Fashion4Africa Digital International Women's Month 2021 Edition

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Bear in mind, an invitation to Ghana was provided by Global Mamas, Visa bought, flight tickets purchased, accommodation in Ghana to stay with the Global Mammas co-founder confirmed, although retracted when Covid hit the UK. Oh and let’s not forgot all the publicity expended by Fashion4africa for a good 12 months, but we still failed to make an incredibly talented, beautiful African Queen have enough confidence to believe and take that extra step to achieve what was rightfully hers! Fashion4Africa learnt a very painful costly lesson that we need to do more supporting our clients throughout their whole journey, by looking at the mental health, esteem and confidence of our service users. Our duty is to ensure that our African community have a platform to express themselves using their true identity to feel positive, feel worthy, inclusive and ready to achieve success in their chosen pursuits. Not all those that come through our platform want to be designers or models however they do want a safe and positive environment to experiment and grow. A place where they will feel accepted for who they are and not judged. A place they can look up or down and see the change they want to be and why!