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Council as a UNIT A unit is a group that can stand complete on its own but also forms an individual component of a larger whole. To form this unit, the council should be able to function with efficient systems, foster great chemistry and stand united our principles. We should also uphold our responsibility as an important part of a bigger whole by developing good relationships of trust with our constituents, other organizations and institutions in place to improve our overall service. INT E RNAL • E N GAGED G U IDA N CE. I will continue the past administration’s excellence in being hands-on with the direct guidance of its councilors. We also keep a balance of this by setting up the councilor to execute with the Core him/herself. I also aim to be constant on personal councilor welfare and morale. o Having effective councilor one-on-one check ups can be further maximized by touching on councilor Core welfare, which deals with the Core members and how the councilor proactively instills the proper working culture. • FA M ILY W ITH PU RPOS E. Maintaining the council chemistry and friendship is key to sustaining our morale year-round and is a responsibility to be shared by the head office. This can be built upon through striving for complete presence in council activities and enjoyable bonding sessions supplemented by the proactive measures of head office and Internals to boost camaraderie within the council. • I N FORM ATION PROTOCO L. Council should synthesize any vital information in a cautious and highly streamlined manner. We enforce a protocol, so that with the influx of any new information, councilors must be alert to control and communicate amongst each other right away. The release should then be approved by a certain channel, before proper dissemination. This protocol is to be formulated every plansem then evaluated every midsem, to be adjusted if necessary. • C O MPLEM EN TIN G FIN A NCIAL C OMPE T E NCY. We can further enhance all our projects and services by securing corporate partners for external deals as early as the start of the term while building a tracking system for external deals distribution through the initiative of the MAR Councilor. This can help council cut costs and allocate resources into more productive means, while reaping benefits.


• S E S C ARCH IV ES . With both the outgoing and incoming Secretariat Councilor, I plan to organize a main file library regarding all projects, systems and campaigns per past Council. This will revolve around a master file, where councilors can access past Council history all in one. It aims to be an effective reference for current Councilors better address continuity when transitioning to the next Council. With this, we will begin to be strict in project plan codification and file organization to be able to update this library after every semester.  E XT E RNAL • U P S E A D M IN . To carry the responsibility of being fully representative of the student body effectively, we must build a healthy relationship with the admin. With head office and the Secretariat councilor, I plan to meet with the Dean, Department Chair and College Secretary to discuss the role and place of Council within school systems and policies. I will also empower Councilors to engage in these regular meetings regarding plans, campaigns, school policies and concerns for all our constituents. This way, we affirm an environment of trust and respect with admin by being consultative and involving them from the very beginning. • U P S E - RVC. The UPSE-RVC, given their experience and standard protocols, has the best handle on all registration matters of the school. To see that we follow our role as council, we should establish a strong working relationship with RVC from the very beginning with regards to how council can best complement their service during registration season. Together with Head Office and STRAW, I plan to conduct regular meetings with the RVC Coordinator General and Deputy Coordinator General, especially before plansem and registration season, for such matters. • S E AC. With the Vice-Chairperson, I would continue to push for the drafting and ratification of a SEAC constitution to ensure both cooperation and participation of SEAC. I can be more observant to identify the foundations from which we can build this constitution on. I have always believed that the high involvement of SEAC in working on their own role and in taking the opportunity to empower each other are vital to elevating what our community can achieve together . • LC C . I will make it a point to continue representing the SESC in meetings and initiatives with the LCC and of the other alliances that our council will join and support. Through this, we will make sure we get to voice out our concerns and find more opportunities to help or garner support in the bigger UP community. I would


also like to foster partnerships with other local councils regarding our projects and campaigns on issues and advocacies to achieve a multi-perspective and interdisciplinary approach to such. • A LUM N I. Together with both the outgoing and incoming MAR Councilor, I would like to establish a strong alumni database. This would entail working with admin and UPSEAA on information they are allowed to provide and with SEAC organizations regarding their alumni. Through this, we can open more doorways for project support while building proactive communication lines with alumni for opportunities for them to reconnect with their home. • E X T E RN AL PA RTN ERS . For organizational partners, we want to maintain supporting projects and maximizing opportunities that are in line with our council branding. With the goal on securing more corporate partners, I will push for the development of an SESC Brand Book, that discusses our staple projects, initiatives and campaigns with past documentation, to bolster our email packages towards potential companies for the enhancement of our plan execution.

With the Core as one INSTITUTION Having served first as a Core member in Internal Affairs for two years and then as Internal Affairs Councilor in the past year, I am grateful for the work entrusted to me and for the people that gave me the opportunity to serve. Now running for Chairperson, I aim to provide the same opportunity for all who answer the call, so that everybody from the first Councilor up to the last Core member will push to carry on the true essence of answering the call to serve. I envision the Core, with the SESC, to form one institution of service: a true learning environment for student leaders where together we discover and execute what it means to answer the call to serve. Through the service we provide our constituents, we aim to foster the holistic development of the skills, knowledge and awareness of our members as well. • C O R E RECRU ITM EN T. The first focus for next year’s council would be to retain tenured Core members. Extra recruitment will then start before plansem so that Councilors can bolster their Cores to create plans and work on their core charter. I aim to maximize the arrival of a big batch of freshies by having an extensive Core Recruitment Fair starting OrSem to invest in young future leaders on our incline on service.


• C O R E CU LTU RE. The Core Culture is a definition of the responsibilities, objectives and systems of the Core that aims to be a rally point to sustain each team throughout the year. Through this, it aims for members to begin an appreciation for why they serve and such is key for any member’s personal investment in the service. o To concretize this, the comprehensive Plansem Kit will include a Core charter for each councilor. The Core charter is a guide to building each Core’s goals, system and culture. Councilors will have to meet with their Core before plansem to formulate the charter together and present this in plansem along with their plans. I plan to hold pre-plansem orientation workshops with Head Office to discuss with council on how to properly build the kit and the charter.

• B U I L DIN G TH E IN STITU TI ON. The Cores have always been active at the micro level with their respective councilors. However, I believe to push their involvement further, we must take steps to incorporate them more in the macro level. o CORE ORIENTATION. Each semester, after both plansem and Core recruitment, I plan to make the Welcome GA a priority. This will consist of a rundown of the council goals, councilor plans and future campaigns for the semester with the purpose of informing core members how they can be involved at every step. o REVITALIZED CORE GA. I plan to conduct Core GAs regularly for Councilors to maximize their mandates and to update and involve the Core in overall council matters. It also aims to give Core a bigger voice through a more consultative approach regarding plans, campaigns and evaluations. o ACTIVE CORE FACEBOOK GROUP. Overall, we plan to transition the Core FB Group into more organization-like through constant updates from all councilors, focused promotion and establishing a more personal and intimate approach. o CORE GRATITUDE. Recognition in the form of gratitude can go a long way in boosting morale. I aim to foster such an environment by regularly thanking effective and dedicated Core members internally through GAs and through posting on the FB group after the completion of projects. We can also hone this through having small bonding sessions with Core members as well.

• E N C O U RAGED M EN TORSHIP. I will highly encourage councilors to take initiative in mentoring all their core members to be able to tap their full potential and grow their personal investment in the service. This is well achieved through having personal relationships with each core member, similar to a Chairperson’s responsibility to the council, where learning goes both ways. • FOC US ED CORE EVALUATIONS. During open consultations, I would like Councilors to seek out core members and have a personal conversation with to complement the evaluation forms we send online. We will also involve the Core in conducting open consultations to attain further reach.


For our COMMUNITY With efficient systems, stronger external relationships and a newly empowered Core, there arise a lot of opportunities for the SESC to improve current services and consult to create new ones. The SESC will aim to sustain and innovate consistent council services, being fully representative with our campaigns and further incorporating Economics in our tone and execution. SE RVICE S • C O UN CIL S ERVICES . I plan to keep the current council services as efficient and up-to-date as possible. We should make sure the availability of our services are better disseminated while highly enforcing our reservation and use protocols. I will also empower councilors to engage the admin through our meetings for the development of new services that cater to the entire community and to be able to concretize our stands on advocacies. • D I SASTER AN D RIS K M A NAGE ME NT. With the constant open discussion that I plan to maintain with admin, I would like to discuss the current plan for disaster preparedness and how the SESC can help execute it such as directing students to proper safety areas. We can also help get the student community more informed on these plans and prepared for when such situations arise. • I N T E RN AL EVEN TS A N D INIT IAT IVE S. I plan to further empower the Internal Affairs Councilor to carry out effective Internals projects that cater to all by being innovative with the event concepts, constant with the small initiatives and efficient with budget allocation. o ECON WEEK. As the main advisory head, I will push the Organizing Body to incorporate more SEAC organization involvement and to incorporate more of economics in the celebration. I will also push for the continued growth of the Game Theory culminating event.

CAMPAIGNS • C O NTIN U E M A X IM U M REPRE SE NTAT ION. I plan to be more consistent in executing campaigns on our position on current issues and advocacies as a council. We will be more vigilant and proactive for when relevant issues in our university and country arise so we can spread awareness and foster discourse to all our constituents especially when such issues are the main conversation. I also want to concretize our campaigns by having on-ground initiatives and new services in line with our advocacies and stands. Aside from the

issues that may arise during the term, here are some of the campaigns I plan to bring up for discussion: Free Education Watch; Mental Health; TRAIN Law; Jeepney Modernization; Build, Build, Build; Gender Equality; Duterte Watch; Environmental Sustainability • M AG N A CARTA EFFORTS. As one institution, I would like for us to have a better understanding of the provisions and implications of the Magna Carta. This will be brought about by spreading internal workshops and on-ground promotion throughout the year so we can discuss each provision extensively. I will also work with our alliances in promoting support and education about the Magna Carta in our local college. This way, we can be better prepared for the next wave of getting support from the University Council for the document’s approval. • E C O NOM IC OU TLOOK. It is inherent we maintain our objective and fact-based tone while being tactful on issues when creating campaigns as an Economics student council. Our direction for campaigns moves to bring economics to a simpler level through our stands and initiatives. This is key for promotion of our field to our LCC partnerships and towards the university. We aim to actively consult faculty on proper terminology and execution. I will also empower Councilors for a more on-ground activations driven approach with our campaigns to complement our online statements.

General Plan of Action - Jolo Zagala for SESC Chairperson  
General Plan of Action - Jolo Zagala for SESC Chairperson