Fashion4Africa Digital International Women's Month 2021 Edition

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Is there an achievement you are really proud of? I started selling from my apartment when I moved to Abidjan. With my multitasking abilities, attention to detail, focus on client service, the business has now grown to be represented in four African countries (Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Senegal and South Africa). We have received orders from corners of the world I would have never imagined, be it Norway, Brasil or even Canada. What kind of man/women do you often have in mind to wear your label? those who are proud to wear or use African made fabrics made by Africans for the world. I am happy when I can serve people who wish to encourage sustainable production of clothing, those who want to encourage African artisanal work and help it grow into something renowned worldwide for its quality and beauty. Which designer has been your role model & why? It’s difficult to answer this question as what I have been working on growing does not really have anything to model on. In terms of style, I must say Coco Chanel inspires my personal touch. Do you or have you worked with any African fashion houses or designers? if so which ones? Francois Ier of Burkina Faso.

Which African fashion designers/ fashion houses do you feel the world should know about? Francois Ier, whom I collaborate with produces high quality, men’s shirts from Faso Danfani fabrics (an African woven fabric). He is already well known within West Africa and I believe he is a designer that has a great potential to serve the world. I would also say Ibrahim Fernandez of Ivory Coast, he is also really well known locally but I believe the vibrancy and life that stems from his designs are just something the world should know about. What is your most coveted fashion purchase? My Camel Burberry bag for its pure simplicity yet class and durability. AFRICA & CHARITABLE WORK What was it like living in Africa right now? I am currently in Africa. & It is great to see the variety in cultures, trends, colours,... I love this melting pot where people are bold and are not afraid to express themselves.