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High Point, North Carolina

Furniture Capital of the World

Visual Impact • Furniture is an instrument of the . interior design trade. • Furniture pieces are functional objects designed to make life easier. Furniture Serves 2 Basic Functions

Visual Impact 1. Support for a person or a thing

Visual Impact 2. Storage & organization

Visual Impact Any feature that does not add to the structure & function is an expression of art & that establishes the style.

Visual Impact Any item that does not have a specific function is an “accessory”.

Visual Impact

Visual music a Symphony for the eyes

Elements of Sound • Pitch

• Tone Color

• Dynamics

• Duration

Principles of Sound • Harmony • Balance • Unity • Rhythm

Visual Design Elements • The elements are constants throughout all of the visual arts. • They serve as the language of art • They offer key words that help translate a work of art into components that can be evaluated, compared and discussed.

Visual Design Elements • Line: created when two edges meet, all have

direction either horizontal, vertical or diagonal

Visual Design Elements • Color: is the hue of any item and directly

related to value which is lightness or darkness of color

Visual Design Elements • Shape: enclosed by a line either geometric or organic

Visual Design Elements • Size: the relationship of one area to another

Visual Design Elements • Texture: is the surface quality of a shape

Visual Design Elements • Space: represents the area around an

object, within an object or between objects.

Visual Design Elements • Form: encompasses three dimensions,

adding depth to the length and width of shape. A pyramid, cylinder, box or ball represents a form.

Visual Design Principles •

Unity: key principle whereby things are brought

together by the use of a common design theme

Visual Design Principles • Balance: creates visual stability---architects often use symmetrical (also known as formal balance)

Visual Design Principles • Rhythm: the repetition of a design element whether a shape, texture or color

Visual Design Principles • Emphasis: achieved through contrast---many

architects create a focal point to their buildings to attract attention. An entrance is often a focal point.

Visual Design Principles •Proportion and Scale: refers to relative sizes within structures. Government buildings, theaters and churches are built to impress and dwarf the viewer. • In homes, proportion is to the human measure.

Visual Impact Orchestra Layouts Start with General Space Planning

Visual Impact Orchestra Layouts Layouts or planograms, follow certain rules for proper product placement

Visual Impact Orchestra Layouts Rules:  product groupings  layering  spacing

 sightlines  focal point  dimension

Visual Impact Professional interior design layouts: • Start with a theme • Require space planning • Require a layout or planogram that adheres to certain rules.

Visual Impact

Remember: Interior Designers are artists. We create music for the eyes!

Visual Impact .


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Jennifer mclaughlin final english visual impact presentation  
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