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A GUIDE TO RENTING APARTMENTS IN ODESSA UKRAINE Renting apartments in Odessacan be one of the most convenient ways for your accommodations during travels to Ukraine both for tourism and businesstrips. • • • • • •

Renting an apartment instead of hotel can be convenient for those people: Who want to decreasethe expensesfor their travels, as renting an apartment instead of hotel room is certainly less expensive option in Ukraine. Who prefer more privacy and more personal space, as staying in hotel implies a certain level of publicity. Who would rather have breakfasts at different local places instead of hotel restaurant. Who plan to host parties and invite local guests to stay over. Who simply feel better being surrounded by a "home” atmosphere, with all attributes: washing machine, microwave oven and so on. Who like cooking their own meals, as most of the apartments in Odessahave a fully equipped kitchen which allows creating cooking masterpieces from products bought at local markets. Step #1: Choosing an Agent in Odessa The easiest way to rent an apartment is booking your accommodation through local apartment renting agencies in Ukraine. Nowadays the competition and choice of such services is quite high and majority of different agencies are offering the same apartments on different sites. Some of the agencies are not only operating these apartments, they are actual owners of the property. So once you have picked an apartment, feel free to check out if the same apartment is offered for a lesser price on couple of other booking sites. It would be useful also to do a general search in internet on the name of your agency, as you might get the public image of its reputation and feedback about their services (apartments) in private blogs, forums, traveling sites, etc. This information might help you to support your decision to use this service provider, or perhaps change your mind. The majority of customer-oriented and reliable agencies are offering free pick up at the airport in Odessa(train or bus station). Sometimes free show-around tour is also available for customers. So make sure you have checked these additional options for gaining more benefits from your apartment reservation.

Step #2: Picking an Apartment

Location of course would be one of the KEY factors for picking an apartment in Ukraine. Some of the agencies or hotels might declare they have a central location, or close to beach location which is not factual. For example an apartment which is located near a train station area could be advertised as one with central location but in fact it will take minimum 25-30 min walk to get to the main street; for instance, Deribasovskaya in Odessa.This is not what the normal traveler quite expects. So to save you time and keep you away from detailed and unnecessary study of Odessacity map for example, please read this short advice. This advice will help you to make your decision fast and find exactly what you are searching for according to your possibilities, tastes and preferences. First of all define which location you are interested in:


The very central location on main streets of Odessa, close to all museums, monuments, sightseeing spots, restaurants and bars. Beach location in famous Arcadia district - beach and party area, famous for its nightclubs and 2. bars, discos and beach clubs. Everyone who has been to Odessain the summer are familiar with Itaka and Ibiza nightclubs. Arcadia is the name of beach district area and it is the heart of night life in Odessa. There are options for apartments located in central area of the city, but it will take you to 10-15 4. minutes' walk to reach the central street. This is the same time it will probably take you to get to the central beach Langeron, which is located in close to Park Shevchenko. Normally the prices for these apartments are less expensive even during peak season comparing to those in near main street or in Arcadia. So if you are interested in very central location, make sure you have your apartment around following streets: Deribasovskaya, Grecheskaya, Langeronovskaya, Zhukovskogo, Sadovaya, Bunina, Krasny lane, Vorontsovsky lane, Mayakovskogo, Nekrasova. Most of these streets are parallel with each other and numeration of buildings is starting from the sea side. The houseswith numbers starting from 10 are best located. The streets which are crossing the above streets are : Ekaterininskaya, Preobrazhenskaya, Rishel'evskaya, Pushkinskaya, Krasny Lane. The numeration of buildings for these streets is starting from city center and ends higher in the street number near train station. For example Ekaterininskaya Street starts from beautiful square and the monument to Katherine II, the Russian Empress, who founded Odessain 1794. Reshil'evskaya Street starts from outstanding and beautiful OdessaOpera and Ballet Theatre, which is compared to Milano La Scala by its impressive exterior and decorations. All these are must-see places in Odessa.Travelers are recommended to rent apartments in buildings with numbers from 1 - 35 for best locations.

Thesestreets are considered to be the best location for renting an apartment in Odessa,Ukraine. Consequently, the prices for these apartments will be more expensive during peak season.

For those who are interested in parties, attending discos and bars during nights and beach during the day, accommodation in Arcadia area might be a nice option. Before checking apartments in Arcadia, travelers should take to consideration the following tips:


The distance from Arcadia to city center is estimated at 20-30 min driving by taxi, the average price is 5 USDone way. During summer season (June - August) and high demand, apartments in Arcadia, Odessa are 153. 20%more expensive when apartments in city center of Odessa. Most of the nightclubs and restaurants in Arcadia, Odessaare operating in open-air mode, so it 5. is a very seasonable area. Renting apartments during low season in winter might be not the best option for entertainment searchers. It is an excellent option for summer but winter it is an empty place without apartments available for daily rent.


There are no attractions in the area apart from seaside and Health-Route (the 5 km), which starts from Arcadia and goes along seashore up to one of central parks downtown. The above is brief information about Arcadia, which you should take consideration before booking apartment in Arcadia. If you are offered apartments in Odessaon the following streets as Bazarnaya, Troitskaya, Uspenskaya, Evreiskaya, Osipova, Kanatnaya or apartments in buildings with numbers after 30s at Preobrazhenskaya, Ekaterininskaya, Rishel'evskaya , Pushkinskaya streets, make sure that you do not pay the same price for these apartments as on or near Deribasovskaya Street. There is a minimum 10-20 minute walk to the central street and not all the corners of those streets may look attractive for foreigners. Besidesthere is a high possibility that entrance to apartments on those streets won't look attractive. In general there are options to find nice apartments there for a lesser price, and this location is perfect for those who are willing to walk. Also one should note that the majority of housesin the city center are old and there are no lifts (elevators) inside. So if you are making a reservation of an apartment on the 4th floor of beautiful building with marble staircases,it is most likely that you will have to carry your heavy luggage along those same stair cases. Another milestone of picking up an apartment is its equipment. Make sure that your agent confirms to you the availability of shower/bath tub, functional kitchen ( in caseif you are going to cook) as most of apartments are equipped with minimal set of requirements, cable internet connection if it is required and critical, washing machine, etc. Step#3: Reservation of Apartment

So once you have chose your apartment at the perfect location, make sure that you have carefully read the terms and conditions of booking an apartment in Odessa. During the high tourist season some of the apartment owners/agencies require different amounts of non refundable deposit to keep reservation of the apartment. In the event you don't show up or are significantly late and did not inform the agent/owner, you may not be refunded your deposit. During the high tourist season in Odessafrom May-September, it is almost impossible to find an apartment in 4-5 days before your arrival. We strongly recommend our travelers to avoid unnecessary stress and book apartments at least 3 weeks before your arrival to Odessa. Also, if you are going to spend only a weekend in Odessain July and August, you may be asked to pay in advance for your stay. Some of the agents/owners may refuse your booking of apartments just for the weekend as they expect to give it for rent for longer periods of time. Some agencies might recommend that you wait until last moment without any confirmations and call them on the day of your arrival to the city. We do not recommend you follow their advice. In caseyou are offered such option, it is better to stop negotiating with these agents/apartment owners, as they are not interested in providing quality service to customer. This way of behavior is a strong indication of an unprofessional approach and main task of these seasonal agencies is to take advantage of summer season and foreign travelers. Once you have been approached this way, it is better to use service of other agencies/apartment owners. During high tourist season all apartments are in great demand and owners are not willing to negotiate for discounts unless the apartment in Odessais being reserved for 3 weeks or more. It is also very hard to fixed long term rentals during summer. We recommend our guests to start negotiations for long term rentals in the end of September. During the low tourist season, travelers have much more choice of apartments available for rent in Odessa.There is also no need for long advanced booking of apartment and the price for accommodation decreasesfor 20-25%. The owners of apartments/renting agencies are more flexible and willing to discussdiscounts for apartment rentals. Following our simple advice you will be able to get a good apartment for a appropriate price without overpaying. There is another way to arrange your accommodation in Odessa:Simply trust Key2Ukraine, The First Ukrainian Concierge Service to take care of your needs. We will save you time and effort, providing you with the best options of available apartments in shortest time. We'll offer you affordable solutions according your requests and preferences. Our knowledge of the local market allows us to deal only with the best apartments and we gladly take care of our customers, organizing and supporting their staying in Odessaand Ukraine with the highest level of service.

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