleep. You would wake up feeling fresh and energetic.


... OF THE DAY © Alex Coates

Challenge Deliver a mock marriage proposal to at least 4 Journos and make sure that there is a picture!

Quote “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man. So let me handle my business! Damn!”

- Jay-Z

(from the song Diamonds from Sierra Leone by Kanye West)



© Māris Rutkis & Reinis Tutāns & Ieva Pastare

Too much hard work can have some nasty side effects. Orgas, beware!

EYP dissolving borders between people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 5 5

AGONY ANNIKA © Annika Ader “Dear Agony Annika, I have a problem with committee work: the committee keeps mentioning the word ‘EU’ and I am just confused , what is it? Is this some kind of Latvian slang? How can I find out what it is without asking my chair and making a fool out of myself? Also, the Internet is too slow here to look it up.”

It is the guardian and the fighter for you.” “Dear Agony Annika, I have a problem with my feet - they keep walking towards forbidden places like the chairs room or they keep stalking Edgars´s feet. “

Embarrassed Eathan “Dear Embarrassed Eathan,

Attractive Andrea

It is totally fine to be scared but it is not fine to not ask questions. My life philosophy is: there are no dumb questions. Your committee members, your chair and your journo are there to share all kinds of knowledge with you. The EU (European Union) is one of the wildest of creatures.

“Dear Attractive Andrea, It is a common phenomenon in the EYP. Your feet recognize the energy of others and they want to pair up to make more energy (e.g. energy babies). There is no way to avoid it, so just embrace it. “ 6

This is your attack speech



This is your address book

Collect the contact information of Your new EYP friends

GOSSIP CORNER © Ieva Pastare „Edgars Spudiņš is hot. & Edgars Spudiņš is creepy.” We’ll the opinions are controversial, but nobody is indifferent about him. You may love him, you may hate him, but it doesn’t change the fact that you still talk about him. „Daniel’s boots look like little tanks! Do something!” I had to do some research on this topic and I found out that yes, indeed those boots do look like little tanks. Unfortunately only thing I can do is warn everyone to be careful and not get crushed by those war machines. „Jury members act as they are discussing things while actually fooling around speaking in non-existing language.„ Yes, indeed, they speak in non-existing language. Actually, for every single session Jurors make up a new language, just to be more seceret and misterious so the delegates wouldn’t get what they say. „I heard that „EYP” is „Eat Your Plate”” This one is a secret though, but yes, the rumors say it is true. Originally, when the French man from the land of baguettes founded EYP, those letters did stand for Eat Your Plate. Later on with time passing by they switched it to something more serious. „Officials like cucumbers. Someone from the organisers is stealing water and cookies!” Well, yes, because if you can steal the most amazing candies in the world, you still choose to steal water. Let’s not get too greedy and let this one stay on their conscience.



Ieva, your photos are so good it hurts!

Water jugs. Who knew they could be so much fun? 12 12



Signe (LIBE II): 3 pairs Elza (AFET): 2 pairs Elīna (DROI): 4 pairs Annija (DROI): 3 pairs Rihards (LIBE II): 3 pairs Toms (LIBE I): 2 pairs Karīna (AFET): 4 pairs

Signe (LIBE II): Kati Elza (AFET): Katie Elīna (DROI): Andrejs Annija (DROI): Žanis Rihards (LIBE II): Kate Toms (LIBE I): Esti Karīna (AFET): Linda



Signe (LIBE II): Yes Elza (AFET): Yes Elīna (DROI): Yes, a lot Annija (DROI): Yes Rihards (LIBE II): Yeah, they’re awesome Toms (LIBE I): Yes Karīna (AFET): So so, because they’re not active

Signe (LIBE II): Friday Elza (AFET): Monday Elīna (DROI): Yesterday Annija (DROI): Monday Rihards (LIBE II): A year ago Toms (LIBE I): Yesterday Karīna (AFET): 4 months ago



Signe (LIBE II): Sleeping clothes Elza (AFET): Also sleeping clothes Elīna (DROI): Watch Annija (DROI): Phone, lipstick, rubber bands Rihards (LIBE II): Empty Toms (LIBE I): Phone Karīna (AFET): Phone, keys

Signe (LIBE II): Laura, Reinis, Juris, Trina Elza (AFET): Laura, Juris, Reinis, Trina Elīna (DROI): Alyona, Juris, Reinis Annija (DROI): Alyona, Laura, Reinis, Juris Rihards (LIBE II): Laura Toms (LIBE I): Māris, Reinis Karīna (AFET): No, I can’t


Annija (DROI): 100 km Rihards (LIBE II): 65 km Toms (LIBE I): 50 km Karīna (AFET): 20 km

Signe (LIBE II): 40 km Elza (AFET): 40 km Elīna (DROI): 60 km


HOROSCOPE © Alyona Vyshnevskav ARIES MARCH 21 - APRIL 19 Stars strongly encourage Aries to wear a funky hat today. It will bring you luck and eternal happiness if 10 other people will touch it with their toes. TAURUS APRIL 20 - MAY 20 Follow your deepest desires and you will discover your hidden mysterious alter ego. You decide whether it is a French guy who adores baguettes, blonde girls’ object of sexual appeal or maybe Latvian weather lover. Let your heart guide you. GEMINI MAY 21 - JUNE 20 Today Geminis have to eat a burger. While doing that, a brilliant idea will come to your mind and flip your life upside down. Don’t hesitate, go and eat a delicious burger. CANCER JUNE 21 - JULY 22 Your nose will save your life as you smell cucumbers boiling in your committee room. Don’t let the smell take over your mind. LEO JULY 23 - AUGUST 22 During coffee break a magical moment will occur, but only if you share food with the journos. Remember, the more delicious the food – the more magic is involved. VIRGO AUGUST 23 - SEPTEMBER 22 Stars foresee that there is a big chance of an alien invasion tonight. If you have blue eyes, there is no chance of escape. Just relax and dance Macarena with them. 14

HOROSCOPE LIBRA SEPTEMBER 23 - OCTOBER 22 Today is the perfect time for going on a bear hunt. Take a potato and present it to your beloved one. They will definitely appreciate it. SCORPIO OCTOBER 23 - NOVEMBER 21 Scorpios will experience troubles with walking straight today. The best solution is to climb on your friend and feed him/her with carrots. SAGITTARIUS NOVEMBER 22 - DECEMBER 21 Take a deep breath and walk outside naked. There is nothing more peaceful and inspiring than this particular activity. CAPRICORN DECEMBER 22 - JANUARY 19 Find a bee and tell it how much you adore it. Make a special dinner for it, light up some candles and prepare a nice German meal. AQUARIUS JANUARY 20 - FEBRUARY 18 There is a very high chance of getting sunburnt today. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on as well as some glamorous sunglasses on your belly button. PISCES FEBRUARY 19 - MARCH 20 Today you will gain an unforgettable experience of riding a donkey, but only if you put all of your socks on top of your friend’s head and sing “I am a little tiny pony”.


TOMORROW... The Feared One © Anna Trine Raudsepp I am sure that some of you are wondering what the General Assembly is. It is not that terrifying and demanding as you might assume. The GA is led by the board and con-

sists of seven resolutions, defense and attack speeches, questions, answers, votes and passed resolutions. To survive this, I will give you some inside information.

• First of all, the key element is to stay calm and not overthink. That will give you the desired confidence. • Secondly, you can never answer to all of the questions. • Thirdly, voting is essential. So, please, do not abstain. • Furthermore, none of us have perfect English, except Alex. • Finally, all these people are your friends and they do not have anything personal against you. 16

KZRS'12 Daily Issue 2  

The second Daily Issue of KZRS'12 Media Team.

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