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The book designed by the students with special needs

Translated by Sasha G. Souther

Aleksey Evgenievich Postoyuk was born in Moscow where he spent all his life. A brilliant poet and artist. Absolutely everything that he made was achieved by himself, without any help of academics. Lived a vivid life. Was loved by friends and women. Honest man. Never betrayed his conscience and life approaches. Had his own way, which led him to outer space. Tragically died in 1999.

Pavel Kopaev, artist

Lived and been in world some rhinos


ir o






h l ep


an iron and a vacuum cleaner

an iron, a board and a basin


an iron and the dumb-bells

just an iron an iron and the socks

an iron and a cup of water

an iron and a fire bottle

Lived and been in world some irons

Lived and been in world some hammers.

Lived and been there some mashines

a toaster

a radio set a washing mashine

a heater

a vacuum cleaner

a thermometer

Lived and been there motorcycles Lived and been some grumpy men

some legs, some hands summer residents some legs, some hands sportsmen

some legs, some hands schoolboys

some legs, some hands campers

Lived and been some legs, some hands

a cheese

a milk

a cream

a kefir

a sour cream a curdled milk

a baked milk

a boiled fermented milk a curd

Lived and been a lot of milk food.

an yogurt

Lived and been just three times five

a curd

Lived and been. So let us walk.

Lived and been some medications the herbal shampoo a spray

an ointment

a spray

a cream

the pills

an iodine

Lived and been there ancient stones

Lived and been in world some hake backs

Lived and been some saws of day

Lived and been. A lot of stump foams. Lived and been there summer joy

Lived and been just half of camel Lived and been a half of goose

Lived and been just half of comet

Lived and been. Just half of fish.

Publishing Group: Illustrations: Anton Shulyavsky Stanislav Kondrashev Ariel Roginsky Ksenia Kulak Ratmir Bataev Andrey Andrienko Processing illustrations and layout: Alexander Vlasov and students of «Osobaya Polygrafia» Concept: Anna Pokarzhevskaya Pavel Kopaev Translated by Sasha G. Souther

© 2013 «Osobaya Polygrafia»

Alexey Postoyuk. Lived and been  

Translated by Sasha G. Souther Charitable book project by Osobaya Polygrafia. Made by people with special needs