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British Dressage

16/01/2012 06:38

British Dressage Affiliated Competition Entry Form

Name of competition


Bridle No. (org. use only)

Horse Name

Owner's Name

Horse Registration No.

Rider Name


Rider Membership No.


Rider Group

Breed Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

Class Section Entry Fee ++ Already Qualified ++ ÂŁ1.85 of Entry Fee is paid to BD and is not, therefore, subject to VAT

Stabling: Straw/Shavings boxes for nights of Eligibility for special prizes: Order of riding, times, etc...

Preferences Address

Town/city County

Day telephone no.


Evening telephone no. E-mail

Total entry fee Stabling fee Total Credit/Debit card details

This payment option is only available at certain venues. Please check special notes section in competitions schedule.

Full Name:

(as printed on your credit card)

Credit Card Number: Start Date:

Issue number (Switch/Solo): /

Expiry Date:


I certify that the Owner and Rider are Members of British Dressage and that the Horse/Horses is/are registered with British Dressage. (With the exception of Competitors using the Class Ticket System)


I confirm I have read rule 21 (Liability) and I agree to abide by the


rules contained in the Official Dressage Rule Book.


Date received

On W.L. Stabling arranged at

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