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Some Common Promotional Freebies To Effectively Promote Your Business Promotional freebies are one of the most common ways of promoting businesses. Many companies give away fancy or generic token items to their customers. This not only makes the customers grateful, but also helps in increasing the company's presence in the clients and exposes them to potential new ones. Moreover, most of the freebies are cheap to customize and cost the business owners far less than television, radio or online advertisements. According to your promotional strategy and the nature of business, you can select a freebie. Some common freebies often given away by companies are:•

Pens: If you are into educational industry and run coaching institutes or stationary shops, promotional pens are perhaps the most common freebies you can give to your students and customers. Such pens bear the name, logo and address or tag line of the business owner on them. Moreover, as the surface area of a pen is usually very large, so it allows you plenty of space to advertise and you can have your promotional message printed in large fonts. Also, customizing a pen is very inexpensive and doesn't cost the owner much.

Key chains: If you are into some automobile business, you can opt for fancy custom carabiner keychains. The best thing with keychains is that they are available in several unique and attractive designs. As keychain is one of the most frequently used articles, so having your advertisement printed on the keychains will expose you to several potential clients. Though the advertisement area available in the key chains is often not suitable for large ads, but you can easily imprint your company's name, logo and address on them. If you need more advertisement space, you can use the reverse side too.

Fashion accessories: If you are dealing in fashion or clothing industry you can give away small fashion accessories like customized dog tags, bracelets, etc. You can easily get your company's name and logo imprinted on such fancy items. The best advantage of having your advertisement on such fashion accessories is that people usually like to flaunt them. This ensures that you will catch a lot of eyeballs, and get more promotion. These articles might be a bit expensive, but the promotional benefits they will reap you, is totally worth it.

Wall Clocks: If you are in interior decoration or furniture business, you can go or wall clocks. Everyone likes to hang a beautiful wall clock in the living room, and as such your promotional wall clock has the potential of catching the eyes of several guests. Also, there is plenty of space available on the surface of wall clocks, where you can exquisitely print your advertisement.

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The author is an expert marketing advisor. Here, he states how small business owners can give away promotional items like pens, wall clocks, customized dog tags or custom carabiner keychains to their customers for achieving greater recognition in the market.

Some common promotional freebies to effectively promote your business  

Promotional freebies are one of the most common ways of promoting businesses. Many companies give away fancy or generic token items to their...

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