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Latitude 39-02′30.11″N; 76-33′53.21″W

The ISland VICInITy St. Helena Island comprices 16 acres of undulating, tree-canopied high ground, occupied by two families—the Pinkards of Baltimore on the south 9 1/3 acres and the Hartmans on the north 6 2/3 acres. Round Bay, stretching 1.6 miles to the east, and Little Round Bay, surrounding the other three sides of the island at varying distances up to 0.5 miles, provide a moat of total protection and privacy, removed from sight and sound of interference from the outside world. Although in a sense removed, the island is not remote. As the crow flies, distances from the island to the following are: Baltimore-Washington International Airport - 10.8 miles Annapolis and the United States Naval Academy - 6.2 miles Washington, D.C. Capital Beltway - 17.4 miles Anne Arundel Medical Center and major shopping centers - 3.7 miles Chesapeake Bay - 9 miles Island residents are served from a mainland parcel (marker on the photo above), owned by the Pinkard family, upon which the Hartman parcel holds a perpetual easement for four auto parking spaces, two boat slips, one launching ramp and one barge slip. Potable water, lights, and electricity are provided for the mainland area. A resident tenant on the property provides visual protection. Distance from the mainland is 0.6 miles.

h a rT m a n


e a S e m e n T a n d pa T h d r aw I n g This drawing is intended solely to show the approximate location of stone cart paths (hatched double black lines), electric and telephone easement lines (solid black line), reserved freight landing parcel (designated 0.10A) and the boundary between the Hartman and Pinkard family plots (solid red line). The freight landing parcel and portions of some of the cart paths have been dedicated to joint use and are subject to a joint maintenance obligations, information about which is contained in a detailed and recorded easement agreement available to approved parties.


n the previous page is a recent plat of the Cottage parcel. It consists of 6.63 acres (288,838 sq. ft.) of good undulating high ground overlooking to the east Round Bay on the Severn River. The property contains 0.3044 miles (1607 lineal feet) of deep waterfront, all of which is protected by either stone revetment, sill, concrete, or composite bulkhead. Approximately 175 feet of waterfront on the east side is a sandy beach. All of the stone revetment and sill, plus the composite bulkhead, have been installed within the last ten years. Access to the property is from a private pier on east side of the Cottage parcel or from an easement containing a freight landing bulkhead, stoned parcel, and a small concrete boat ramp on the south end of the island. The cottage pier is wide, long, and partially protected by a permanent recent Sunbrella awning. The pier and the entire parcel are accessible by golf cart along stone cart paths. Potable water, shower, electricity, and lighting are provided along the entire pier. The pier has recently been fully upgraded with new pilings and decking. Four remotely operated electric boat lifts, ranging from 800 to 20,000 pounds, plus one manual boat lift, are located at the end of the pier. The slips are lit by motion detector upon approach of a boat at night.

THe C o T TA g e PA RC e L

The freight landing bulkhead is designed to permit docking of a large barge from which large loads and vehicles may be ofoaded and moved up the freight landing road to the Cottage parcel. However, but for such temporary occasional activities, no motor vehicles are permitted on the island. golf carts and small tractors are the mode of transportation of intra island personnel and material. Cart roads have been fully paved over the past seven years with attractive, crushed gray stone, providing dust free movement of golf carts and tractors. Underwater electric and telephone cables from the mainland provide adequate metered service to all structures on the island, eliminating the need for generator service. All such service on the island is underground. Television is provided to the Cottage and to the separate guest house by satellite service. Two new wells provide potable water, one to the main house and one to the guest house. Sewage service is by two septic tanks and drain ďŹ elds, one set for the guest house and one set for the main house. The older, main house septic system is currently being upgraded to current environmental standards. The Cottage parcel contains three principal structures: main house, guest or caretaker house, and ofďŹ ce tower. All are heated and cooled by heat pump. Mature shrubs and extensive gardens, plus all main lawn, are fully irrigated to protect them during dry periods.

Guest Quarters 10’5 x 14’2


Breeze Way

16’9 x 16’4

13’11 x 11’5

Bath W/S




Dining Room 23’6 x 21’4

Breakfast Room 13’1 x 16’4


he Cottage spans 191' 7" from end to end, but with rooms of modest proportions, intended to provide comfort and intimacy, framed with light, air and maximum views of the spectacular surroundings. The design is one of blended quality and class, never intending to be ostentatious or grand. The intended effect has been achieved. MAIN LeveL


gUeST QUARTeRS: Beginning at the south end of the house are a bedroom and attached bath, intended originally as a butler’s quarters, but today offered as a guest room or “mother-in-law” apartment. These quarters are attached to the main structure, but accessible only from the outside. Large casement windows on the south side provide light and air. KITCHeN-BReAKFAST RooM: As might be expected in a cottage, the kitchen-breakfast room is the largest room in the house and the one most occupied. Naturally finished yellow pine casement windows and complimentary Alderwood cabinetry, wood floors, unfinished brick walls, and a working wood stove provide an air of old times, but with modern functional appliances. A long plank table and padded bench provide an eating and discussion area by the wood stove. Windows on three sides provide good light, air and views. This is a homey room with high ceilings, great in winter and summer. BReezeWAy: entrance to the kitchen is from a brick floored, enclosed breezeway on the north side. outdoor clothing is stored in



Sitting Room

Steps Covered Back Porch 46’2 x 8’0 SAFE F/P



Dressing Room

F/P 22’1 x 14’1

’6 x 14’7

21’10 x 14’3 CLO

F/P M/Bath

Rotunda CLO


Master Bedroom 16’7 x 20’11

Guest Bedroom


16’1 x 11’11



21’0 x 11’9

Covered Porch 17’6 x 7’6

Steps Landing a closet, and cleaning supplies in a pine cabinet. Firewood for the stove is stacked here. This is the home of the family pets. Casement windows and a French-style glass paneled door on the west side open to the outside onto a granite patio for warm weather dining. An Italian faux stone table and benches are used for small gatherings to eat crabs caught at the pier. An east side casement window and French-style glass paneled door exit to the cart path and steps to the pier. The north side of the breezeway contains the entrance, one step up, to the main house, via the butler’s pantry and powder room. BUTLeR’S PANTRy-PoWDeR RooM: original glass paneled cabinets and drawers offer plentiful storage for entertainment accoutrements. Countertop and bar sink complete the room’s function. The butler’s pantry and adjacent powder room adjoin the dining room and are close to the family room.


DININg RooM: The dining room is framed on the west with a large, rustic fireplace and on the east with casement windows overlooking Round Bay. Paneled walls, an antique French bronze chandelier, and wide plank mahogany floors make a perfect setting for good wine and a dinner of local duck and geese caught on site during the fall season. SITTINg RooM: Two steps down from the dining room is the sitting room—a comfortable gathering spot— warmed by a coral and cream marble fireplace on the north wall. Round Bay to the east is viewed from a diamond-shaped lead mullioned bay window. The west wall comprises two double iron casement windows straddling iron French doors that open to the gardens. Inlaid holly butterflies accent the wide-pegged mahogany floor. A high coffered ornate ceiling and chandelier complete the setting for tea or cocktails.

SoUTH HALL: In the remaining portions of the house, all room and hall entries are wide and topped by greek pediments. Most have 5/4 six-panel doors with their original brass rim lock sets and heavy cast brass hinges, all refinished. Moving north from the sitting room, and up six steps, is the hall to the rotunda. An antique French chandelier provides light. Floors of this hall, the rotunda and the other three halls leading from the rotunda, are antique black and white polished marble. BeDRooM: Just before entering the rotunda on the right (east) is one of two identical guest bedrooms with private renovated marble bathrooms. Three six-foot high double hung windows on two sides provide views of Round Bay. The floors of both rooms are wide plank Douglas fir. The rooms are bright and airy. LIBRARy: To the left (west) of the hall moving north and with its entrance from the rotunda is the library. Two large double hung and one iron casement window provide light and views west across the porch into the azalea gardens. A marble fireplace with Portuguese ceramic tiles adorns the south wall next to an iron bar gate providing entrance into two safes imbedded into a brick wall. Running the full length of the east wall is a custom made cherry entertainment unit with cabinets, drawers, Tv encasement and book shelves. RoTUNDA: The centerpiece of the home is the octagonal rotunda with its four radiating halls, east and west to the outside and north and south to other portions of the house. The ceiling is quite high with a polished brass hanging chandelier that can be lowered electrically for cleaning. Double exterior doors and French interior doors east and west allow great views of the water and gardens. Both interior and exterior doors are topped by leaded mullioned glass fan-shaped windows. North and south hallways provide a view the entire length of the house from the master bedroom to the breezeway, but can be closed off with the usual six panel pediment topped doors. The rotunda provides stair access to the second floor. The west hall provides access to the main basement. NoRTH HALL: A matching antique French chandelier lights this hall which provides access on the right (east) to the second guest bedroom and on the left (west) to the master dressing room. The north hall ends down four steps to the master suite hall with pine floors, master bath on the left (west) and a large bay casement window on the right (east) overlooking Round Bay. DReSSINg RooM: Moving north through the north hall on the left (west) is the master dressing room that has two

six-foot double hung windows overlooking the porch and gardens, three closets and two built-in armoires. The dressing room also enters through a door and down four steps into the master bath. MASTeR BATH: Three iron casement windows look out over the gardens to the west and across the hall to the east a large casement bay window looks across Round Bay. His and hers custom mahogany and marble vanities are on the north side of the room. An L-shaped mahogany window seat with cushions and laundry drawers is located on the west side of the room. A shower, with two heads and a steam generator, are on the south side along with a doorway to the small toilet room with a built-in mahogany linen closet. Floors of the bath, toilet room, and shower are crema marfil marble as are the shower walls. MASTeR BeDRooM: At the very north end of the house is the master bedroom with a large antique Belgiancarved armoire centered between two casement windows on the east side. There are two double casement windows on the north side, and two casement windows framing a solid black Belgian marble fireplace on the west side. All windows are iron with lead mullioned panes. The room contains one small closet in addition to the armoire. Floors are pegged wide plank mahogany. Windows overlook Round Bay to the east, gardens of azaleas, daphnes, peonies, and rhododendrons, and wide granite stairs leading to a gazebo, part of the group of Italian faux stone replicas around the grounds. geNeRAL INFoRMATIoN: The main level of the home is heated and cooled with three heat pumps—one for the kitchen-family room, one for the dining room, sitting room, butler pantry and powder room, and one for the remaining portion of the house north of the sitting room. electric wiring and outlets have been upgraded and augmented as needed. Heat pumps and associated air handlers and ducting have all been replaced. Potable water is provided through a new deep well and is thoroughly filtered through a most substantial upgraded system. All windows are recently storm windowed and screened with hand made architecturally designed materials. All double hung windows have been removed, raceways stripped of old paint, and sash cords replaced with brass chain. They are all now operational. All bath fixtures, except tubs in the guest rooms, have been replaced and exhaust fans fitted. Telephone service has been added to the bedrooms. A builtin sound system has been added throughout most of the house to speakers inside and out.

SeCoND FLooR The second floor over the central portion of the Cottage has been used principally for storage and to some extent for recreational activity. As such it has a basic paneled finish with a dropped tile ceiling. Although not climate controlled the two rooms are well insulated. The floor is carpeted. The Activity Room rooms are well-lit. In the center 35’7 x 31’7 Storage of the larger room is a raised 14’2 x 31’7 area over top of the high ceiling of the rotunda. There is considerable shelving around the perimeter of the larger room for storage. Four double hung windows provide light and air and five eyebrow windows provide additional natural light. Access to the second floor is through a doorway and up stairs from the rotunda.

C o T TA g e INTeRIoR

BASeMeNT There are two unfinished basement areas, one 16' x 29' under the kitchen and one 46' x 30' under the main two story portion of the house. Both have ample headroom and are adequately lighted. The area under the kitchen houses one air handler, one hot water heater and electric panels plus storage area and shelving. It is not climate controlled, although the air handler and associated ducting moderate the room to a considerable degree in both summer and winter. Access is through exterior stairs. Three small windows provide some natural light. The larger basement area under the rotunda is accessible from inside the house at the west foyer from the rotunda and from exterior stairs under the east porch. The area is divided into five basic rooms. one small room houses the water treatment and irrigation system, a hot water heater, and a cabinet sink with hot and cold potable water. The largest room contains the stairs from inside, washer, dryer, mangle, freezer, refrigerator, folding tables and some storage. Brick walls are painted white. Another small room contains a number of derelict walk-in safes. A third room is the work and tool room with a large table and storage shelves. The fourth room houses air handlers and power tools. All areas are well-lit, climate controlled, and dry.

Storage 16’2 x 6’10


Laundry Util

Util 16’9 x 14’2

12’10 x 15’10

Recreation Room


28’0 x 14’6

16’2 x 8’7

Work Shop 19’9 x 16’2

Util Safe

11’0 x 12’2

9’0 x 16’4

eXTeRIoR The Cottage is modeled after Homewood, Charles Carroll’s Federal-style home built in 1801 on what is now the campus of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. The Cottage stands 40 feet above the water and looks eastward, toward the prevailing summer breezes, one and one-half miles across Round Bay. Begun in 1929 and completed over four years, the structure spans 191' 7" from end to end. The view is spectacular. All roofs are steep pitched, standing seam, solid copper with copper flashing, gutters, downspouts and snow guards, installed five years ago, with a ten year warranty. All exterior walls are 12" thick of solid oversize brick. eight tall brick chimneys rise at the each end of the four primary roof gables. Four chimneys are decorative and four are working. All are covered with lead caps. Working chimneys have recently added exterior flue closures and screens.

THe C o T TA g e

The two-story central portion of the house announces its eastern primary entrance into the rotunda with a mahogany-floored porch and four classic, round tapered wood columns topped with a handsome pediment, and a copper roof. The west garden entrance to the rotunda is framed with a 46' long, field stone floored, covered porch with six tall fluted round wood columns and copper roof, overlooking a 60' long row of mature azaleas, trees, and lawn beyond. Six foot high double hung windows, framed with traditional wood shutters, provide ample light and proper scale to the main two story portion. Windows in the single story portions of the house are casement, some of wood and others of iron, all with handmade leaded mullions. Unobtrusive, handmade architectural grade storm windows and screens are barely detectable. Doors, wood windows, and shutters are oversized and of edge grain pine or cedar with cast fittings. All materials are of the highest quality obtainable (and, in some cases, no longer obtainable).

gUeST CoTTAge on the west side of the property adjoining the cart path is the guest or caretaker cottage rehabbed from an old log cabin. The original brick fireplace was saved and is the centerpiece of the living room.

Equipment Room

one bedroom and up-to-date kitchen and bath with

25’4 x 12’9


several closets and cabinets complete the unit. A disappearing stairway to a good size loft provides consider-


able extra storage. The cottage is heated and cooled by


a heat pump. Treated potable water comes from its own well. Sewage is handled by its own septic tank and drain field. All are approximately ten years old. Telephone and satellite Tv are provided. A large screened porch adds seasonal living space. Attached to the rear of the house is an equipment storage room, complete with toilet room and slop sink for day workers. Two garage type doors and one man door provide access to the area.



Living Room 8’0 x 8’2

16’11 x 17’3

Screen Porch 25’4 x 7’8

9’6 x 12’3


WATeR ToWeR oFFICe At the high northern point of the island is located the cylindrical brick water tower, rising about 100 feet above sea level. The 18,000 gallon cypress tank is no longer used, but remains in place. At the top of the tower is a round (22' diameter) ofďŹ ce room with 360 degrees of opening windows and a coneshaped roof. Mahogany trim and built-in credenza, bamboo oors, unique lighting and bracing enhance the look. Stairs are carpeted. The room is heated and cooled by heat pump and has a small functioning wood stove. vHF and HF antenna allow radio communication to boats and stations around the world. The view is unparalleled.


Steep slopes on the perimeter waterfront are left in natural vegetation with mature trees. Level portions of the parcel, mostly on the west side of the parcel, are in lawn, sprinkled liberally with gardens and both functional and decorative items. All areas within the circular cart path (known as “The Beltway”) are fully irrigated from both the main house and guest cottage wells. In addition to the patio areas outside the breezeway (mentioned earlier), are a number of decorative lamp posts lighting much of the cart paths, and a large stone patio with a water fountain and benches. Nearly a half mile of cart paths, most with brick ribbons, surround the property and serve the pier and freight landing. Statues, an ornate gazebo, and various field stone paths lead to interesting areas around the property.

ornamental trees including multiple varieties of Dogwood and Magnolia, Redbud, Crape Myrtle, Holly, and Japanese and Snowbell Maple, thrive under mature oaks, Poplars, Firs and Beeches. Perennial gardens of Azalea, viburnums, Daphnes, oriental Lillies, Roses Camellia, and Hydrangea abound offering color and fragrance throughout the year. From July through September, blue crabs are plentiful. Perch, sunfish, and other pan fish nibble at the growth on the pilings. Ducks, geese, and song birds of many descriptions live on the island or its waters. The property, blanketed by a fresh, unspoiled and intensely quiet winter snowstorm is one of the more beautiful sights. CoNCLUSIoN Life on the island is what you make it. Splitting and hauling wood for the fireplaces and stoves, catching and cooking your own meals, meandering through the island isolation, secure from intrusion, enjoying peace and total quiet other than birds and waves, all in a world of your own beauty, yet in the middle of eight million busy souls and minutes from every need, can be achieved nowhere else but St. Helena Island. If this is your desire, the Cottage is priceless. If not, it is worthless.

T h e C o T Ta g e a T S T. h e l e n a I S l a n d For more information: Brent Allen, 410-349-7764, Susan Meredith Lapides, 443-995-0906,

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage 4 Church Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401 410-263-8686

St. Helena Island, Maryland  

The Cottage at St. Helena Island For more information: Brent Allen, 410-349-7764, Susan Meredith Lapides, 443-995-0...

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