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Hi there, I'm really excited to have a regular column in the new look Your Horse magazine and sharing this coming year with you all. I'll give you all a bit of background about my life with my horses this time and how I got started. I was born and raised in London, none of my family were horsey so it all started when my mother bought me a riding lesson at the age of 9, I was hooked! I took every opportunity to work with horses, and paid for my continued training with a variety of jobs, including making sandwiches at 4am every morning, and bar work in night clubs as soon as I was old enough, leaving my days free to ride. After managing to finance going to Germany to train with Olympic Gold medallist Ulla Salzgeber my big break was getting on the British team in 2007 and contesting the European championships in Turin in 2008 where I finished tenth and as the top British rider. I've continued to ride on teams since then on a couple of different horses and am now based at Bury Farm in Bucks with 4 advanced horses that are privately owned. - MK - (Pegasus MK)– International Grand Prix Merrie (Aramis T) – Advanced Boris (Saferro) – International small tour (Prix st Georges & Inter 1) Wellington– International small tour To be a successful dressage rider I have to make a living, stay fit both mentally and physically and of course train. My schedule is pretty tough and my days start around 5am seven days a week! I'm not a natural slimmie so I try to find the balance between being able to still eat crisps and working hard in the gym! I love my teaching and my clients range from young riders to Olympic athletes. I particularly enjoy training the event riders that I help and recently went to Barbury Castle to help Sarah Bullimore and Sharon Hunt warm up. Both riders were fantastic on the cross country and produced stunnning clear rounds. The downside of this was Sarah's husband Brett deciding that the best view point would be on the roof of their lorry! OMG I am scared of heights but of course would not allow myself to branded the ninny dressage rider! And so there I was sweating and feeling sick as I climbed the ladder! What I didnt consider in my moment of braveness was the coming down – So instead of us all arriving at the finish line to greet Sarah I had created a gridlock situation on the ladder as my legs had 'frozen' and the steps seemed a very long way apart to me. I had to be 'talked down from the truck' by Brett in the style of someone preventing a suicide attempt as poor Sarah wondered why there was no one to help her at the end! So thats me Anna Ross Davis, crisp eating, vertigo suffering international dresage rider and trainer! My next article will be all about the horses I promise!

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To be a successful dressage rider I have to make a living, stay fit both mentally and physically and of course train. My schedule is pretty...

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