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"The relationship between our civilization and the earth has been radically transformed." Al Gore

Graph taken from NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

The graph above shows the amount of carbon dioxide in the air (on the y-axis) versus time (on the x-axis). First data is shown from about the last 400,000 years. Next, a new graph slides on showing carbon dioxide from the last 1000 years. NOTE: the yaxis scale remains the same. Finally, a graph showing carbon dioxide from 1980 to 2005 is shown.   

The increasing CO2 proportion in the air is responsible for the increase in earth’s temperature causing global warming. 10 hottest years on record have occurred in the last 14 years. Global warming is causing the glaciers to melt faster and soon our fresh water resources will be depleted.

If the very basis of life is in danger, is there anything else more important in life?

Calendar of Events

Our kids’ favorite Christmas joke:

Jan 3 2009 – Lal Bazaar – Hindi discussion & tree planting Jan 10, 2009 – RCC – Kite Festival Jan 17, 2008 – Lal Bazaar – Mock Exam - English Page 1

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Annapurna ● Volume 2, Issue 9 ● Dec 2008

Lal Bazaar Update

Place: Lal Bazaar Government Social Welfare Hostel Location: Lal Bazaar, Secunderabad Date: Dec 6, 2008 Event: Mock Exam session

The Mock exams sessions were continued at Lal Bazaar Government Social Welfare Hostel for the 10th grade students:  Dec 6 – Biology  Dec 13 – Hindi

improving their Hindi, there will be at least 6 more students who can pass the SSC board exam. So, in January, there will be an emphasis on Hindi and English.

No exams could be held for the remaining weekends as the students had their half-yearly exams followed by Christmas holidays.

Mr. Padmarao, the new hostel warden from last 3 months has demonstrated his support to Annapurna folks. He solicits our feedback and incorporates it in the hostel. Consequently, the hygiene conditions at the hostel have improved.

Some students are consistently scoring well while others are not. We took a look at their quarterly exam results shared by the hostel warden Mr. Padmarao. We found that most of the 10th grade students had failed in English and Hindi. 8 students have failed in English and 6 have failed in Hindi. To pass in Hindi, the students need to score only 20 out of 100 points. So, if we focus on

The tutors Nirmala and Saranya are also doing good work with the 8th and 9th standard students. We are eagerly awaiting the half-yearly exam results to see how the kids are progressing after getting extra coaching.

Mother India Orphanage Annapurna has sponsored cooking oil worth Rs. 1550/for the children of Mother India Orphanage in December. This orphanage constantly struggles to feed 50 children every single day on private sponsors’ donations.

Remedial Coaching Center Annapurna has sponsored tutor fees of Rs. 1000/- for the students at Remedial Coaching Center (RCC). This year Ms. Shakuntala, the founder of Remedial Coaching center is concerned about the weak academic foundation of the new students at RCC in the 8th grade. So, getting these students up to speed is her highest priority. Hence, Annapurna is not conducting any events at RCC. Hopefully, there will be a kite flying event in January for the Makar Shankranti festival.

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Annapurna wishes you a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year. Annapurna ● Volume 2, Issue 9 ● Dec 2008

10 things you can do to stop global warming Welcome new


Annapurna members Varshali Khambete Sailaja Nemmaluri Anilkumar Kosuri Swetha Bohini

Change a light Replacing one regular light bulb with a compact flourascent light bulb will save 150 pounds of CO2 in a year. Drive Less Walk, bike, carpool or take mass transit more often. You will save one pound of CO2 for every mile you don’t drive. Recycle More You can save 2,400 pounds of CO2 per year by recycling just half of your household waste. Check Your Tires Keeping your tires inflated properly will improve gas mileage by more than 3%. Every gallon of gasoline saved keeps 20 pounds of CO2 outside the atmosphere. Use Less Hot Water It takes lot of energy to heat water. Use less hot water by installing a low flow showerhead (350 pounds of CO2 every year) and by washing your clothes in cold or warm water (500 pounds of CO2 every year).

Happy New Year!!

Avoid products with a lot of packaging You can save 1200 pounds of CO2 if you cut down your garbage by 10%. Adjust your thermostat By moving your thermostat just 2 degrees in winter and up 2 degrees in summer, you can save 2000 pounds of CO2 in a year. Plant a tree A single tree will absorb a ton of CO2 in a year. Turn off electronic devices Simply turning off your TV, DVD player, stereo and computer when you are not using them will save you thousands of pounds of CO2 a year.

And finally, this idea is from B.T. Shrikant and he has implemented it multiple times When you give a gift to your friends or family, gift a plant/tree.

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Annapurna ● Volume 2, Issue 9 ● Dec 2008

Annapurna Help people to help themselves  
Annapurna Help people to help themselves  

If the very basis of life is in danger, is there anything else more important in life? The Mock exams sessions were continued at Lal Bazaar...