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has been helping buyers and sellers navigate real estate for hteen years. Her approach has always been focused on the client, g to meet their needs, which explains her lasting relationships, orations, and astounding number of referrals.

consistently as a top-producing Realtor for her entire career, her ssionate approach ensures that her clients are cared for - in the ket or internationally, thanks to her expanding global network. s met her will know how dedicated and conscientious she is.

t’s the attention to detail and degree of care she pours into all her deliver consistent results. Anna makes any process smooth and hether it’s buying or selling a primary residence for the first or fifth ng in residential real estate, or finding a perfect rental property.

rue passion for exploring from finding a new local spot for dining g she is a tremendous supporter of locally owned businesses. For d sports, she can often be seen at sporting events. Anna loves ting the Elder Dog Society and the local Humane Society. Coming ine of military service family, Anna has civic pride and is actively haritable organizations such as True Patriot Love.

SELLER’S GUIDE Hand Anna the keys, and she’ll get it sold!

STEP ONE: GETTING TO KNOW YOU The first step of our journey is a meeting; to get to know you and your needs. We’ll sit down and clarify what’s important to you in a home and community. Many deciding factors go into such a big decision: Where will you go? What are the neighbourhoods worth considering? What can you afford? What’s the best timing? It’s overwhelming and you don’t know where to start, but that’s where we come in - it’s our job to make this as smooth and effortless as possible, to get you where you want to be.

Part of the key information need going forward is a so of what your home or cond worth. This will be our star point, a gauge of what you afford. It’s our job to give y honest and realistic idea o home’s value, and how lon will likely take to sell. We h menu of services that we o customize to your individu to prep and maximize the your home. We’ll go over a options and come up with works best for you in this m

n you’ll olid idea do is rting u can you an of your ng it have a offer and ual needs value of all of the h what meeting.

In this ever-changing and busy Toronto market, most people buy before they sell, so starting with a plan is crucial. It’s important to us to plan and execute in the best way possible, and not add any more stress to you and your family. We want to be ready to act fast and jump on a home, and don’t want to leave any money on the table. “We couldn’t be happier with choosing Anna and her team to help us sell our home. They went above and beyond and made the process as easy as possible. The turnaround time from deciding to sell our home... to get it on the market... to sell it... was impressively quick! Very happy with the outcome and we would definitely hire them again in a heartbeat.” - A. H.

STEP TWO: LET’S FIND YOUR DREAM H It’s time to start the search! You now know what your home is worth, so it’s time to meet with a mortgage broker or your bank. Price point determines your neighbourhood and housing type, so it’s important to make an educated and informed decision. To make a smart investment you have to know the market you’re entering into: we don’t want to overspend. We want you to find your perfect home; we talk people out of the wrong homes every day! Once we have a price point you’re comfortable with, we’ll start the search, and the team will start sending you a list of properties that meet

your criteria. In this competitive market, we also have to be creative. Ou team has written letters to neighbourhoods and even door knocked in the past.

We’ll also send you a list of everything that sells in tha neighbourhood each week important to get you famil with values and the marke

When you find that perfec property, we’ll submit an o and we’ll be with you throu even the most ferocious bi wars - every step of the wa will find the right place - an you won’t overpay for it.




f at k. It’s liar et.

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STEP THREE: HAND ANNA THE KEY The Anna Oliver Method is simple: hand Anna the keys, and she’ll get it sold! In Step One, you selected the service package that was right for you. Now, it’s time to put it into action. This usually happens as soon as you’ve found a new home that you love. We shine in helping homes stand out in the market. To do that, we need your home to be properly prepped and staged - it can make a $50k-$100k difference to your bottom line! You only have one shot at a first impression, so having high-quality photography is essential. Once the home is prepped and photographed, we prepare the marketing materials. We design our own magazine called “Unique” for our listings, and we get it done quickly. After all, once you’ve purchased, you’re on a tight deadline!


STEP FOUR: AND ANNA WILL GET IT SO Now, it’s time to tell the world about your home and get it on the market. We have a generous marketing budget for all of our listings because we know it makes a world of difference. After all, we’re here to help you sell faster and for more money. We’ve been in the business for 18 years so we know what works: we have a marketing plan that gets your home the most exposure possible. It’s our job to use every tool at our disposal; in today’s market, simply listing a home on MLS and waiting for the phone to ring doesn’t cut it. We use direct marketing, social media, international marketing, and top-notch print marketing to reach hundreds of thousands of people a week. If someone might be interested in your property, we get it in front of them. We’re strong negotiators. When offers come in, we walk through them with you. We want to look at money, yes, but also conditions. We work hard to make sure you get every dollar possible and feel great about your sale.

“Anna, I want to thank great job you did on th condo. From the first p impressed by your frie personality. You were r from the start. You we about the building and the area. You dealt wit was moving out, had t paint, clean, stage the and list quickly. You ha Sotheby’s Site, Globe & Media Sites. Your site w got reports every day a views and appointmen over 1200 views in 30 d able to do an open hou moved to stage 2 durin moved things along q unit was sold in just 30 again for your efforts. ”


k you for the he sale of our phone call, I was endly and upbeat ready to move ere well informed d the market in th my tenant that trades ready to unit, photoshoot ad exposure on & Mail and Social was great as we as to the likes, nts. That side had days! You were use once we ng Covid. That quickly and the 0 days. Thank you ” I. G.

STEP FIVE: HOMESTRETCH Your home has sold, and you’re getting ready to move into your new home - YAY! Once the champagne has popped, it’s time to get everything organized for the move: from setting up home visits, getting the keys to the lawyer, and getting the mortgage and appraisal. We help with all this too. We offer concierge services that help with moving, packing, organizing. We want to see you through the entire process, even once the deal is complete! It’s important for us to exceed your expectations. We want you to come away from this experience stress-free and unconditionally happy in your brand-new home. “Anna was amazing. She is a highly knowledgeable and experienced professional who was able to find me a home within two days. Her understanding of the market, the neighbourhoods, and even some of the pitfalls were invaluable in helping me find exactly what I was looking for. If you are relocating to Toronto, you want Anna.” D.P.

BUYER’S GUIDE Protect and Promote Whether you are an experienced real estate investor with a diverse and sophisticated portfolio, or a first-time homebuyer contemplating the purchase of your first home, knowledge is power. It’s important to educate yourself on the latest economic and real estate market trends, the basics of the home buying process and to understand the unique local market trends impacting your neighbourhoods of interest. It’s also essential that you select a skilled and experienced real estate advisor to help you navigate the process. Anna Oliver provides homebuyers with expert advice, accurate market and property information, prompt access to coveted properties and the highest level of service and discretion. We offer a skilled, authoritative and continuous assessment of real estate opportunities, as well as exclusive access to some of the best properties on the market — many of which may never be available to the public on MLS. Through 18 years of experience selling homes, we’ve fine-tuned our process to cater to our clients’ every need. You’ll find the outline of our clients’ buying journey below, step by step. We also know that many situations require tailored and thoroughly personalized support: our priority is for our clients to feel supported, and reach their goals.


Before starting search, it’s imp your financial your budget, fa with mortgage secure pre-app your lender. Th conduct your s confidence an desired home

eStaBLISH Yo As a general g monthly housi your primary h mortgage pay maintenance f interest charge should not exc gross monthly income. Many also suggest th debt, including payments, cred payments, sho 40% of your gr income. Those


g your home portant to evaluate situation, confirm amiliarize yourself e options and proval from his will help you search with nd negotiate your successfully.

oUr BUdGet guideline, total ing costs for home, including yments, taxes, fees, insurance, es and utilities, ceed 32% of your y household financial advisors hat total monthly g mortgage dit card and car ould not exceed ross monthly e purchasing a

real estate investment property should consult their real estate and financial advisor to understand the tax and financial implications of their purchase. conFIrm doWn PaYment If your down payment amount is less than 20 per cent of the total purchase price, you will need to purchase mortgage loan insurance that guarantees the debt against default. In most cases, this will be added to the mortgage loan. cHecK YoUr credIt ratInG Your credit report plays an important role in your mortgage approval process and in determining the interest rate and other loan terms that a lender offers you.

STEP TWO: MORTGAGE BASICS IntereSt rateS Mortgage interest rates can be fixed, variable or adjustable. • Fixed: A fixed mortgage interest rate is a locked-in rate that will not change for the term of the mortgage. • Variable: A variable-rate fluctuates pending market conditions while the mortgage payment itself remains unchanged. • Adjustable Mortgage Interest Rate: With an adjustable rate, both the interest rate and the mortgage payment change based on market conditions. oPen or cLoSed mortGaGe Closed Mortgage: A closed mortgage cannot be paid off, in whole or in part, before the end of its term. It is a good option if you’d prefer a fixed monthly payment and wish to predict your monthly expenses. However, because there are often penalties or restrictive conditions if you pay an additional amount, a closed mortgage may

be a poor choice if move before the en or if a decrease in i anticipated...

Open Mortgage: A flexible. You can ty of it or the entire a without penalty. Th option if you plan t the near future or i a large sum of you Most lenders allow to be converted to at any time, thoug fee.

amortIZatIon Amortization is the entire mortgage d Many mortgages a over 25 years, but lo available. The long the lower your sche payments, but the pay in the long run

you decide to nd of the term interest rates is

An open mortgage is ypically pay off part amount at any time his may be a good to sell your home in if you intend to off ur mortgage loan. w open mortgages closed mortgages gh often for a small

e length of time the debt will be repaid. are amortized onger periods are ger the amortization, eduled mortgage e more interest you n.

conVentIonaL VS. HIGH ratIo mortGaGeS Conventional Mortgage: A conventional mortgage is a mortgage loan that is equal to, or less than, 80% of the lending value of the property. The lending value is the property’s purchase price or market value — whichever is less. For a conventional mortgage, the down payment is at least 20% of the purchase price or market value. High-ratio Mortgage: If your down payment is less than 20% of the home price, you will typically need a high-ratio mortgage. A high-ratio mortgage usually requires mortgage loan insurance. CMHC is a major provider of mortgage loan insurance. Your lender may add the mortgage loan insurance premium to your mortgage or ask you to pay it in full upon closing.

mortGaGe term The term is the length of time that the mortgage contract conditions, including interest rate, are fixed. The term can be from six months up to ten years. There are generally several term options for a mortgage and it’s important to weigh the benefits and costs of each. A longer-term (five years, for example) may allow you to plan ahead and protect you from interest rate increases, but may not offer you flexibility, should interest rates fall. oPtImIZInG YoUr mortGaGe Work with your lender to optimize your mortgage payment schedule for your unique situation. Many primary homeowners aim to pay off their mortgages as quickly as possible, which can be achieved with more frequent instalments. Your mortgage may also be structured

to allow an increase as cash flow permit may be anniversary payment opportun be applied directly If you are purchasin solely for investmen other consideration implications come

GET WRITTEN PRE In markets where th demand and a low type of home you w written pre-approva and will give you th edge in securing yo For example, in a sc seller receives two s accompanied by a l financing pre-appr offer without suppo the former offer is f considered first.

e in payments ts, and there y lump sum nities each year to to the principal. ng real estate nt purposes, ns such as tax into play.

E-APPROVAL here is high volume of the wish to purchase, al is essential he competitive our desired home. cenario where a similar offers, one letter that confirms roval, and another orting documents, frequently

“I have moved 6 times and Anna is the best agent I have ever worked with- hands down! Dedicated, Accessible, Trust and Integrity #1, relentless to find the perfect home and make you the most money on a sale, works in the best interest of her clients and always a true professional. I would highly recommend Anna Oliver- A rock star in Real Estate.” C.B.

STEP THREE: HIRE YOUR REALTOR A Realtor represents your interests when purchasing a home, which is one of the most significant financial investments you can make. For this reason, it’s essential to select an advisor with in-depth knowledge of your local real estate market and specialized experience in the property types you are interested in. LocaL eXPertISe Our associates offer in-depth knowledge of your local real estate market, from advice on the homes and developments with the best potential return on investment to insight into the properties and neighbourhoods that best match your life stage and lifestyle. We are Canada’s largest, most prestigious real estate brokerage, with multiple offices in Canada’s major cities of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver

and Calgary. We also in other popular loca Victoria, Salt Spring Lion’s Bay, North Van Vancouver, Kelowna Canmore, Mississaug Niagara-On-The-Lak Creemore, Mont- Tre Knowlton, West Islan and Quebec City.

eXcLUSIVe acceSS In some areas, many sold within hours an listed on MLS. Other marketed exclusively within the Sotheby’s Realty network with made available to th connection to over 2 worldwide gives you priority access to rea opportunities that w be difficult to view.

o are located ations such as Island, Whistler, ncouver, West a, Sun Peaks, ga, Oakville, ke, Muskoka, emblant, nd Montreal,

S y homes are nd days of being r properties are y and privately s International hout ever being he public. Our 22,000 associates u direct and al estate would otherwise

GLoBaL connectIonS With a network of over 960 offices in 72 countries, Sotheby’s International Realty provides unparalleled access to the global real estate market. We have the experience and contacts to facilitate international real estate transactions and to assist clients who wish to buy Canadian real estate from abroad. Anna Oliver is proud to assist you in both French and English and translation services are available when needed. reaL eState SPecIaLIZatIon We assist clients in the purchase of real estate in more than a dozen real estate categories: single-family homes, condos, townhomes and multiplexes, as well as properties that demand specialized knowledge such as waterfront real estate, luxury real estate, golf properties, ski resort properties, rural real estate, vineyards and islands.

ProFeSSIonaL SerVIce and dIScretIon We commit to providing you with confidential, knowledgeable and responsive service. We guarantee discretion, monitor and promptly deliver listings that meet your criteria, facilitate viewings and property tours according to your individual needs and schedule, and expedite the negotiation and purchase of your home professionally. SeamLeSS SaLeS & marKetInG If buying a home depends on the sale of your current one, we make the process efficient and seamless. Our real estate marketing program reaches the most targeted and qualified buyers through exclusive international, national and local publications, as well as online marketing that generates over 1 billion annual media impressions. “Anna was a great agent to work with and helped us find our dream home. I would recommend her to anyone looking at moving in or to Toronto. Having an agent that knows the area is important and Anna definitely excelled at that.” J.B. and K.S.


aUtomatIc ProPertY U As soon as a meets your d criteria is po real estate as an email aler listing. In som homes are s even within on MLS. Oth and sold wit company’s n ever being m the public. In realtor may b for advance that are repr their profess network.

ProPertY t Your real est schedule wa properties m preferences may also rev, on


c UPdateS a property that desirable home osted on MLS, your ssociate will send you rt to direct you to that me neighbourhoods, sold within days, or hours, of being listed hers are marketed thin a real estate network without made available to n some cases, your be able to arrange access to properties resented within sional and company

or by visiting open houses, then contact your Realtor to schedule a private tour, should there be one that matches your needs.

toUrS tate agent will alk-throughs of matching your and needs. You view properties on n

Anna Oliver will assist you in assessing the pros and cons of the home(s) you are interested in, and provide insight on recent comparable property sales so you have the information you need to place an offer and negotiate effectively.

eVaLUatIon oF oPtIonS It can be challenging to determine the fair market value of a home and to assess whether it is “good value” for its listed price or for your budget. Variables that impact the value of a home or property include its location, neighbourhood, community plan, proximity to amenities, lot attributes, views, property size, interior and structural condition, construction type, age, unique features, and the state of the local real estate market.

STEP FIVE: SUBMIT YOUR OFFER It’s important that you sit down with your agent or lawyer to prepare your offer. Real estate laws vary widely from region to region, and it’s essential that you protect your legal interests and account for any specific contractual contingencies that are unique to your area and desired property. Some general considerations include: • Legal and contractual obligations • Valuation • Background research • Offer details • Professional inspection • Appropriate timeframe “Anna was extremely professional in assisting my husband and I relocate from Halifax to Toronto. We only had five days in the city to view listings and select a new home. Anna did a fantastic job of showing us homes within our price range that also met our lifestyle needs. Her hard work did cease until the job was done. I highly recommend her services.” - S.K and M.K.

STEP SIX: NEGOTIATE SUCCESSFUL PreParatIon After submitting an offer, you should be prepared to negotiate, not just on the initial price, but on all key factors impacting the sale of the home including deposit, inclusions, dates for completion and possession, and deadlines for subject removals. Ensure you know your budget and requirements before submitting your offer so you don’t commit to additional costs in the heat of the process.

mULtIPLe oFFerS In high-demand, low-i areas, you may find yo bidding against other Some sellers in high-d niche markets may als intentionally list their h a low price hoping to s multiple offers. This do necessarily mean that will be bid up significa the asking price, but it mean that due diligen required on your part part of your realtor to e the offer you submit is competitive and reflec what you’re ultimately pay for the property.


inventory ourself r buyers. demand so homes at stimulate oesn’t t the price antly over t does nce is and the ensure s strategic, ctive of y willing to

Whether you a competition o be pre-approv mortgage befo search and we writing an offe offer situation, your ability to successfully, p making an offe pre-approved. know the max afford in what situation.

are anticipating or not, you should ved for your ore your home ell in advance of er. In a multiple , this will impact negotiate particularly if others er are already . It also lets you ximum you can may be a stressful

PotentIaL reSPonSeS You can expect one of three responses to your offer: • Accepted as is: once signed by the seller, the offer becomes a binding legal contract. • Counteroffer: the seller may make changes to your offer, such as adjustments to the price, closing date or conditions. You may accept the counteroffer and close the deal by signing the document. Or, you may make another counter offer back to the seller. • Rejection: the seller may choose to reject the offer.


Th po

Pr As pro mi

co On is t pro yo pa tra no an na

On mo th no no an


he closing or completion day is the day you take legal ossession of your new property.

reParatIon s this day nears, your Realtor and lender will monitor the rogress of your transaction to ensure there are no lastinute issues that need to be dealt with.

omPLetIon (cLoSInG) daY n completion day itself, legal property ownership transferred to your name. The mortgage amount is rovided to your lawyer or notary by your lender and ou will receive a Statement of Adjustments with costs ayable, including balance owing, legal fees, property ansfer taxes and other completion costs. Your lawyer or otary will pay the seller, complete necessary documents nd register your home at the Land Titles Office in your ame.

n your closing day, your lender provides the ortgage money to your lawyer/notary, you provide he down payment (minus your deposit) to your lawyer/ otary as well as remaining closing costs. Your lawyer/ otary pays the vendor, registers the home in your name nd provides you with the deed to your new home.













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