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By Ardon Aubrey -

Many people have mobile homes that they use as a summer home, somewhere near the beach. Others live in their mobile home all year round. If you live in it part time, and are considering selling, or if you are living in a home but want a bigger one, or if you want to move to another area, and want to sell your mobile home, you will need to figure out the mobile home resale value of your mobile home. Learn More About Ann Arbor Real Estate Mobile home resale value is dependent on many factors. These factors include the condition of the mobile home (both inside and out) and any land that is included with the home. An appraiser will be able to tell you the value of your mobile home. An appraiser should not charge you over $300 to appraise your home, and the amount could be considerably less than $300; it depends on the area of the country you live in. The appraiser will look at the age, the model, the make, and the size of your mobile home to help determine your mobile home resale value.

You can get an idea of how much your mobile home is worth by finding out the price that mobile homes from the same year, of the same or similar make and model have been selling for. You can find out this information by contacting a local real estate agent. Once you have determined your mobile home resale value, it's time to try selling your mobile home. Marketing your mobile home is fairly easy, especially if you have the aid of a realtor. You may want to place ads in the local newspapers. You can also place a fact sheet on community bulletin boards or leave them with people you know. Fact sheets contain information about your home, and your neighborhood. A realtor can help you prepare a fact sheet, and may even take care of all the marketing details for you.

After passing out fact sheets and otherwise advertising your mobile home, you should start to get phone calls. People will want to come and look at your mobile home, and you should have it looking its best before they come by to look at it. Make sure things are cleaned up in both the yard and the home. A mobile home that looks nice will be easier to sell than a messy, cluttered one. Once people have shown interest in buying your mobile home, you will want to start asking them questions. You will want to know how much of a down payment they are able to make on your home. You will also want to know what size monthly payments they are able to afford. Find out this information before any contracts are signed.

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Ann arbor real estate  

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